A 300-word drabble; my first (completed) One Piece fic. Fluff is good for the soul, not to mention that there's a severe shortage of good Zoro/Luffy fanfiction.

On the Edge of Vision
Which is where Zoro makes sure Luffy usually is.
by Alena
April 19th, 2004

More often than not, Zoro watches Luffy.

At first it was a simple curiosity, spurned by an interest over what the other teenager's abilities -- or simply Luffy's own quirks -- would allow him to do next.  Then it was because of friendship, making sure that Luffy was always there, always safe.

Maybe not quite as mild as friendship, though.

That, and piracy, were both odd occupations for a pirate hunter.  For the life of him, Zoro couldn't figure out why Luffy had insisted that someone who was anathema to pirates was to be his first mate.

As time went on, Zoro found himself minding less, and watching Luffy more.

Perched on the rooftop of an inn located in the small town they'd docked in, he couldn't watch Luffy from up here.  This sat less well with him than it probably should have.

Also, silence, before a sought-out thing, was becoming more of a dark shroud when it lingered too long.  It usually meant that Luffy wasn't around.

Of course, if Luffy was anywhere within a three-mile radius, silence never stood much of a chance.


Zoro shifted himself a bit further from the edge of the roof.  Luffy's aim wasn't always all that perfect.


A form was immediately hurtling through the air, landing with a slight stumble behind Zoro.  The hunter reached back a hand without turning to grab the captain's arm.

"Thanks," Luffy said cheerfully, and Zoro could imagine the smile on his face.  The Gum-Gum man squatted down beside Zoro, staring out across the town for a few moments, then asked, "What'cha doing up here?"

"Just wondering where you'd been," Zoro said.

"I was right here," Luffy replied, confused.  The corner of Zoro's mouth turned up slightly, and he inclined his head toward his captain.

"I know."