Title: Family Secrets

Author: N'kala99

Summary: An uninvited guest threatens to reveal all of Julian's carefully kept secrets.

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Author's Note: I was reviewing some of my older stories and their reviews when I

decided to venture back into Star Trek and give it another shot. Beware my liberties; I

claim poetic license in all my work.

Additional Comments: When most authors write about abuse, it is typically in the form

of either physical or sexual. Psychological, or emotional, abuse, is woefully overlooked.

The reason for that is mainly because most people do not see it as a valid form of abuse.

Unfortunately, it is all to real and every bit as damaging as the other forms.

This story implies that Bashir is an abused child. I've written similar stories inside other

fandoms in the past, and the reviews I have received tell me that I am far outside

believability. I want to warn any potential readers that I have had personal experience in

this matter, and that much of what I write really has happened, though some situations

have been rearranged to fit the characters. Choose to believe this or not; it's your choice.

But please do not review and tell me that this is beyond the realm of reality.

Unfortunately, the events portrayed were all too real.