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Chapter 1 ~ An Unexpected Visitor

"Hey guysh," Beast Boy swallowed the lump of tofu that had been loitering in his mouth and continued. "Guys, i think Aqualad's coming up."

The effect this simple message had was phenominal - Robin, who had been playing with Cyborg, dropped his Gamestation controller and gaped open mouthed at Beast Boy, this was followed by a whoop of triumph from Cyborg; Raven sat on the couch, a book on chakras clutched limply in her hands, staring wide-eyed; and Starfire sprung into the air and flew several rounds of the room before colliding with a bookcase.

""Aqualad is coming? That is most wondrous! We shall perhaps partake in the ritual of movie-ing?" She gazed around hopefully.

"Maybe," replied Robin, removing a book that lay open on Star's head - he had jumped up immediatly to help her. "Let's just hope it's not bad news, though i highly doubt that." He pulled Star back up but still held on to her hands, staring into those clear emerald eyes. Star blinked at him, blatantly oblivious as to how he felt. The sharp sound of a bell sounded through the tower and Star immediatly broke away, smiling.

"He arrives!" she cried happily and catapulted down the stairs. Robin let out a heavy-hearted sigh while Cyborg patted him on the back.

"Trust me man, she she feels the same way - she just doesn't know it yet."

"Right." Robin replied, somewhat less than enthusiastic as he slowly walked out the room.

"Hey Rae, aren't you coming?" Raven looked up, eyes wide.

"Me? W-why would i want to come down? I'm not coming down. It's just Aqualad, why would i want to go meet Aqualad?? What are you implying?!" She now towered over Cyborg, who was cowering against the wall. He raised a finger, about to answer when the rest of the titans re-entered. Aqualung was at the front and looking very alarmed as Star, who'd linked herself onto him, dragged him through the room. A thoroughly miserable Robin followed slowly in tow, with Beast Boy trying to cheer him. Starfire collapsed onto the sofa, pulling Aqualung down into a tight spot between her and Raven, who'd just turned a deep shade of beetroot and pulled her hood down as far as it would go.

"What brings you to our home, friend Aqualad?" Starfire pressed him.

"Well actually, i need your help. There have been strange sightings in the ocean lately."

"Yeah, i heard about those on the news," Robin said, turning back to his professional self. "It was on the news just before - something about marine life fleeing from the waters around the Burmuda Triangle, and entire ships disappearing." The whole group was listening intently now.

"Do you-" Raven began but stopped at the butterflies that rose in her stomach whenever Aqualad's deep gaze met hers, feeling as if he could see right through to her soul. Suddenly realizing she had stopped talking Raven blushed fiercly and hung her head, so not noticing the smile that tugged at the corner of Aqualung's lips. "Do y-you know who, who's behind this?" She finally asked, silently cursing to herself as she got up and walked over to the now ramshacked bookcase.

"Actually, i think i might - i have heard many rumours on the waves, and most include the name of one person."

"Well, who do you think it is?" enquired Robin eagerly.

"Oh, what was it now...Shadow? Shade?"

Robin froze.



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