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CHAPTER 10 TIME: 0940 hrs. PLACE: Central City Penitentiary

Grodd's eyes fluttered open. As his senses slowly returned, he realized that he was back in his old cell, the neuro-restrainer back in place on his head. "Oh, well, I suppose we can't win all the time," he sighed.

"You should rephrase that, Grodd, because you never win," Lantern's voice came from the other side of the door.

As Grodd became livid and hurled abuse and obscenities at him, Giganta, from the cell opposite, hurled abuse of her own. Ignoring both of them, Lantern simply walked off and headed to the front gate, where the others were waiting.

"Lantern, we have a problem," Batman announced. "I just picked up a report on the police scanner in the Batmobile. Flash and Zoom are fighting in the heart of the city."

"Shouldn't we head over to where they are?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I agree," said J'onn. "Flash may need our help."

"Let,s go, then," said Lantern. "We haven't a moment to lose."

With that the four heroes started off toward the site of the battle, Batman roaring off in the Batmobile and the others flying off.

**************************************************************************** ****************

Flash and Zoom were attacking each other nonstop at hyper-speed, blocking and parrying each other and each getting in a hit on the other once in a while. Finally, out of sheer exhaustion, they backed away and paused for breath. Seeing this, the crowd began to shout its encouragement to the Scarlet Speedster.

"Go, Flash!"

"Don't give up, Flash!"

"You can beat that fake, Flash!"

Hearing the crowd cheering for Flash enraged Zoom even more. "Soon, this crowd will have to take back their cheers, because I'll have your face buried in the dirt!" he vowed.

At that moment the other heroes arrived. "There they are!" Lantern exclaimed.

"Should we help?" asked Wonder Woman.

"No, let's watch this one and see where it leads," J'onn advised.

"That's right," Batman put in. "This is a personal matter. Let them settle it."

Almost as he finished speaking, Flash and Zoom were back at it, throwing hyper-fast attacks at each other. Then, suddenly, as Zoom flung a punch at Flash's face, the other dodged aside and sent a punishing punch to his stomach, crippling him.

The spectators, including the other heroes, began to cheer Flash on. "Yeah, that's it! Get him now!"

Flash saw his opportunity, and he wasn't about to miss it. Running around Zoom, he began to create a tornado so powerful, it lifted the yellow speedster off the ground; so forceful, even the other heroes had to hold their ground rather tightly so as not to move.

"AAAAHHH!!!" Zoom screamed. "Stop, please, stop! I'm getting dizzy!"

Finally, Flash lessened the extent of his speed enough for Zoom to fall to the ground with a heavy thud. Picking up a now dazed Zoom, Flash held one fist high; ready to land the decisive blow.

"You'll never hurt anyone again," he said softly, "the way you hurt Linda."

Zoom's eyes showed half-disbelief. "You...you're kidding...right? You wouldn't do that to your best friend!" he whispered.

Flash's look became one of death and his fist tightened. "You are no friend of mine."

Zoom's eyes widened to show genuine terror.

A hand was laid on his shoulder. Looking across, Flash's eyes met Batman's. "You've won, Flash," the Dark Knight said. "You've stopped a dangerous psycho and saved hundreds of lives. Just listen to this crowd cheering for you. That should be enough payback for what Zoom has done."

Flash looked from Batman to Zoom and back again and, deep down, he knew Batman was right. Sighing, he released his grip on Zoom, letting him fall to the ground. "Okay, Bats. Let's take him in."

**************************************************************************** ****************

TIME: 0945 hrs. PLACE: Central City General Hospital

Linda's eyes slowly opened. As her vision came into focus, she caught sight of Wally West sitting by her bedside, flowers in his hand. "Glad to see you're finally awake, beautiful."

She managed a smile. "Hi, Wally."

"How're you feeling now?" he asked gently.

"Kinda groggy," she admitted, "like I was just waking up from a long dream."

"Yeah, you were out of it for a while," said Wally, "but everything is fine now."

"So, what's happened?" she asked.

Wally then presented a newspaper, flashing the headline: JUSTICE LEAGUE DEFEATS THREE DANGEROUS VILLAINS. On the front page were pictures of Grodd, Giganta and Zoom.

"Who's this guy?" Linda asked, pointing at Zoom's picture.

Wally sighed. "It's Hunter."

"Hunter?" she asked in disbelief.

"It's a long story, believe me."

Linda nodded and set the paper on the nightstand. "So, what happens now?" she asked.

"That's up to us, I guess," said Wally. "But, this whole experience has taught me one thing."

"What's that?"

The next thing she knew, Wally was drawing her closer into his arms. "How much you really mean to me, that's what. And I will never, ever let anything happen to you, as long as it's in my power."

She returned the embrace. "And as long as you're fast enough to counter it?" They both burst into laughter at that comment.

**************************************************************************** ****************

TIME: 0955 hrs. PLACE: The Watchtower

Much later, the Flash was back at the Watchtower, looking woefully at his whiteboard. "So much has happened, and now I've lost a best friend," he lamented. "I don't even think I can put his picture on this thing..."

"You can't, huh?" came a familiar voice behind him. He didn't need to turn to see who it was.

"Hey, Bats. What is it?"

"Lantern told me about your whiteboard on the way back," Batman explained. "I thought you'd need this to add to the collection."

Flash looked at what Batman was talking about. In the Dark Knight's hand was a mug shot of Zoom.

"You really think I should?" Flash asked.

"I'm not saying what I think," Batman answered. "It's all up to you."

Flash nodded and, taking the photo from Batman, pasted it at the very top of the pyramid, right where the most dangerous foe's picture would be.

"By the way," Batman added, "I'm supposed to tell you a story about a friend of mine who turned out about the same way, right?"

Flash nodded. "Yeah, I remember."

Batman turned and started to walk away. "Come with me, then. We'll have a bite to eat – to maintain your metabolism. You have been speeding around all morning, anyhow. I'll tell you the story on the way."

"Oh, all right." Flash walked along with Batman.

"Very well, then," said the Dark Knight knowingly. "It all started some years ago with an old friend of mine, a lawyer named Harvey Dent..."