Title: Golden blood

Subtitle: Find your special one

Author: Lady Snowblossom

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Kai/Rei

Note: Kai is a young adult born vampire, who is now old enough to come into his full powers, but to do so he has to find the one person, whose blood will transform him and become his mate. If he doesn't find that special person by his four hundredth year, he will lose his mind and have to be hunted down and eliminated by The Destroyer's. Caution: NCS, in other words-rape! And suicide.

Additional note: In this story all vamps over two hundred are daywalkers. So this is AU.

Disclaimer: I'm only gonna say this one time. They ain't mine!


Hiwatari Estate, just outside Moscow; 1814


"Yes, Master Voltaire?" The gaunt figure of the Hiwatari butler loomed in the doorway. The ancient vampire looked up from where he sat behind a desk. "When my grandson has finished dining, bring him to me."

"Yes, Master." Tisha bowed, and left to carry out his orders. The old man walked through the labyrinth of corridors that led to the lower levels of the Hiwatari castle. As he pushed open the door of the lowest level, a curdling scream echoed off the walls to be abruptly cut off.

"Playing with your food again, Master Kai?" The old man sighed, as he entered a room. Kai Hiwatari raised his head, his mahogany eyes blazing and slowly licked his lips to remove the blood that stained them. At his feet lay the body of a young man with deep red hair; twin bloodstains left a trail from two puncture wounds from throat to collarbone.

"The blood tastes better, when my 'meal' is frightened." The youth toed the body, and then turned his back on it. "That may be so, young master, but now your grandfather is going to have to come up with a way to explain his death. Jonathan McGregor's family is a powerful one in Scotland. And you now how much your grandfather hates complications."

Kai shrugged, indifferent to the problems he caused his grandfather. "I suppose there is a reason you came down to my playroom."

"Yes, Master Voltaire wishes to see you."

"About what?"

"I have no idea, young master, but I'd hurry and go see him, while I arrange a suitable 'accident' for your 'guest'." the old man said.

With a cruel laugh, Kai pulled the dead youth's head around until he was looking into the boy's unseeing eyes. "Goodbye, Johnny, it was a pleasure to meet you." He bowed mockingly, pivoted on his heel and left.

Tisha watched the slate-haired youth disappear up the stairs, before he stooped and slung the unfortunate Scot over his shoulder and carried him up the same stairs to meet with his 'accident'.


Kai paused outside his grandfather's study and took the time to straighten his clothes and make sure his hair was presentable. His grandfather was a stickler when it came to looking neat and tidy; untidy hair was a whipping offense; spots on your clothing could cost you dearly. Satisfied with his appearance, he knocked on the dark wood doors.

"Come in." A low harsh voice granted entrance.

Kai pushed the door open and entered. Stopping just inside the door, he bowed and waited for permission to advance.

"Ah, there you are. Come here and sit down." Voltaire indicated a large leather chair in front of his desk. As Kai prowled forward, his eyes drifted over the appointments of the room. A cabinet of ebony held his grandfather's collection of snuffboxes. Portraits of his family hung on the walls with an exceptionally large one of his grandfather and grandmother dominating the fireplace, where an unnecessary fire burned.

Underfoot, expensive Turkish rugs deadened the footsteps of the humans, who came to visit. Reaching the desk, Kai sat down on the edge of the chair and place his hands on his thighs, a look of polite inquiry on his face.

Voltaire looked at his grandson, and snorted. "Don't look at me like that, boy! I know you don't want to be in here, so don't try to look like you're interested in anything I have to say!"

"You're right as always, grandfather. I don't want to be here, but here I am, so what is it you want?" Kai retorted.

"On your last birthday, you turned two hundred, is that not so?"

"Yes, "Kai eyed his grandfather, where was this heading? Why was his two hundredth birthday, so important?

Voltaire stared at the boy and shook his head. "You have no idea, why that fact is important, do you?"

Kai shook his head, "No, grandfather."

"Then, "the older vampire said, "it's time you learned. Come with me." He rose from his seat, took up a candelabrum and circled the desk to lead the way to the door. Kai waited until the old monster had passed him, then he rose and followed.

