Title: Unexpected Angel

Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. I'm just borrowing them for a while!

Rating: PG-13

Summary: CD gets the surprise of her life

CD walked into the doors of the law firm. She decided she had to tell him today and there was no way in getting out of it.

"Hey Julie, is Brian in?" CD asked the secretary nervously, running her fingers through her hair.

"Yeah he's in his office with a client. You want me to tell him you're here? " Julie replied, curious as to what CD wanted Brian for since knew they broke up a month ago.

"No, I'll wait" she said as she turned and walked towards the couch. Five minutes passed then he finally came out. She waited until he left the room to speak, "Brian can I talk to you for a minute?" CD asked in a low voice hoping it was enough to get his attention.

"Yeah sure." He said, looking up to see CD standing near the couch in his waiting room. "I'm on my way out, we can talk on the way." He said, motioning for her to lead the way. "So what did you want to talk me about?" He asked as they were walking out the building. 'Candace get it over with' her mind pleaded with her.

"I'm pregnant." She whispered looking at the ground.

"What! How, you told me you had your tubes tie." he said stopping mid step

"I do. I'm three weeks late so I called a doctor to see what could be wrong she said that even with my tubes tie there was still a eight percent chance." her voice quivered

"Have you taken a test yet?"

"I took two tests this morning both of them were positive." She said not taking her eyes off the spot on the ground...

"Is it mine?" He asked in a low voice rubbing the back of his neck.

"Of course it's yours you're the only person I had sex with since my divorce." She shouted angrily finally looking up at him.

"What are you going to do...are you keeping it?" he leaned against the wall ran his hand over his face. She looked up at him and nodded.

"Yeah I am can't have abortion and can see myself just giving up my baby." She explained her reasons for keeping the baby. He understood where she was coming from but he really didn't want another kid.

"I'm sorry CD I can't..." He said and trailed off hoping she knew what he meant.

"You can't what?" he didn't say anything at first he just stared at her

"I'm not ready to handle another kid right now. I just got on good terms with my son." he sighed

"I expected more from you." She shouted and turned and quickly walked away half of her hoping he would come after her. When she reached her car her face was completely cover in tears. 'What am I going to do?' she thought as her cell phone started to ring. She really didn't want to answer it but something told her to pick up the phone. "Hello?" she answered in a weary voice.

"Hey CD is everything okay?" Magda asked concerned, she's worked with CD for a long time and never seen her miss a day of work.

"Yeah why?" she asked trying to get her emotions in check.

"I called your place and didn't get an answer I just wanted to make sure you were okay?" She said still concerned

"Magda can I come over for awhile?" she asked when her emotion got the best of her. She really didn't have anybody else to turn to. Well there was Nate but she thought Magda would probably understand how she was feeling better since she went thought the same thing when she was pregnant with Ben.

"Of course, what's wrong?" She asked worried because it sounded like she was crying and CD never cried.

"I just need somebody to talk to right now." She said in almost a sob.

"Okay see you in a little while."

"Okay bye."

CD arrived at Magda apartment twenty minutes later. She didn't hesitate to knock when she reached her door. Even though they weren't that close she had no doubt in her mind that Magda would be there for her. A few seconds after she knocked Magda opened the door and immediately pulled CD into a hug when she saw the tears streaming down her face.

"What's wrong CD?" she asked rubbing her back as she led her over to the couch. She was crying so hard she couldn't answer she just held on to her tighter. That scared Magda a little she never known CD to be the over emotional type of person so she figure whatever was wrong had to be big.

"He doesn't want it" CD sobbed when she got a little control over her emotion.

"Who doesn't want what CD?" she asked softy and completely confused as to what she was talking about.

"I'm pregnant and said he didn't... "She trailed off and put her face back on Magda's shoulder.

"Who was it?" she asked still rubbing her back. CD didn't answer she just started to sob softly. "Was it Brian?" she asked hoping to get a response out of her this time. CD nodded.

"I told him right before you called. He said he just got on good terms with his son and he couldn't deal with another kid right now " She whispered angrily.

"CD if he's going to act like that you don't need him." Magda said still trying to sooth her.

"I know I don't need him, but this isn't about me, it's about this baby. Brian did exactly what I thought Paul would have done that's why I got my tubes tied in the first place. Magda I can't raise a baby by myself."

"You got you tubes tied? Then how are you..."

"I called a doctor they said that having your tubes tied doesn't mean your one hundred percent safe. There still an eight percent chance you can get pregnant. So I took a two test and they both were positive." She explained. "God I don't know what I going to do."

"Well do you want this baby?"

"I don't know. I mean at first I was scared to even think I might be pregnant. Then when I found out I was, I was so happy until I told Brian. I really did want this baby but I'm not sure I can handle it by myself."

"CD if you really want this baby, have it. You don't need Brian you have a lot of people that will help you, you won't be alone."

"I don't want to be everybody's charity case." she said taking her head off Magda shoulder. Sitting up straight for the first time.

"Just because people help you doesn't mean your there charity case. Even if Brian stuck around you would have people around trying to help you." CD didn't say anything she just nodded her head in agreement knowing that what Magda said was true. She had friends that would be there for her even if she didn't want them to, Magda being on top of the list. Magda had a mothering quality about her; she always needs to take care of somebody. That was the main reason CD came there, she need to know somebody cared about her and so far she wasn't disappointed.

"I want this baby but I'm..." she trail off

"Your scared?" she finished for her

"Yeah I'm scared." she admitted

"Well that just shows you already are prepared for motherhood. Because that's most of the job worrying and being scared but it's worth it in the end." She said giving her a soft smile.

To be continued..