I want a lover


Warnings/notes : Schuldich/Yohji, songfic, focus shifts after each songfragment

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written at 1st november 2003, by Misura

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/This anticipation is a stimulation

No need for conversation as we're driving home/ [Schuldich]

Only his speed saved him as a silvery thread of wire shot his way. Cursing, he dodged another attack by the blond. He could almost hear Crawford suggesting he'd follow his instructions a bit more precisely next time ...

Some people, Schuldich sourly considered, really ought to work on their priorities. One moment Kudoh was all nice and cute, obviously in the mood to go somewhere private to indulge in certain activities that would give Crawford a heart-attack if he'd witness it (all right, so that probably was a bit exaggerated) and the next, he turned into an assassin.

A bad one, considering his amount of success in hitting Schuldich thus far. It was all kind of pathetic. Not to mention frustrating, getting so close to what he wanted and then having to change his mind-set.

Still, there was some amusement in being able to dodge all of Kudoh's attacks and listen to the man's mind yelling at him to stay put. Especially since there still was an undetone of lust in Kudoh's mindvoice that indicated this evening might not be a lost one after all.

/Put your arms around me, it doesn't mean you love me

Just that you want me and you need my company/ [Yohji]

Yohji couldn't seem to keep his mind from noticing the german psycho he was trying to kill looked kind of sexy, even knowing who he was and what he had done. Or that Schuldich only seemed to evade his attacks and never launched one of his own.

In fact, Schuldich seemed to be laughing at him, like they were just playing some sort of game rather than fighting. The man was infuriating him, yet at the same time ...

"Stop messing with my mind!" That had to be it ; there was simply no way those weird thoughts could be his own. Nope. He might have had the occasional fantasy about the redhead of course, but he'd never ever consider acting upon them.

"Your mind's a mess of its own already." Schuldich informed him cheerfully. "No need for me to help it along in coming up with those naughty ideas."

"Liar!" Yohji accused him through clenched teeth. Schuldich 'tsk'ed.

"Really, Kudoh. Denial is about the last thing I'd expect from someone with your reputation. Sad."

/Driving through the night, it's so exciting

Turning off the light without another thought tonight/ [Schuldich]

Schuldich shook his head, using the opportunity Yohji's wild swing provided him with to step closer to the blond. Too close for the wire to be used effectively, unless Schuldich would cooperate in his own death. Which he most assuredly would not, no matter how often Crawford muttered about his being suicidal.

"Get away from me, you freak!" Yohji looked trapped, for some odd reason. They were standing in the middle of a -fortunately- deserted street, after all, with plenty of directions to run away to.

Schuldich grinned. "Are you sure that's what you want, kitten?" For the moment, he'd ignore that insulting term. Especially since the mental image accompanying it could be described as rather flattering. Besides, it was fun to keep the game going for a while before moving on to the next phase.

The night was still young after all. And with Crawford not at home, there wasn't anyone to kick him out of bed before -he- felt like getting up.

Yohji stared at him. Schuldich was pleasantly surprised Yohji's thoughts weren't too different from his own, even if they were still suppressed by a more Brad-like part of Yohji's mind. It seemed Fujimiya wasn't at home either. What a ... coincidence.

He'd have to ask Crawford about that later. Or maybe simply have Nagi check on some of the hotels in the environment of Tokyo. Just to be sure ...

/I don't want another drink or fight

I want a lover/ [Yohji]

Aya'd never be able to find out. So if he'd agree to the invitation in Schuldich's eyes, his odds of surviving his return to the Koneko tomorrow morning were pretty high. -If- he'd agree.

Why would he? There were, after all, plenty of other people who'd be more than happy to take him home or allow him to take them home. Safe, nice people. People that weren't psycho or psychic or members of a team of enemy assassins.

"Because you want to." Schuldich shrugged. "Because you like a bit of danger to come with your pleasure. Or maybe just because it's late and you won't find anyone else tonight anymore."

"Would you stop reading my mind?" Yohji snapped.

"Sure, if you'd stop being such an idiot." Schuldich retorted. "For now though, you should be thankful I can, since you'd be dead otherwise, considering the clumsy way you handle that watch of yours."

"Are all these insults your way of trying to seduce me by sweet-talking me?" Yohji inquired.