They met Tisha coming down the hall. The butler bowed, and said. "Master Voltaire, I regret to inform you that young master McGregor has met with an accident. It seems he climbed up to the roof and leaned over the parapet and slipped. I'm afraid he's dead, sir."

Voltaire turned and glared at his grandson. "That's the third one this month, Kai. You know that we can't afford to raise suspicions. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"He resisted my hypnosis."

"Then you should have brought him to me. "The old one stared at the unrepentant youth and smiled, cruelly. "Since you don't seem to understand how important it is to show restraint, you will go out to the stable and kill that stable boy you've taken for a toy. And I will come and watch."

'Vlas!' Kai's mind screamed, but outwardly he showed no emotion. "As you wish grandfather, I was getting tired of him anyway."

Not taking his eyes off, his grandson, Voltaire issued orders. "Tisha, see that the unfortunate young man is attended by a priest and a doctor. Then, send someone to the Scottish ambassador and inform him that I will be visiting. I will express my condolences to him in person, then. And have my troika readied."

Tisha bowed, "Very good, master." The servant bowed and departed. Voltaire smiled, "Now, Kai. Where were we? Oh, yes. The reason you need to know why your two hundredth year is important." He turned and led the now frantic boy thorough several more corridors, before pausing in front of a door.

Voltaire pushed the door open and putting down the candelabrum on a table, then he extracted one from the ornate holder and went to a set of bookcases and began to scan shelves. "Kai, don't just stand there. Light the oil lamps."

Kai reached out and removed one of the white candles and went to the mantel of the fireplace and lit the lamps. As their bright glow filled the room, he realized that he was in his grandmother's domain, the library. He seldom came in here for that formidable woman allowed only her husband to enter uninvited; everyone else had to wait for an invitation.

He looked around at the rich tapestries that hung on the walls. The glass of the long narrow windows set along the outer wall were a kaleidoscope of colors. There were richly colored handmade Arabian rugs on the floor and the furniture was the best Parisian artisans could produce. Along three walls were ceiling to floor bookcases filled to the brim with leather bound books; some a few hundred years old.

"Ah, here it is." Voltaire exclaimed in satisfaction as he removed a volume from one of the shelves. He brought the book to the table and laid it down. "Kai, come here and sit down." He commanded.

Kai went across the room to his grandfather and returned the candle to its holder. He drew out a delicate looking white chair out and sat in it.

Voltaire shoved the book over to him and said, "You are a born vampire; one of a rare few. Your mother was converted as your father impregnated her." He smiled, his fangs showing. "Hachi was a beautiful woman and a more dangerous killer; I've never met. She was pure samurai." He sighed, "I see her fire in you. You are truly, your mother's son, Kai."

"Thank you, grandfather." Kai said.

Sharp old eyes narrowed, and Voltaire purred, "Yes, you are your mother's son. And I'll destroy you, just as I destroyed her and your father, if you become a danger to this family." The old monster turned his back on his grandchild and went to the mantel.

'And you will pay for that one day; you bastard!' Kai snarled. 'And you'll pay for Vlas, too. I swear it!'

"Our line is one of the oldest in the world of vampires and I will not allow anyone to jeopardize that." He stood staring at the painting of his wife hanging over the mantel. "And that is one of the reasons, you must learn circumspection. But, we will talk about that, later. Right now, you need to learn about the golden blood."

Kai slew around in his chair, nearly over balancing it. "Golden blood?"

"Golden blood is the blood of the one destined to be your mate and the key to you obtaining your full powers as a vampire." The gray and white haired vampire turned and nodded toward the black book lying neglected on the table. "And this person must be found before you turn four hundred, or . . ."

"Or, what?" Kai interrupted.

His grandfather frowned at him, walked over and slapped him hard across the face; knocking him from the chair; overturning it. Voltaire waited for his grandson to pick himself up off the floor. Kai wiped a trickle of blood from his split lip away with the back of his hand, then wordlessly he righted the chair and sat back down. Voltaire then continued the lecture as if nothing had happened. "Or you will go mad and will be hunted down like an animal by The Destroyers."

"The Destroyers!" Kai hissed, every member of the vampiric race knew of the mysterious members of the society, whose duty was to see that no vampire exposed their race to warm bloods. It was said, that they only showed themselves to their targets: killing swiftly and without mercy.

