X-Men Evolution

Enjoying Life

Happy mall"yday"

Sometimes, waking up to a brand new day filled with possibilities and new challenges is a good thing. Even sometimes, waking up to a brand new day with the same procedure as you have been custom to is a good thing. And then again, waking up and feeling a huge urge to crush the noisy alarm clock next to your bed is a good AND common thing. The last one was for the moment the best alternative to a sleepy Nightcrawler.

Shooting out his tail like a whip he wrapped his blue third arm around the clock and threw it into the garbage-can on the other side of the room, mumbling "Auf Wiedersehen" as he did. Opening his sleepy eyes, Kurt welcomed a new day with a grumpy yawn. Sitting up straight in his bed he looked over to the window and saw the beams of sunlight shine through the curtains. It was Saturday morning so why did he even have the clock armed and ready to blast him out of his sweet dreams.

Removing the curtains he cast a look over the outside. The sun was shining, no doubt of that. Not a single cloud on the sky and the birds were chattering in songs he always found comforting. The trees around the institute were turning into a piece of art as the leafs changed into an explosion of different colours. One of natures many ways to inform the world that autumn was once again back.

Now that he was awake anyhow, he figured he could simply enough get something to eat. Disappearing in a cloud of smoke, the inside of the kitchen revealed itself as he opened his eyes. Looking around, he found out he was alone in the room.

The institute was always quiet and peaceful in the weekends. Especially now, considering most of the students were still sleeping. Making a bowl of cereal, Kurt flopped down on his chair and began to eat. Having a feeling that something special would happen today.

"Oh, are you already awake?" a familiar voice behind him said. Turning around he wasn't surprised he hadn't heard Kitty as she had walked through the door.

"Guten morgen, Keety," Kurt said back and continued with his breakfast.

Kitty smiled. Every time he tried to say her name, it always came out with the typical German style. She kept her smile when she noticed that his fuzzy tail had started to swish back and forth. He had grown a little habit of doing that once he became aware of her. But since he was in a happy mood, this would be a good time to ask him the question she had planned for him.

"Kurt......could I, like, ask you a little favor?" Kitty innocently started.

"NEIN! Ich will nicht help you wizh making anozher jelly cake. Ich zpend a week cleaning meine fur trying to remove it."

"Nononono......nothing like that. First of all, have you, like, got plans for today?"

"Vas? Are you going on a date and need eine driver?" Kurt said and raised an eyebrow at her.

"Errr.....no...." Kitty answered.

"Zhen I am free az eine bird," he sang out and leaned back into his chair.

"Well, there's this sale in the mall today and I was, like, hoping you could help me there," Kitty said with a little smile.

"Eine jail-bird zhat iz....." Kurt mumbled to himself.

"What was that?" Kitty asked as she heard him mumble something she didn't get. She knew one technique that would work on him. And that was to give him a real pair of puppy-dog eyes. Not that surprising, her attack smashed her opponent and the trumpets could sing out they victory cry.

"Jah, Keety. I will come wizh you," Kurt said and knew he had just taken a step closer to his undoing. To be a 'guys opinion' or just follow a girl who could easily have a black belt in shopping was like walking into the deepest circle of hell.

Kurt knew how to be a guys opinion. Actually he had learned a secret in it as well as a way to get his way. The secret was that there is a difference in being heard and being taken notice of. To get his way was actually easy. If Kitty asked him which one of the two choices she had made looked the best, he would figure out what he liked the most and then vote for the other one.

Glad for having Kurt with her, she quickly made her way out of the kitchen with a sandwich in her hand for the next stage of her little plan. To get Scott to drive them.


After a looooong hour, they finally reached the mall. Not much of a surprise that others than Kitty had heard of the sale. Just about half of Bayville was here today. Jumping out of Scott's car, Kitty dragged Kurt with her till they came inside. Resisting this was out of the question. Scott sighed and felt pity for his friend. But since it was little he could do to help him, he swung the car around and headed back home.

The mall was exactly the way Kurt remembered and expected it to be. Big, overfilled with stores, warm, countless fresh smells and WAY too crowded for his taste. Sale on this, sale on that. Buy two pay for three. Special offer on shoes that doesn't fit and free coffee for those who refuse to pay. This was Kurt's view of the mall. Every time.

His way of shopping was quite different. He had his battleplan set up the moment he could see the store. It was that he would enter the store, he would get this, he would get that, he would pay for it, he would get out of there and get back to his real life. Things didn't change much when first stop was at the Sears. Kitty always started her shopping with shoes.