Schuldich laughed. "I'm not trying to seduce you, fool. You don't need to be seduced anymore ; if that was the case I wouldn't bother. You just need someone to shake you up a bit so you can see what's in front of you."

/I don't care whether it's wrong or right

I want a lover tonight (I want a lover tonight)/ [Schuldich]

"And that would be you, I suppose." Yohji rolled his eyes.

"That's the simple answer, yes." Schuldich shrugged. "Of course you're free to angst a little while longer and come up with all kinds of complicated reasons as to why you shouldn't go anywhere with wicked me, but ... I'm getting a bit tired of this, to tell you the truth."

"A new experience for you, I'm sure." Yohji muttered. It took Schuldich a few seconds to unravel -that- particular insult, another sign of his losing his edge he guessed.

"Actually, the truth is often much more effective to manipulate people than any lie." Crawford had said that once, but for once, Schuldich agreed with the american.

Yohji snorted. "That sounds like a quote out of one of Aya's books."

"I wouldn't know. And you're trying to change the subject." Schuldich looked at the sky, noticing the gathering clouds. "And it's going to rain." Crawford could have warned him about that one too.

/(I want you, I want your love)

I want a lover/ [Yohji]

Schuldich was probably right ; the sky did look rather dark. Getting home all soaked wasn't Yohji's idea of a fun way to end the evening, really.

"Especially not when you're all alone." Schuldich added in a sing-song voice. Yohji glared at him, a gesture that was probably lost on the german since Yohji was still wearing his sunglasses.

"Which is pretty silly, in the middle of the night." Schuldich smirked. "And yes, I know I'm annoying you. I do it on purpose, hoping it'll help you make up your mind a little faster."

"Yes, giving me a near-irresistable urge to strangle you is definitely going to convince me to sleep with you." Yohji snarled. Schuldich merely threw him another grin.

"Sleep with you? What a ... chaste way to describe things. You really -are- an odd one, Kudoh. I think I like that. It's nice to be surprised every now and then."

"Oh, I give up." Yohji allowed his wire to shoot back in his watch with a sharp snap. "Where do you want to go?"


[the next morning, dawn]

/(I want you, I want your love)

I want a lover/ [Schuldich]

Schuldich watched the smoke of his cigarette curl upwards to the ceiling. He had to admit the sight was a lot less interesting or attractive than the person lying next to him, still asleep, yet he stubbornly refused to give in to the urge to turn his head.

Denial was not just something he saw in others it seemed. Though he reasoned he was merely putting the moment off to enjoy it better. Or to steel himself for the disappointment of another round of Yohji's paranoid fears.

Behind that carefree mask, the man was quite messed up, really. Not as bad as Tsukiyono or Hidaka, but still ... his inner mind wasn't a pretty place. Schuldich might be able to fix that, bit by bit, if he felt so inclined, of course. His gift worked both ways ; it wasn't just a weapon.

Perhaps he'd give it a try, just for the heck of it. To practice a little. Crawford had told him they'd need Farfarello in a more or less sane state if they ever were to break free from Estet and compared to the irishman, Yohji was a miracle of sanity.

"You're such a manipulative bastard, Brad." Schuldich sighed, finally giving in to find Yohji looking at him with an odd look in his eyes. "But thanks anyway."

There might have been a voice replying 'You're welcome' in the back of his head, though that might have been nothing but his imagination. Yohji had a way to ... distract him a little from what was going on around him.

/(I want you, I want your love)

I want a lover/ [Crawford]

"You're welcome. I hate you too, Schuldich." A man's voice drifted through the open windows of a hotel-room, its tone indicating a certain amount of amusement.

Brad Crawford, the Oracle, didn't believe in denial. Thus, dawn found him watching the early sunlight slowly pouring over the pale skin of the person lying next to him. He looked almost happy, had one been inclined to ascribe this characteristic to the grumpy leader of Schwarz.

/(I want your love tonight)/ [Aya]

As the light reached the end of the bed, setting red lock aflame, the person next to him began to stir, opening violet eyes to take in his unfamiliar environment.

When they noticed the other man's gaze, a smile tugged at the corners of a mouth that was usually somewhat cold and hard. The three people he preferred not to call friends would have been surprised to see him like this, he was sure.

"Good morning."

"It will be. Believe me."