Hello there! Here' the second new story I said I would write up! By the way I think I will change the title of the fic I just wrote...the title is kind of cliché and eh. Anyways, here's the new story and I hope you guys like it. Once more this is yaoi so go away if you don't like yaoi.

Warning: Yaoi between Ryou and Bakura, lots of swearing and there will be lots of not so good things such as blood, killings, drug use. ***************************************************************** *********************************

A silver ringlet of smoke twisted in the dark room, the glowing end of a cigarette gleaming in the dark. The long arms of smoke wavered as a long stream of it was emitted from the thin lips where the cigarette had been placed just a moment ago. Long slender fingers tapped at the half gone cigarette and let the few stray ashes fall to the tray next to him. The other free hand lay still on the arm of the chair, letting the fingers rest on the smooth polished leather of the seat. Eyes were closed as he abandoned the cigarette and let it just be held between his long fingers, forgotten as long silver ringlets began to curl around his face again. A crack of light made him jerk out of his trance and glare at the intruder with sharp garnet eyes.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

It was a simple enough question but the voice that said it made it seem much more terrifying. Low and silky it held a certain amount of grace and intellect in it, but in that voice there also held the deadliness of a knife, sharpened to perfection.

"I just came to tell you sir that he has not paid us again."

"I gave that fool a week already, what was his excuse?"

"He said he'd have it by another week's end."

"Kill him"


"I said kill him. It's the third time already and I'm not waiting. Kill him and anything that points to us."



With a short bow of the head the tall man exited the room and closed the door once more, engulfing the figure in darkness. As he brought the abandoned cigarette to his lips again and drew in a breathe he glanced up at the ceiling and blew towards it smoke.

"Nobody crosses me and get away with it."

With a smirk he closed his eyes again and fell into another trance.


A thin man paced in his living room, hands locked before him as his drew in another sigh. Running his hands through his hair he let his body fall onto the plush couch.

'I never should have made that deal with him...no matter how much I needed the money...oh God! What do I tell Ryou?!'

Standing again he paced the living room once more only to stop when he heard a banging against his door.

"We need a word Hanai-san!"

Reluctantly he opened the door to see the two men who had just come to him to collect his 'debts'.

"Look I told you I'll have the money by the end of the week...just not this week, I had a lot of stuff to do lately and their not paying me at the hospital until the end of the week! I promise!"

He blanched when he saw the metal of the gun glinting in the afternoon sun and the stony faces of the men before him.

"Oh God, please no! I'm telling you the truth, please just another week!"

He pleaded helplessly to the men and froze when he heard the door click again and a soft voice calling to him.

"Tadaima Otoussan!"

All three men froze and watched as a teen walked in with a smile on the lips that rapidly faded away as he saw the two men before his father who wore a look of desperation.


Ryou cautiously walked to his father's side and grasped the older man's hand.

"Who are they?"

"Well genki, your daddy here has gotten into some trouble and now he has to pay for it, doesn't he?"

It was then the silvery haired teen saw the gun lying in the two men's hand.

"Please don't hurt him; I'm sure he didn't mean it! Please leave him alone!"

"Ryou, don't get involved here, just stay out of this, I don't want you getting hurt."

"Listen to your daddy here...we don't need to hurt you if daddy pays up."

"I don't have the mon-"

He was cut off as a scream from Ryou and a shot from the gun made the man collapse to the floor. Ryou desperately tried to stop the flow of blood as he pressed his small hands to the wound on the chest, only succeeding in drenching his hands and staining his clothes. Tears made their way down the small pale face as he pressed at the wound in vain.

"Ryou, Ryou stop..."

The dying father just clasped the small blood drenched hands and smiled sadly.


"It's okay daddy, its okay! You'll be fine right? I'll call the doctor or someone and you'll be fine right? Daddy? Daddy, wake up!"

The dying man blinked slowly and with labored breathes he whispered a few discordant words.

"L-love you...and...so-sorry f-for everything."

With one final laboring gasp he fell limp against the small body of his son and Ryou just stared terrified. Screaming he tried to shake the elder man awake but received no response. Looking up he noticed that the men were still there, gun still at hand. Shaking he looked up at their stony faces with fiery eyes.

"Are you going to kill me too? Well, get it over with already! Go ahead! Kill me you kisama's!"

He kicked and struggled and punched as both men took a hold of his body and dragged him away from the corpse of his father. Tired with the struggling bundle one of the men slapped him in hopes of quieting him down. After a moment's shock he went back to struggling more than ever and it was then when the just let the butt of the gun fall on top of the younger boy's head.

"That should keep him quiet ne?'

"Yeah, but what do we do with the genki?"

"Why don't we give him as a present to Bakura-sama? Oh, better take care of the house."

With that he entered the house once more for only a moment before coming back out. Stowing the limp body and bag still in the teens hand into the back of the sleek car, they made their way down the empty private street and once they were a good distance away one could barley hear the sound of a house exploding. ***************************************************************** ********************************* Sorry that wasn't all that good was it? I'll try to do better next time. Oh, about why nobody notices two strangers with guns? Well, let's say that Ryou and his father live in a very isolate place and live separated from the most people. Please read and review and I'll try to post a better, longer, chapter soon! Ja ne! ^_^