The city streets were filled with lights and sirens, yet the only sound that could be heard was that of a young woman. The soft cries carried into the air, and floated upon its night breeze. "Theirs more bodies up in the main office sir" an officer shouted from the elevator doors. But all eyes seemed to bear onto the center of the room. Was a man with green hair laid motionless on an elaborately decorated floor. A puddle of blood surrounding him, the sight of his unseemly bruises took away from the soft smirk that laid his face. The woman slowly leaned down, tears staining and mixing with the blood on the ground. "Why did you haft to do this?" she pleaded " Its not going to be the same now" Her entire body shivered at the touch of his cold hand, which she had took hold of without noticing. "I'm sorry...but I just never thought you'd leave us...leave me..." With that she leaned down and buried her head in the back of his neck, letting the collar of his white cotton shirt wipe away her tears. In the rush of a very emotional night, no one noticed that the sky was 1 star dimmer.

Faye Valentine shot out of bed with a jolt, her slender skin covered in sweat as she struggled to remember where she was. She had a dream...yes that's what it was...a Dream. About Spike. Faye winced. It was real. So real that she didn't know if she was still dreaming or awake. Leaping up angrily, she stormed out of her room.

The bebop's clock read around 4am, yet she was hungry. Faye always seemed to be up around this hour, sneaking around the ship, looking for anything good to snoop. But tonight she headed straight to the fridge. She knew that she wouldn't haft to worry about it not being stocked, jet had went shopping several days earlier after they all had busted a massive bounty. Faye let out a devious smirk. Everything was back to normal. She could remember everything that happened yesterday, the day before and so on and so forth. Nothing had changed. Of course that dream about spike had been just that. A dream. Nothing less and Definitely nothing more. But still, Something raked her mind. She had to see him. Pondering the dream and other circumstances, she drank a tall glass of milk.

Looking down at her feet, Faye peered deep into the knowing brown eyes of the bebop's 4-legged mongrel. "What should I do Ein?" She asked the small corgi. "Maybe ill just make sure he's there in his bed, Just a tiny peek." Taking the last gulp of her drink she slammed the cup down and nodded. "Just to ease my mind" Ein shook his head and grunted loudly, turning to trotting off and snooze on the couch. Faye huffed defiantly. "Well I don't care what you think, Because you're just a stupid little dog." She heard the pursue of a loud sloppy almost irritated grump.

Standing up, she crept silently down the hall to spike's room. With a pounding heart, she slowly stepped out of the sensors way and punched in a 4-digit code. Hoping the sound of the numbers didn't wake him, she changed it over to manual and opened the door by pushing on its hinges. Letting it creep open, she took in a large breath and popped her head in, Squinting to see through the complete darkness. "Shit" She cursed quietly. Faye couldn't focus on anything through the heavy black. Crouching, she began tromping onto the floor, her hands shifting around for the edge of the bed. Finally feeling the smooth satin covers she pooped her head up. Still nothing. Standing up, she leaned closer and yet even closer.

Reaching out, she was ready to feel him, molded under the bed sheets sleeping like the lazy ass he was, but as her weight was beginning to transfer, her bare foot slipped, and Faye came crashing down onto the bed. Flipping upward, she jumped to the lamp and flipped it on, only to reveal an uninhabited room. "What the Hell?" For a minute she couldn't fathom it. No one was here. Did that mean...her dream...was it...."Can I ask you what you're doing?" Faye jumped up, her eyes wide. In the doorway stood a lanky man, with smooth green hair and a white plastic bag over his shoulder. "Spike!" Faye screamed " Don't scare me like that, you could have given me a heart attack you stupid lunk head!" A sly smirk spread across his face. " What were you doing out so late anyway?" He shrugged. " I was hungry" Giving him a rather blank stare she let out an irritated huff before stomping out of the room in a furious rage, unaware of the huge smirk on the cowboy's face.

The next morning dawned bright and early, with soft rays of sunshine falling through the windows of the bebop. Spike slowly walked down the Hall, his bright green hair glowed almost neon as he stepped into the kitchen. Wincing, he grumbled lightly "Where did jet park us now?" popping a bent cigarette into his mouth, he grabbed his lighter. Grunting irritatedly, he gave a quick glance upward and froze. There, sitting at the bar was Faye, but her head was down and laying on the marble countertop. Heavy sounds of soft breathing escaped her lips, as she winced to prevent the sun from being so bright. The rays wove down and entwined with her hair, causing it to shimmer a beautiful violet. Closing his eyes, he turned and walked outside, Leaving Faye to finish sleeping.

It wasn't long after Spike had disappeared that Faye had woken up. Cringing at the sun, she gazed around drearily. Emerald eyes glittered almost glowing in the light. Standing up, she stretched, hands spread out towards the ceiling. Gazing around, she staggered to the fridge and pulled out some leftover pizza. Suddenly, a loud grumbling came tromping down the hallway, heavy boots causing the ship to vibrate slightly. She could hear a terrible limp in the man's steps, but disregarded it. "Morning Jet." Faye grumbled, munching on her cold pizza. Not saying a word, the older man stumbled into the kitchen. Pausing in the middle of a bite, Faye arched an elegant eyebrow as her orbs scanned him with curiosity.

He looked as if he hadn't slept in weeks, clothes dirty and worn, unshaven face frowning, large circles adorning underneath his eyes, and bits of dust inhabiting the crevices of his robotic arm. "Jet?" She said with a mouthful of food "Wass matur?" She swallowed her hard pizza "And where are we?" Shutting the fridge, he gave Ein a good pet and stood up. "Earth" the gruff man, said. "Were staying here awhile" With that he slowly grumbled back to his room and shut the door.

Left once again, all alone in the kitchen, Faye let out a discouraged sigh. Ein suddenly perked up, ears alert and ready. Letting out several barks, he ran into the living room and jumped up onto the couch, nose pointing at the computer in front of him. Faye followed. "What is it mutt?" At that time, the machine flickered on. An Older woman, Mid-50's, appeared, wearing a navy blue shirt popped onto the screen. "This is dock captain Amy chijeda. I just wanted to alert all bounty hunters of a possible head in the area." Faye sat up, leaning closer into the screen "Oh really?" The woman smirked and nodded, "Ill take that as a yes, I'm sending the information Now" Waving her hand at the screen, Faye took another chomp at her pizza. After a few flashes, another picture appeared on the screen.

Narrowing her eyes, she observed the person before them. To her surprise, it was a girl, only in her teens. Long wavy red hair, and brown eyes. " Charlotte Williams?" slumping into the couch, she pulled her knees up to her chest. "Pretty thing isn't she?" Releasing a long-winded breath, Faye looked down at the small dog. "Well, No use in wasting extra money" He agreed with a loud bark.