From the Author: Hello Hello

After hitting a good hour brainstorming session I threw together the 3rd chapter. Not much, but a cute little conversation between a certain 2 people.


Faye came onto the bebop several hours after leaving the bar. That particular part of town she was in, didn't offer much, and after the rondevou with that old keeper, she'd just wandered around aimlessly, carrying with her a sort of arrogance. Proud of her one Day's work. The woman had figured she'd labored hard enough, and racking up that much information, that quickly was good enough for the day's load. Leaping onto the couch, she shoved her face into a blood red pillow and let out a loud unattractive grunt. "Oh How the days are so cruel to the beautiful" Ein, who had been watching, growlfed, and moved on, Irritated at the mood this woman had brought home with her. With a stomach full of stolen booze and cheap moon food, Faye quickly dozed off.

She'd had another dream. About spike. But couldn't remember anything 'cept the sight of his cheivious grin. The woman woke up pissed and moody, the last thing she wanted to wake to was the thought of that stupid all-knowing smirk he flaunted. Scrunching her nose, she read the bebop's florescent flashing clock, Which hung conveniently above the mantle of unfixed paperwork.


Pouting, Faye got up and stumbled into the kitchen. A nice drink would cheer her. Eyes sighting an opened bottle whiskey, her lips curved into a wide smile. Oh yes, that would put her right back to sleep. And with no dreams at that. But as a delicate hand reached to grab the bottle, her foot hit something warm and soft, causing Faye to stumble and crash loudly into the counter.

Ein let out a tremendous yelp and shot down the hallway in a scamper of raking claws and spinning little legs. "God Damnit Ein!" Faye screeched as she sat up and caught a stream blood that ran down her cheek. The bar had put a nice gash on her head. "Shit, this is all I fucking need." With that she stood up, and grabbed the whiskey.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you"

Faye froze. The woman hadn't expected his voice to cause her stomach to tighten the way it did. This had never happened before. But as she felt his presence, along with his aura, Faye's insides betrayed her and looped into about 4 different knots.

"Go the fuck away spike, I'm taking my medicine" She could hear him smirk and it caused the blood in her cut to boil and flow tremendously. "That will cause it to get worse you know" She shot around and jumped back, hitting the bar once again.

Faye could feel the heat from his skin, smell the scent that he portrayed as his discolored eyes gazed into her own emerald orbs. She didn't expect him to be that close, it was like he was right behind her. Hell, He was right behind her.

"Holy Shit spike, Why don't you give me a heart attack, you sorry bastard" He winked. "That's my plan" Faye leaned back to swing but his strong hand grabbed her wrist in mid air and held it there. In the other hand, he held up a bandage and ointment. "Put this on now and it should be gone by tomorrow." With that he tossed the contents at her as she scrambled to keep from dropping them. Popping a lone, bent Cigarette into his mouth, Spike sauntered out of the kitchen area, and plopped onto the couch, leaving behind a fiery, violet haired woman. "I hate you. Just a spoiled bastard that's what you are." Letting the insults fly, She whipped around and began to doctor herself. Tongue flipping and dipping out comments all the while, she looked up and paused. Catching a breath and holding it as she gazed out of the Bebop window. She could hear spike ignoring her, as he fought viciously to light his cigarette.

"I caught wind of the bounty your trying to pick up."

Faye scowled "That's mine, so you keep your stubby hands off." Narrowing her florescent green eyes, she gazed at the blackness of the night sky. "Everything looks so tiny" Her whisper so low, she herself could not hear the breath that carried the words. "I wasn't going to touch that head, too little and pointless for me." Contorting her face as an angry scowl raced upon it, Faye whipped around and barked loudly. "Well I don't see your sorry ass out there getting us any wulongs. If you hadn't noticed, The ship is not only low on fuel, but food. I could care less about how the fuck your sorry ass survives, but I sure as hell am not starving this time" letting out a defeated sigh, spike leaned his head back, arms draped over the couch in a wing like position. "All you do is bitch you know that?"

"Yeah so what"

He closed his eyes, upper lip curling slightly as his feet crossed and set on the glass table. Faye, finally able to grab her whiskey, took a nice swig.

"That stuff burns all the way" He said, voice deep and steady. "Yeah, so what"

"Why the hell would you voluntarily drink something that hurts"

"Because" Faye shrugged " The more it hurts goin' down, the faster the real hurt goes away"

Her orbs traveled to the ground, where they scanned and stared blankly at the tacky tile floor. Lost in a silent second of memory, she felt a violent shiver go down her spine. "Besides, Since when you do care whether I hurt or not"

But he was gone.