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Summary: So here's the deal, everything that has happened on the show up until April 15, 2004 has happened. But instead of staying in Port Charles, Courtney leaves. She hasn't talked to anyone from PC, except for Carly, but Carly isn't even sure where she is. The story picks up about 2 years after Courtney left.

Last Train Home:

The incessant ringing of the telephone brought Courtney Matthews-Morgan out of her slumber. Groaning she rolled over and reached for the noisy object.

"Hello?" Her voice came out as a hoarse whisper.

"Good, your awake," Carly chirped into the receiver.

"Not entirely," Courtney moaned. "What do you want?"

"I'm getting married!" Carly practically screamed into Courtney ear.

"What?" Courtney asked now fully awake.

"Me and Sonny, we're getting remarried," Carly explained.

"Oh well, um congratulations?" Courtney replied her voice unsure. Carly was a good person and she deserved someone that would treat her better than Sonny. Not that Courtney was one for giving out advice on the topic of love. Her social life had been in shambles since she left Port Charles. Since she left him.

"Thank you, I want you to be there," Carly broke into her thoughts.


"You have to! I making you my maid of honor"


"Court, you can't hide out forever. Soon or later your going to have to face us all again, including Jason," Carly reasoned.

"I'm not doing it Carly. Why do you even want me there? You know it's just going to lead to a huge fight between you and Sonny." Courtney told her.

"Look, Sonny knows how much this day means to me. He also knows how much you mean to me. He's not going to start anything." Carly told her.

"And if he does?" Court asked.

"He won't. Plus aren't you just a little curious about what you've missed in this town?" Carly wondered.

"Nope. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing left for me there and going back there will just inflict pain on me. And I'm not prepared to go through that." Courtney murmured.

"Please, for me and the boys. You know, Michael still asks about you and Morgan has gotten so big." Carly said sadly.

"Oh that's low, pulling out the kid card. You must be desperate." Courtney laughed.

"I am. Don't make me start crying, because I will." Carly pleaded.

"When is it?" She asked.

"June 24th." Carly answered, she could feel her caving.

"That's a month away." Courtney exclaimed.

"I know and you'll need to be here at least a week before the blessed event so we can get you fitted." Carly answered nonchalantly.

"Who says I am even going?" Courtney asked.

"You're going to turn the chance to see me and the boys? There will be no problems, I promise to make sure that Sonny and Jason are on their best behavior." Carly assured her.

"Why do you keep bringing up Jason?"

"Because I know that he's the main reason why you don't want to come back." Carly answered. She was right too. She hadn't spoken to Jason since she left town. There was too much pain and anger between them and she was tired of feeling hurt. Not that moving away had helped her any, she still thought of him every moment. "So, your going to be there, right?" Carly asked.

"Fine," Courtney relented. She could hear Carly yelp happily on the end of the line. "But the second I feel as though I am being attacked, I'm leaving."

"Of course, everything is going to go smoothly," Carly soothed.

"Yea right," Courtney muttered.

"Thanks, this means a lot to me." Carly gushed.


"I'll be in touch. Love you."

"Yup, bye." Courtney hung up the receiver. "I'm so stupid," she mumbled to herself before heading into the bathroom to shower.