After about two hours of shoes, clothing and perfume, Kitty felt like it was time to get something to eat and a little breather. She saw a free table at the small cafeteria across the hallway and turned towards Kurt to tell him this cheerful news.

Kitty noticed his stressed expression almost immediately. Kurt was only a couple of feet behind her, but she could clearly see how hard he was working on carrying her bags and boxes while trying to stay out of physical contact with the busy crowd who so rudely pushed on in all directions.

Kurt was starting to sweat under his holographic image. Trying his best not to let anyone touch his furry skin and not bump into anyone causing him to drop Kitty's carefully selected items. He lifted his head and saw the worried look on Kitty's face. How her eyebrows were crooking a bit upwards and her blue eyes watched him move so clumsy through the crowd. Kurt asked himself if it was him she was worried about or her stuff.

Then, a hand came out of nowhere and hit Kurt across the chest. In panic, he dropped everything he had in his arms and fell to the floor to get out of the way. Some of the crowd moved a bit away from him as he could see the person who had bumped into him look down at him with his hands out.

"KURT?!!" Kitty cried out and came rushing over to his side. The bumper started to apologize over and over again before he disappeared into the crowd and was gone just as suddenly as he had appeared.

"Kurt, are you, like, okay?" Kitty asked as she helped Kurt to sit up straight.

"Jah, Keety. I'm okay. I'm zorry zhat I dropped your ztuff. I didn't mean it," Kurt said a little embarrassed and started to pick up the mess with Kitty's help.

"You don't have to be, like, sorry, Kurt." This could have ended messy.


A quick clean-up later, they both sat down on each side of the small round table in the cafeteria. Kurt had bought a coke and Kitty a cup of tea. Halfway through the coke, Kurt could see that she was staring at him again with the same worried look she had given him a few minutes later.

"Vas?" Kurt innocently asked.

"You really are, like, afraid of this......aren't you?" Kitty responded, taking a careful sip of her hot tea.

Kurt swallowed. Looking down to his hand and watching over the five fingers where four of them were hanging together to its neighbour. Under this pale skin was blue fur ready to be revealed to the world around him. How could he not be afraid?

"Jah, I'm afraid. Zhis is vhy I don't like to go to zhe mall. Zhings like zhis always happen. And I know zhat some day, I won't be able to dodge zhe person finding out."

Hearing those words, Kitty sighed and took his hand into her own. Feeling Kurt jumped a bit by the touch of her and that he was about to pull his hand away.

"Kurt, I'm, like, real sorry about this. But if you hate this place so much, why couldn't you just say no?" Kitty asked and gently squeezing his hand. She couldn't understand why the general public couldn't deal with this. His fur was so soft to touch and when she moved against the fur instead of with, it tickled her.

"I don't know, Keety. I vanted to zay 'nein' and I know I could zay it. But........." Kurt nervously started. To feel the sweet gentle touch of her hand was something he never quite got used to. He never allowed anyone to touch him unless it was necessary. Mainly because he knew they were uncomfortable with it. But this......this delicate touch was something he had longed for. And now that he got it, he felt a tiny touch of unease.

It was with a sad expression Kurt looked up into her petite face. His own fear for the public had ruined her day completely. Most of all he just wanted to close his eyes and port back to the safety of the institute. But seeing deeply into her shiny eyes, Kurt knew he could not leave her behind.

His three fingers closed in around her little hand and Kurt felt a wind of comfort gently blowing his face like a wordless song. He started to smile and to his joy, Kitty smiled with him.

"Listen Kurt. This sale isn't, like, THAT important. What do you say we head for home instead?" Kitty said after a minute of complete silence.

"Would you do zhat for me?" Kurt asked looking surprised.

"Yeah. I don't want to drag you into something you feel uncomfortable with. Let's rent a movie and watch it later tonight."

Kurt's face nearly lit up the room as he stood up and offered his hand to help Kitty up. She had to smile by his eagerness to get out of this place.

Grasping his hand, she rose to her feet and thanked him for being a gentleelf. Encouraged by her words, he took all her bags once again and followed her towards the movie shop. Question was now what were they suppose to see?


End of chapter 1

Special thanks goes to my dear friend Toiletduck85. For inspiring me and giving me advice. Thank you so much.

Short story, I know. But I had this simple wish of doing a Kurtty fic. A peaceful (not always) story about two friends who soon will discover the truth about their feelings.