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Couples, Yuna&Tidus, Paine&Baralai, Maybe more.

This story used to be titled -Does Yuna want a baby- As I tie in events, I still can't hold to the title, so I decided to change it. Hopefully it fits more with the story. Thanks for the reviews! 05-27-04

Events After FFX-2. I've tried to avoid spoilers until ch3, but there could be some out there.


Yuna awakens in Besaid, to cries in the night.

She is helping Lulu with babysitting, and silenty starts wondering if she should have one of her own. She agreed to watch him overnight for the first time, she finds the bottle that Lu has packed and begins to hum a melody to the child. He calmed down and looked Yuna in the eyes.

The baby's face is so innocent and pure. His eyes were as beautiful as Lulu's, his hair was the same as Wakka's and yet, he was as unique as ever.

Lulu & Waka wanted a night to themselves, which hasn't happened often since the baby came.

Rikku walked in, tiptoe-ing. Whispering: "Is he asleep?"

Y: "If you'll be quiet he might go back to sleep."

R: "He looks so much like Wakka, don't you think." She says smiling, looking at the child.

Yuna looked down at his big eyes, "I see Lulu in his eyes, but he looks like himself."

R: "He looks awake to me, let Me hold him, PLEASE!"

Y: "I suppose he is awake, sheesh, okay, I'm going to step outside for some air."

Yuna handed the baby over to Rikku, as she sat on the bed. "Be careful with him."

R: "I will." She said, smiling, and holding him carefully.

Yuna walked outside, and sat on the ground. The light of the moon is bright tonight.

The baby sure is a lot of work, but so adorable, "Do I want one of my own?" She wondered aloud.

Paine walked up from the temple, "Want one what?" She asked with curiosity.

"Paine," Yuna said suprised.

Paine looked at her, waiting for the answer, and saw the blushing in Yuna's face.

"Yuna, what are you thinking?"

Y: "I, uh, I want to babysit, more often."

P: She gave her an odd look in return. "Do you mind if I join you?"

Y: "Sure."

Paine sat next to Yuna. "Yuna, do you remember when you met Baralai for the first time?"

P: "I didn't want to stay to talk to him, I was, uh, jealous."

Y: "Jealous? Why?"

P: "I went to the temple of New Yevon, before joining the Gullwings, and Baralai and I talked for some time.

We actually ended up staying up all night, and he talked and talked, about his childhood, about the destruction of Sin, about what's happened since then. There was still so much un-answered. I told him of my past, of how I lost my parents to Sin, and he comforted me. When morning came, I decided to leave.

When I left he gave me a sphere. Then told me that everything would work out, soon. But from speaking to him throughout the night, he seemed so full of anger, and I wondered what was in store for him.

I returned a week later, to speak to him again. I walked into his office, and found him asleep on his desk. There were pictures around his office, of you Yuna, the High Summoner, and I left the room, left him sleeping. I felt jealous, I buried this feeling, and headed to Djose.

At Djose, I met Brother and Buddy, who said they were looking for spheres, and were looking for people to help them. The Sphere that Baralai gave me left me curious, so I decided to join them. They called themselves the Gullwings. By the way, I always thought that was a stupid name." Paine smiled.

Y: "Paine, a picture is hardly a reason to get jealous." Yuna responded, wondering if it was the right thing to say.

P: "I know, it was silly of me, I'm sorry."

Y: "You don't have to say your sorry, but perhaps you should go see him, he may need a friend."

Y: " Now I have a question for you, do you ever want to have a child?

P: "Wow, this is the night for serious questions isn't it?" "Well, ---"

Cries are heard from inside.

Y: "Duty calls, we'll talk more later."

P: "You left Rikku to babysit?"

Y: "Oh dear, I did, what was I thinking?"

As they walked into the tent, it got quiet, silent. Yuna & Paine looked onto the bed, and saw Rikku laying on the bed, holding the baby.

Both were sound asleep.

P: "Maybe she's ok after all."

As Yuna looked on, the both looked so pure.

P: "Yuna, yes, someday, I do want one."

Y: "Paine, go see Baralai again soon, ok."

P: "I will. " "And you, go find him, ok."

Y: "Yeah."