"The Destroyers." His grandfather repeated, "they are probably the only thing on the face of this world or the next that I fear. And if I could get rid of them, I wouldn't unless I could replace the society with one that was totally loyal to me." A fleeting look crossed the viscous old man's face.

Catching the look, Kai wondered. 'Is the old viper contemplating such a move? If he is, I wonder how I could find out. And once, I have proof, how do I contact the society?'

"Enough talk of the society." Voltaire dismissed the subject with a wave of his hand. He pointed at the book; "You will learn all you need to know in the pages of that book. You may begin to read it now. We will discuss it, when I return. I must go and get dressed for my visit to the ambassador." He turned and went to the door and paused, "Kai."

"Yes, grandfather?"

"We will attend to the other little matter, when I return." A soft evil laugh escaped the old man. "The boy had better still be here, do you understand."

Kai gritted his teeth. "Yes, grandfather, I understand."

"Good, I'll leave you to your reading then." And he exited the room.


Kai sat staring down at the book and shoving it violently aside; he rose and began to pace. He had to save Vlas, but how? If he warned his lover and sent him away, his grandfather's wrath would be terrible, and he knew it would be directed toward him. What to do?

Unbidden a vision of his beloved rose to his mind's eye; he sighed as he thought of the boy's sinfully full lips, his long, silky black hair, of his long legs and his golden cat eyes. As he thought of the sweet moments stolen in the boy's company, he knew that he'd suffer the fires of hell to save him.

"I have no choice. Vlas has to go." And he steeled himself for the coming ordeal. He stood up and left the room to go break the heart of the only creature that truly loved him.


Vlas crouched down behind some bales of hay, a hand cupping a badly bruised cheek. His golden eyes filled with tears, as he tried to understand why the master had struck him. He had done all that was expected of him. He'd held his horse-Night magic, perfectly still and he hadn't looked at the master when he had emerged from the castle. And yet, he had done something to bring down his anger on him.

He sniffed and blotted his nose on the sleeve of his coat.

"That's disgusting."

"Kai!" The golden eyed boy looked up and jumped to his feet. He threw his arms around his lover, and blinked in surprise, when he found himself sitting on the ground. "Kai?"

"Peasant, did I give you permission to touch me?" Kai said coldly.

Vlas got to his knees and stared up in confusion at his lover. "Kai? What's wrong? Why are you acting like this?"

His head snapped back, as a hard hand connected with his already purple cheek. "Serf! You will speak only when I tell you too." The boy began to sob, "Why are you being so cruel! Don't you love me anymore?"

Kai's soul shattered into smaller pieces with each sob, but he proceeded on with his plan. "Love you? Why would I, a Hiwatari, love a stinking dirty peasant like you! All you're good for is to clean out horse shit and this!"

With that he grabbed the boy and dragged him to the bales of hay and threw him face down over them. Vlas tried to get away, but Kai was too strong for him. He kicked and screamed, as he felt his pants being ripped from his body.

"Kai, no! Please stop! Don't! Oh, God!" The boy screamed as he was forcibly taken. The pain of the rape was incredible, but it paled in comparison to the pain of Kai's betrayal. He thankfully fell into the embrace of the blackness that came to claim him, when he hit his head on a stall wall.

Kai spilled his seed in his beloved's body for the last time and sank to the ground beside the still form of his lover, burying his face in his hands. "Vlas, Vlas, forgive me! I had to do it. I'd rather have you alive and hating me, than dead at my hands."

Slowly, he rose and reaching for the silent form, he rolled his golden angel over and tenderly pressed a kiss to his lips. "I love you." he breathed, and walked away.



The wiry stable master came out of his quarters at the call. "Master Kai." he greeted his guest. "What do you need, master?"

"The stable boy, Vlas. See that he is removed at once from the estate! Give him a set of clean clothes and this. I won't have him saying that the Hiwatari don't know how to take care of their people, or those they no longer wish to have in their employ." Kai held out a leather pouch.

The old man took the pouch, fingering the money inside and touched his forelock with a grimy finger. "I'll see to it at once, master!" Kai's eyes narrowed at the man's actions.

