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The first man he killed...

It wasn't intentional...not at first.

It just happened.

It wasn't really all his fault either.

After all, he had been giving him the eye, the look that said, "Come here...let me desecrate you..."

He didn't like it.

No...not at all...

Well...it was his fault he was dead anyways...


It was dark, nearing midnight, maybe even the next day, but the sky was dark, black even. No moon, no stars, they rarely were seen in this part of town anyways. No one bothered to look up at the sky. They were too busy staring at the quick hands that exchanged plastic packets, or the gleam of a knife, a warning, or the bared flesh of the prostitutes, seductive eyes staring out and the skin of the legs flashing pale in the night.

He was only a child, not a mere fifteen. Tall, yes, but still a child. Thinned out by the streets, as the high cheekbones protruded, fingers made skeletal, and the wrists seemingly fragile and graceful. It had rained that night and his hair hung limp and damp by his shoulders, yet even in the dark streets it gleamed, much like the bared legs of the whores. Silver, fluttering in the night.

Eyes stared out at him, lecherous, alight with lust and wanting. He didn't care. Those violet eyes only stared back, listless, sharp, hard. His thread-bare shirt whipped in the breeze, but he didn't care, it was barely cold. He wore tight jeans, no doubt stolen, scuffed shoes of long wear, but they still held together. Maybe they'd see another year.

He walked down the dark streets, ignoring those lust burning eyes, the calls and pleas of the whores lined by each corner. He walked with no purpose, wandering each place like a ghost, disappearing before the eye could see. His hard violet eyes moved, darted from point to point, taking in each part of the streets. They almost glowed in the dark.

A pair of hard brown eyes stared at him from a corner, lust alight and a leer painted on his lips. Rough fingers slid down his back as he passed by, hooking onto his jeans and pulling him back.

"How much?"

A rough whisper ghosted into his ears, just like the breeze. He lazily turned his violet eyes to the desire driven ones. A voice filled with cold sarcasm answered.

"Your life."

Brown-eyes chuckled. Disbelief in those eyes. Desire, lust, want, craving, hunger was welded deep into those eyes. Nothing changed in the violet one.

Rough hands let go of the back of his jeans, but now gripped at his arm. Violet eyes drifted down to the hand and he looked back up before he moved. He was quick, silent, like the whispered breeze.

His fingers dug into the other's eyes, those brown lust filled eyes. Blood dripped down his pale skin, down the other's cheeks. He was crying blood tears. Before he even screamed, his neck was broken, head twisted too harshly, too quick.

He looked in disgust at his hands, fingers dripping blood. It'd get under his nails and dried blood was just so hard to scrub from under his nails. He wiped them off on the dead man's shirt, meticulously wiping under his nails, at each corner, in each crevice. He hated getting blood on his nails.

End flashback

He was awake.

Yes awake.

He could feel his shoulder throbbing.

Perhaps there'd be some pain killers nearby.

One eyes opened, garnet, clouded over by ache and tiredness.


It was night.

Moonlight pooled by his legs, the sheets covering him fresh and draped around his body. The large window directly across from his was open.

The breeze

It teased his cheek and he looked out at the sky, watching those stars and that shining moon with listless garnet eyes.

He looked to his side.

A soft body was wrapped in a blanket, head resting in bare arms. Soft locks strayed across a pale face, long lashes resting on high cheekbones as a small mouth was barely opened in sleep.

Next to his captive, sat the collected blonde, a book in her hand as her long blonde hair was gathered into a ponytail. Perfectly manicured nails rested on the pages as she leaned the other arm against the chair, resting her face on it. Her voice was a mere whisper.

"You've been asleep for three days. Pain-killers by the bed and water next to it. Bullet's picked out, total death of five, dozen injuries."

She merely turned the page over as he reached over with his good arm to dry swallow the pills next to him. He ignored the stabbing pain in his shoulder and sat up, his body slouching.

"How longs the kid been there?"

"Two days. Had him go to an actual bed to sleep yesterday. Actually worried about you, bastard"

Mai lazily looked up at him and grinned before closing her book. She stood and put on his bed a pair of pajama pants.

"Doc said to take it easy, but knowing you, you'd just go back to work. He said at least take a couple days in here. Stitches get off in about two weeks. Just missed the bone."

She turned away and put the book back into the proper place as Bakura one handedly stripped himself of his pants and put on the new ones. As she came back, he threw off the sheets.

"You stay in bed."

She gave him a look before he rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall of his bed. Mai un-wrapped a sandwich and handed it too him.

"Get something in your stomach."

He ate quietly, she just picked at her nails. Mai smoothed her skirt before tucking the blanket around the sleeping figure of Ryou. She gently eased a pillow under his head.

"Lay him here."

Mai looked up to see Bakura standing, a hand clutching at his wall. He walked, leaning on the walls to his armchair, sighing as if his bed wasn't comfortable enough for him, yet his armchair was.

Mai slowly eased the warm body into her arms before laying him into the bed, warmed already by Bakura. His silvery head was cradled by the soft pillow and gently the sheets were tucked around him. Mai's hands gently smoothed away his hair.

Bakura only stared intently before rolling his head away to stare at the window once more. He could see in the corner of his eyes that Mai had sat down at the seat of the bed. He reached for a cigarette and placed it in his mouth, unlit. It was a comfort just to have it there.

"Ever dream about your first kill?"

"No, too quick."

"Hit and run job?"



Bakura transferred the cigarette to his fingers, holding it between two long graceful fingers.

"Tore his eyes out and broke his neck. Sloppy job though. Got blood under my nails."

Mai nodded.

"Used bleach to get it out?"

"No...lemon juice. Does wonders."

She nodded.

He just crossed his legs.

"Ever dream about your last kill?"

"All the time."

"Think there'll be a last kill?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Maybe, some luck."

"Been luck so far."

He just stared at a spot of moonlight on the floor, head slightly tilted.


Bakura slowly closed his eyes.

"Don't depend on luck too much."

He sighed before looking up, eyes open.

"Wonder what it'd be like being a whore?"


Bakura grinned at Mai before setting his unlit cigarette down.

"First kill thought I was a whore."

He let a hand rest on his knee before leaning back. His eyes glanced over to the sleeping captive.

"Really stay up that long?"

"Yeah, seems to be worried about you."

Bakura only made a sound in his throat before leaning back on his armchair. He motioned for Mai to go the closet and she brought him a button-up shirt. Bakura shrugged it on, leaving it open, his skin pale against the black of his shirt, and nodded at Mai.

She nodded as well and closed the closet doors, passing by Ryou and smoothing away his locks once more before closing the door behind her and leaving.

Bakura leans his face against a hand, careful eyes examining the sleeping face. His eyes were cold, tired, yet a hint of questioning gleamed in the depth of his eyes. He asked a silent question to himself.

'...Why does he care?'


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