Summary: I'm thinking it'll be a Trory. It's the first time I've done a Trory, but I've gotten hooked on them lately. The idea popped into my head, but I'm not completely sure where I'm going with it. The message I use in the story was a real email I got this past January, which was the funniest thing I've ever received via email. Usually I hate forwards, but this was priceless. Anyhow, review; any and all comments are helpful and appreciated. I own nothing, although soon I will own season one on DVD! Yea!

CH 1

Seated at her desk, Paris is checking her email. After deleting all the junk email she has received, she opens a forward from Asher. She scrolls down and begins to laugh. She continues to laugh harder as she finishes the email, tears now streaming down her face.

Rory comes hurrying through the door to the room she shares with Paris. She heaves her heavy bag onto her bed and begins to sort out the books she doesn't need for her next class and starts to transfer the ones she will need into the bag.

"What's so funny?"

"This email I got—I forwarded it to you,"

"Okay, seriously, Paris, we live in the same room. We share the tiniest space you'll ever be forced to be in with another person in your life—and you can't just pass on the message of the email instead of filling my inbox with some hokey daily life affirmations?"

"Look, Rory, first of all 'hokey' isn't a word. If you want to be a journalist, we're going to have to do something about your vocabulary. Secondly, the daily life affirmations are inspirational, and I'm just trying to help out my friends."

Rory rolls her eyes and goes back to the task of gathering her things for her next few classes. If she isn't careful, she will spend too much time arguing over inane details of pointless conversations with Paris and miss her chance to stop by her favorite coffee stand.

"Anyhow, the joke is funnier with the first-hand email experience. There's a picture, and it loses something when I just try to give you a second hand review."

"Whatever, Paris, I need to go get coffee."

"But don't you want to see the joke?" Paris called after Rory, who was already shutting the main door to the suite in pursuit of the caffeine she'd need in order to be alert in her next class. It was a large lecture hall and the professor had the most monotone voice she'd ever heard. Two extra shots in her drink was all that was going to get her through this dreary, long day of classes.

At long last, her classes were over for the day. Some days trudge on longer than others, and with the snow constantly crunching under her feet and walking through the slippery remains of said snow in the buildings all day, she wanted to sit and relax before getting all cold and soggy again. She walked down one flight of stairs to the nearest computer lab. It was five o'clock and the lab was virtually deserted, most people having gone off campus for the evening. She took off her bag and put it over her coat on the back of the chair and sat down.

After browsing on Amazon for a while and checking a couple of sites her professor had mentioned in lecture, she decided to check her email before going back to her dorm.

Scrolling through her messages, she read one from her mom first. She had a couple from group mates she was working on projects with in her classes. Lastly, she saw a forward from Paris. She wouldn't have thought of Paris as being the sort of person to send tons of forwards—all the chain letters and positive thought email junk—but she got tons of stuff like that from her. She complained to her about it to no avail—via email, in person, left notes on Paris's computer, nothing. She was on the verge of blocking her email address altogether.

RE: FOR: WHAT HAPPENS. . . FR: (Paris Geller) CC: (Rory), (Madeline), (Louise), (Tristan), . . .

Rory's attention snapped to the CC list. Did that really say Tristan? As in Tristan from Chilton? She shook her head a little and refocused her gaze on the screen. It had to be, who else would have tdugrey as their screen name? Paris kept in touch with him, this can't be. She was so pissed at him the last time they were all together.

'Snap out of it, Gilmore,' she thought to herself, 'read the message.'



Rory was smiling a little and scrolled down to find the end of this teaser. At the bottom was a photo of a cat wearing a helmet carved from a lime rind. She laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair. She hit the reply button and sent a quick reply out to Paris.

'Paris, Okay, you were right, that was damn funny. But seriously, we live in the same room, just show me next time! Rory'

Rory hit the send button and the screen popped up saying her reply sent to all recipients was successful. Not thinking anything of it, she closed the screen and gathered her things to slowly make her way through the snow and slush back to her room so she could study for the next day. And maybe ask Paris why she had Tristan's email. No, she wasn't going to even ask. It didn't matter. Really. She didn't want to know.

Rory arrived back at the dorm to find Janet running past her out the door and Tanna sitting in the main room watching television. Paris was nowhere in sight. Tanna and Rory went to get dinner at the dining hall and came back to study. Finally at midnight, Rory settled into her bed, all alone in her room. This was becoming routine, Paris staying out until three or four in the morning with her 'boyfriend'. The thought of Paris and Asher together was enough to turn her stomach. She knew the spiel about love knows no age, but this was still, well, icky. Pushing all thoughts out of her mind, as she didn't' want to have nightmares about that especially, she drifted off to sleep.

At four in the morning, Paris crept into the room, in all honesty, trying not to awaken her suitemates. At first, waking up Rory to try to talk about her fling was exciting, but now Rory knew and she figured she would just try to let her sleep. Rory sat up a bit when she heard the door open, and Paris gave a little gasp.

"Rory, geez, you scared me!"

"Paris, it's four in the morning."

"I know. I was trying not to wake you."

"No, I've been waking up all night, strange dreams." What she wasn't telling Paris was that for some reason she was dreaming about the last thing Tristan had said to her before leaving Chilton for good. But in her dream, Dean wasn't there, and nothing had been stopping Tristan from saying goodbye properly. . . Gah! She really needed to quit thinking about those dreams.

"Well, you should go back to sleep, you only have three more hours before you have to get up."

"I was going to ask you something—no, forget it. Good night."


Paris got into bed and Rory laid her head back onto her pillow. Neither seemed to be trying to sleep, both had their eyes wide open, lost in thought.



"What were you going to ask me?"

"Oh, nothing. It was stupid."

"Okay, you can't do that to me. That drives me crazy. I won't be able to sleep, just ask me."

"No, it's dumb."

"Seriously, Rory, I won't be able to sleep and you know how I get when I'm sleep deprived and cranky."

"Fine, geez, I was just wondering, I mean, I got this email from you today, and. . ." Rory trailed off, not wanting to continue.

"Oh, the cat thing? Wasn't that funny? Seriously, Asher forwarded that to me and I almost died when I saw it. I wonder if I could do that with paper mache?"

"Paris, no, look, yes, the email was funny. But I saw that you sent it to a whole bunch of people, and I saw Tristan's name in your list of people you sent it to."


"And? Tristan. Whom we've not seen for two years."

"Not true. I see him all the time, unfortunately."


"Our mom's are friends. I see him at most holidays and then of course the dull social events they plan."

"Oh." Of course they see each other, all those Hartford society types are always seeing each other.

"So that was your question? Did you ask a question?"

"I just thought it odd—I mean I thought you hated him, after he got expelled and almost ruined our project."

"Rory, that was two years ago. And he's been punished plenty, I mean, military school was horrible for him. I've never seen someone so grateful to graduate and start college."

Rory shook her head. She couldn't believe all this time Paris knew about Tristan's life and it never occurred to her to try to get a hold of him. Sure, her own life had been hectic and drama filled since then, especially in the guy department, but Tristan had been somewhat of a friend—a complicated friend, but still at the time him leaving had been a big deal to her. She hadn't let on to anyone about it, but something inside her sank when he told her he was being pulled out of school and turned to walk away from her forever.

"Right. Okay, goodnight then."

"Night, Rory."

Again, both girls lay in silence, with their eyes wide open. Silent thoughts filled the room, and seven in the morning would come all too soon with neither girl finding rest.