"Good." Kai said and turned, he paused and turned back, "Oh and Labrentsis, no one is to take advantage of him." The tone of the boy's voice sent a shiver down the old man's spine.

"I'll see to this matter, personally, master."

Kai nodded, then walked away without looking back.


Vlas woke to stinging slaps on his cheeks. "Come on! Come on, boy! Wake up!" Labrentsis was getting impatient, as far as he was concerned the sooner they got rid of this boy, the sooner. Hiwatari's weren't noted for mercy for disobedience.

Vlas groaned, and whispered, "Labrentsis?"

"Aye, its me. Now, get to your feet, you're leaving."

Vlas's eyes shot open. "Leaving?"

"Yes, you're not wanted here anymore." The old man threw a pair of pants in the boy's face. "Master Kai says, you're to be sent away at once, so get a move on!" Understanding shone in dull gold eyes.

Slowly, painfully the boy stood and drew on the rough cotton pants, hissing as he did so. When he tied off the simple cloth belt, he looked at the stable master with dead eyes. "I'm ready." He said, tonelessly.

Wordlessly, the old man took the boy by the arm and led him to a bay horse; who was bearing a package on the back of his saddle. Boosting the boy up, Labrentsis mounted and putting spurs to the horses flanks rode swiftly for the gates of the estate.

Outside the gates the old man deposited the boy on the ground and flung the package and pouch down beside him. Vlas looked at them, before slowly crouching down to pick them up. Rising, he stood, fingers clenching and unclenching on the leather of the package.

Labrentsis rode away without a word and the gates swung shut with a 'clang!'

Slowly, Vlas turned and walked down the road, tears streaming down his cheeks. "Why, Kai, why?" He whispered, "I can't live without you. And I won't."

Resolute, he walked into the woods and pulling the belt from his pants looped it around a tree limb; he opened the package and removed the second pair of pants and its belt and knotted the belt to the first. Tying a loop around his throat, he climbed upon a stump and looking toward the castle, whispered, "Goodbye, my love." and jumped.

Woodcutters found his body two weeks later.


"Put him in the coffin."

Kai heard the words thorough the haze of his pain.

After he had sent Vlas away, he had returned to the library and read the book his grandfather had wanted him too, until the old man had returned.

As he had known he would, when Voltaire had learned that he had sent Vlas away, the old monster had wrecked a terrible vengeance. He had ordered some of the guards to drag him down to the dungeon level and he had further infuriated the old vampire by going proudly with his head held high.

In the dungeon, he had been stripped and bound and hung by his wrists from the ceiling. His grandfather had sat and watched as his favorite guard had beaten him with a steel rod, breaking several of his ribs. When that failed to make him scream, his grandfather had ordered him scourged. The sound of his flesh being ripped away was sickening and the pain was incredible. It was then he finally started screaming.

When he fainted, they poured water on him to bring him back around, and when his grandfather had asked where his whore was, he'd spit in his face. The old vampire had backhanded him, but he had barely felt the blow, his system too traumatized by the abuse he'd subjected too for such a blow to register.

It was then, his grandfather decreed that the ultimate horror be visited on him. He was to be buried alive in a coffin, and since he couldn't die, the agony of being locked away like that would surely cost him his mind!

He had been too weak from blood loss to fight as he was taken down and placed in the coffin. The last thing he saw before the lid was closed was his grandfather's malevolent face. He could hear the chains being wrapped around the coffin and knew when it was carried up the stairs. Then he knew no more, as darkness claimed him.


"Master, where do you want Master Kai's coffin put?" Tisha asked, as he stood by the wagon containing the coffin his young master was confined in.

"Take it to the abandoned monastery of St. John and since he has a fancy for stable boys, bury it under the stables there." Voltaire smiled, liking the irony. "And Tisha."

"Yes, master?"

"When you return, come back alone and never mention his name to me again, or I will rip your tongue out."

"Yes, master."


Twenty-four hours later, a young vampire woke and began to frantically pound on the cover of his coffin, but was unable to escape.

And that's the way things stayed for one hundred and ninety four years.


Well, this idea grabbed me and now maybe it will leave me alone long enough for me to finish; 'I'm a father?'

I took different vampire stories and through the ideas together and mixed them up and came up with this.

So, what do you think?