Sometimes I Forget

Rating: R

Warning: This will be seriously squicky for some people. It pairs Adam romantically with someone else. Uh, . . in his dreams. If you are under 18, please don't read. It's an adult theme, which is why it's rated R.


As a prince, I'm surrounded by beautiful, intelligent women, most of whom would follow me to bed without a second thought. Most of the women in and around the palace would do almost anything to land a night with the crown prince of Eternia.

Frankly, it's sickening.

That's not the type of woman I want. I want a strong woman, an independent one. One that can handle herself in battles of both body and mind. I want someone who doesn't need me at all – either as a prince or as He-Man – but who wants me with all her being.

I've found her. But I absolutely can't have her.

The rumors around the palace are that I have an unrequited love for Teela. That's completely untrue. Although, if it were true, it would almost certainly be unrequited. Teela does not respect me. How could I ever fall in love with someone who looks down upon me as though I'm unworthy to even be in the same room as her, let alone fight at her side? Of course, it's not her fault that I can't tell her about He-man. But am I so undesirable as Adam that she can find nothing to care about or respect without the shadow cast by the Great Warrior?

It matters little. I don't love her. Hell, there are days when I don't even like her very much. She turns a little more naggish with each passing day.

But there is someone whom I love dearly with all the fiber of my being. She came into my life only one year ago and it completely changed my life forever. In addition to being a warrior equal to He-Man, she's breathe-takingly beautiful. She is the only person that knows the real Adam. She's also the only one, outside of the Sorceress, Orko, and Man-at-Arms that truly respects me.

And she loves me back. With an unyielding passion.

I sometimes think how nice it would feel to run my fingers through her shoulder length blonde hair, to gaze lovingly into her eyes as I mount her, slid my hands over those firm and plump breasts as my mouth meets hers. I sometimes allow myself to indulge in the thought of how nice it would be to tear the sweet red garments from her body, and thrust into her with all the might of He-Man over and over until she trembles with the passion and has no choice but call out my name. With her, I have no doubt that the result – "Adam"- would be full of longing and desire for my true self, not a desire for my alter ego, and not a lustful moan for my crown.

But I can't ever have that.

If she knew, she might be appalled. But maybe not. She knows me better than most of the people I've known all my life. Perhaps she already knows. There are times when we ride her horse together, and she is pressed up against me and I cannot help the erection that results. As the animal trots along, I sometimes close my eyes and imagine the force of her body jerking up and down to be a much more intimate encounter than it is.

I shouldn't have such thoughts. I can't ever have her. Adora is my sister, after all.

But sometimes I forget.