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Chapter 7 - Chump

Beast boy sat frozen for several moments, letting the girl sob ceaselessly into his shoulder. Finally, he rested both gloved hands on her back and they stayed absolutely still, embraced for a few minutes that seemed to drag on for days. He didn't dare let go lest he woke up to find this had all been a dream, aswell as for fear of what would happen to Raven if he did. Barely any thoughts actually registered within his mind at the time, though many would say that that was far from unusual. He felt concern, but he also felt more calm than he could ever remember feeling before.

Robin, having spent the past hour moping in his room, now thrust his head up proudly, attempting to look "normal" as he strolled into the living room. He'd decided to just forget about Star for the moment, seeing as how they had a job to do - and plus, she probably didn't feel the same anyway, so there's no point. So naturally having thought this he was extremely suprised when, upon entering, the tameranian flew up to him and suddenly embraced him in a crushing hug. He stood, frozen and wide-eyed.
'Okay, calm down - this is Star! It's just another tameranian wotsit -' but his thought was cut off as Starfire kissed him on his left cheek '...?!...' and then his right.
'Oh my God what the hell?!' merged with 'Woohoo!!' and 'er, HOW THE- ?!' in his mind as it raced frantically, but a moment later all his thoughts were paralized as Starfire's widely grinning face shone inches away from his own. A wonderful feeling washed over the boy wonder - she knew! Somehow she knew how he felt, and she felt it too!
Robin grinned broadly and put his hands on the girl's shoulders as he opened his mouth to confess how long for, and how much, he loved her - when Beast boy and Raven strode akwardly into the room. Star's attention instantly flicked to them as she shot over and planted a kiss on each of their cheeks too. Robin remained grinning for a moment longer, his hands still suspended in midair like a frozen puppet's and his lips slightly open to form the first words of his confession - and then all that collapsed as he felt his heart plummet into a dark, humiliated abyss. He fell with it, despair shrouding his face.
The look of akwardness shifted to a one of confusion as BB and Raven exchanged glances, Star juggling herself between them. Finally, Cyborg and Aqualad appeared from the kitchen. Seeing the looks on everyone's faces they burst into fits of laughter, using eachother for support.
"She's been acting that way ever since she saw that French documentary" Cyborg explained. Robin rubbed the back of his head ;.
"...Well, that explains the beret..." he pointed out, mostly to himself, yet still succeeding to send Cyborg into another fit, supported again by Aqualad who was looking at him veeery fondly. Raven shut her eyes and shivered, once more trying to dispell the memory - all this was already akward enough!
Unoticed, Beast boy stood several paces behind Raven, his thoughts treading and retreading the time he had spent in Raven's room. Did she actually say it, or had it simply been his hopeful mind playing tricks on him? It wouldn't have been a first. He saw her shudder and suddenly wished they were back in her dark lair, alone, together. He sighed, shaking his head. Meanwhile, Robin announced melonchollaly (:P).
"The subs ready, everyone go down and get in," walking past Star and Aqualad, all happy and laughing, he added, "erm, Aqualad sorry but there's not enough room in it - d'you think you could just swim or something?"
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