Chapter 20

Y: The Fayth said there's no need to rush, he's probably right.

T: "So back to Besaid?"

Y: "Just to visit, I'm not ready to settle down yet. Is that ok?"

T: "Sounds great to me."

Y: "I thought you'd agree."

Buddy: "So everyone ok?"

Yuna nodded her head to show they were.

Buddy: "I'm glad."

Shinra: "Buddy, tell her now."

Yuna glanced over at the young Shinra, then back to Buddy.

Buddy: "I've been seeing Nhadala, and she wants to ride around on the ship for a while, you don't mind do you?"

Yuna smiled, "Of course not!"

Rikku walked in followed by Paine:

P: "Hey, Rikku, You and Gippal looked awful close back there."

R: "Well, I, uh, ahehehe "

Y: "So you don't hate him anymore?"

Rikku placed her forefinger against her face in thought, "I dunno."

Paine walked over to her, "Rikku, If you like him, tell him."

Y: "Whatever you were mad about before, don't let it bother you now."

P: "He's in the Cabin, go talk to him. I'm tired of you two avoiding each other."

Rikku stared at Paine, her green eyes growing wide, "I wasn't "

Paine cut her off and rolled her eyes at the al bhed staring at her, "Zicd ku dymg du res." {Just go talk to him.}

Rikku stuck out her tongue at the confident warrior in front of her, and marched off towards the cabin.

Rikku started thinking, I wasn't mad because he had kissed tons of girls, although I wouldn't doubt it, I was mad because . . .

She found Nooj and Gippal talking, they looked up when they saw her coming.

Nooj: "Rikku, good to see you, I was just getting ready to leave." Nooj started walking off, but paused at the elevator.

Rikku noticed that Nooj didn't quite know where he should go: "She's in the engine room."

N: "Thanks." He said as he pushed the button to take him to the engine room.

Gippal stood against the wall and smiled at her.

"Cid's little girl, actually being helpful." He reached out his hand - surely to reach for her hair and she grabbed it and held his hand in her own and stared at him.

G: "What?"

R: "How could you leave without saying bye to me?"

"Rikku " he turned his head from her green eyes that were piercing through him and paused

R: "What?"

G: "I'm sorry, I didn't want a scene, I had to fight. And if I had seen you crying or something, I wouldn't have been able to leave."

R: "I cried more when I found out you left without telling me."

Rikku let go of his hands and turned to walk away.

Gippal watched the blonde al bhed turning from him and . . . it hurt.

"Rikku, wait " he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to face him, "Where are you going?"

"I'm leaving without saying good-bye." She stuck out her tongue and turned again.

G: "Yna oui mayjehk cusauha oui lyna ypuid?" {Are you leaving someone you care about?}

R: "Syopa." {Maybe.} She replied angrily, obviously trying to be sarcastic with him.

G: "Drah - tuh'd syga dra cysa secdyga E tet." {Then - don't make the same mistake I did.}

She turned around and stared at him.

Gippal watched as the blonde al bhed in front of him was thinking, I guess it's now or never, so he just blurted it out: "E tu mega oui." {I do like you.}

This brought a smile to her face. "Ok, but you have to stop calling me Cid's little girl, I'm not little anymore." "Pacetac, E lyh gelg ouin ycc, yht ryja Byeha lusa yvdan oui duu." She stuck out her tongue again. {Besides, I can kick your ass, and have Paine come after you too.}

He raised his eyebrow at her, "Y drnayd?" {A threat?}

Rikku smiled at him, "Zicd y fynhehk." {Just a warning.}

Rikku and Gippal headed back to the bridge, hand in hand.

Paine glanced to them, "So?"

G: "Rikku's going to help me out at the Machine Faction for a while and you?"

Baralai walked over and placed his arm around Paine's shoulder,

P: "We're just going to take it easy for a while."

R: "Oh, leaving New Yevon alone, will they be ok?"

B: "Isaaru's been keeping the place up ever since Vegnagun, I could really use a break for a while."

Yuna: "Sounds like we're all set out to have a little bit of fun."

Yuna looked around the airship, all together and in one piece, Thanks to her friends, again.

Rikku will be 'helping' at the machine faction. Yeah right, they'll be too busy either arguing, or making out. Paine and Baralai will be enjoying Spira together and Tidus and I will probably do the same. Until Blitzball season starts, of course, she smiled.

All of them, together, This is Our Story, and let's face it, Girl's just want to have fun.

I'm sure we all will have lots of fun, before we start settling down. No need to rush anything.


Dra Aht.

{The End.} I really enjoyed writing this, but I'm also glad that I've finished this. Yeah!

I can't think of a decent plot for a sequel, but I'll keep it in mind if one ever comes to me. (A plot that is.) A reason, a plot, and a way of getting there, so many things to think about.

Although I am considering maybe short stories, so I wouldn't need a plot. Although there seem to be plenty of Rikku/Gippal fic's out there.

I can't believe I posted 4 chapters and ya'll only found 1 error. Yeah! Lol. (Goes back and makes a few more edits before anyone finds them.)

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Random Brother Fan: Hey: Where'd he go, you said you'd bring him back!

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