I want a lover


Warnings/notes : Schuldich/Yohji, songfic, focus shifts after each songfragment, use of alcohol

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. The song 'I want a lover' belongs to The Pet Shop Boys.

written at 29th october 2003, by Misura

For Firekat, not with the song I promised, sorry. ^^; But it's from the same artists ...


//At this time of night when the crowds have passed

We're the last to leave, we need some company// [Schuldich]

Being drunk and lonely, Schuldich decided, was not a healthy thing for one's state of mind. It tended to make him depressed, whiny even. That, in itself, wouldn't have been too bad, if only he'd have had someone else to share his misery with, to whine *to*.

Unfortunately Crawford, Schuldich's favorite victim, was out of town for two weeks on a 'business trip'. He was missing the american's surly moods really, his lectures at coming home late. Where was the fun in breaking the rules if no one minded his doing so?

Nagi was in bed by now, and with the young telekinetic having school tomorrow morning, Schuldich didn't feel like waking him up, just for some nice, snappy complaints. He did have *some* sense of responsibility after all.

Farfarello might be awake still, or at least not mind being woken up for a monologue about why Schuldich's life sucked big time. He might even get some sympathy there, depending on the irishman's lucidity. However, sympathy wasn't what Schuldich wanted.

It was ironic, really, he reflected sourly. Crawford would have laughed his head off if he knew how much he was missed. *If* the precog had been in possession of a sense of humor, that was.

//No need to look so shy, don't even wonder why

You know the reason that we need this company// [Yohji]

None of the girls that had accepted his offer for a drink tonight had stuck around much longer after their second. Yohji couldn't say he blamed them much. He probably wasn't the most pleasant of company to keep tonight.

Even *he* didn't enjoy his company. Perhaps it'd be better if he just went home, called it a night and accepted he'd have to carry the burden his life seemed to be at the moment alone.

Yohi snorted at the sound of that thought in his head. It almost sounded like something out of some stupid poem, the depressive kind that Aya used to read, before ... whatever it was that had changed the silent, glaring and icy redhead into a silent, glaring and merely cold redhead.

All of Weiss had been shocked when Aya had declared he wanted 'some time off' this week. Kritiker had allowed it willingly enough, with Manx pressing the three remaining members of Weiss for any clues as to where Aya was going to spend his first 'vacation' for almost two years.

They hadn't been able to help her. Privately Yohji thought he wouldn't have told her if he'd known. Aya had the right to some privacy, some happiness after all. Just like Yohji.

Too bad Fate didn't seem to be on his side this evening, determined to keep all females firmly out of his reach. Except the dead ones, whose faces kept haunting him.

//I've been sitting here looking out for you

Someone just like me who's maybe had a drink or two// [Schuldich]

He wasn't entirely sure what, exactly, he wanted. Someone to cheer him up, someone to yell at him, someone to care for him ... all of that and none.

Crawford would say he had a twisted mind. He supposed that was about right, even if of course, he'd never agree with the american, if only for the principle of it. Schuldich sighed, gulping down another drink that burnt his throat as it slid down.

He was surprised his throat hadn't gone numb hours ago. He was disappointed his mind hadn't either.

It was, Schuldich reflected sadly, another proof of how life was completely unfair. His hang-over would be none the less for the poison he'd been consuming the past few hours, yet he hadn't gotten anything in return for it, not a single second of euphoric ignorance.

He supposed he might try pick up someone as plastered as he was, see if sex might push his consciousness over the edge, but with his mental shields in shreds he doubted the risks would be worth it. The last thing he wanted on his hands was some poor sod who'd gone insane thanks to his gift getting out of control.

//I don't want another drink or fight

I want a lover// [Yohji]

He shouldn't take another drink. Yohji prided himself on knowing when he'd had enough and he knew he had reached his limit several glasses ago. He ought to go home.

Omi would make a fuss over him, scolding him with those big blue eyes trying to look stern. They always looked more concerned, worried for his 'Yo-tan' though. They made him feel ashamed of himself, guilty for doing this to himself, while it never solved anything.

Forgetting one's problems didn't make them go away.

Still, it felt pretty good. Yohji decided perhaps one more drink wouldn't be such a bad idea. Or maybe two, just to make sure it worked. The chibi wouldn't see the difference.

Of course, Omi might also be asleep by now. His gaze wasn't clear enough to read the exact time on his watch, but he was pretty sure it wasn't early in the evening anymore. Aya would sent the blond boy to bed, after promising *he*'d wait up for the irresponsible playboy.

An annoyed, grouchy Aya wasn't any fun to come home to. He probably ought to order another glass of ... something to prepare him for that experience.

Oh wait, Aya wasn't home right now. Was he? Yohji wasn't quite sure, vaguely recalling something about a vacation. Well, Aya wasn't really the type to go on vacations now, was he? He was probably just a little drunk, coming up with weird ideas like that.

//I don't care whether it's wrong or right

I want a lover tonight

Tonight// [Schuldich]

Shoving his seat back, Schuldich rose and began to head for the door. There was nothing and no one to keep him here. Perhaps a few hours of sleep was the best he could try for, even if he wasn't that tired.

Halfway, he nearly stumbled over some idiot's outstretched legs. Some pretty attractive and totally drunk idiot, dressed in clothing that was *almost* as sexy as his own. There was something else about him too, something nagging in the back of Schuldich's head.

A small voice that sounded suspiciously much like Crawford's reminded him he'd wanted to go home, not try and seduce some ... deliciously looking kitty, with nice blond hair -a rarity in this country- and a pair of gorgeous green eyes, currently clouded over with an alcoholic haze.


It was, Schuldich admitted, not the greatest opening line he'd ever heard. He wasn't going to be picky about it though. Crawford not being in town had suddenly become a very good thing. Nagi nor Farfarello would ever find out if he took someone home. Nor would they care.

"Hey to you as well. Is this seat still free?" he smiled.