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That's the Way Life Is.

Chapter One: Food Fights and Tickle Attacks.

            Kimiko was annoyed, very very annoyed. But the most annoying thing about her being annoyed was the fact that she didn't have a reason to be annoyed.  So what if that girl had kissed Raimundo for saving her, I mean she would have done the same thing if Omi or Clay had saved her, right?  Of course she would have! She was a tart, that was all, just a stupid tart. She didn't see why they had to save her anyway; they should have just left her to fall fifty feet and be splattered against the rocks at the bottom. Growling Kimiko hurled her video game across the room; it hit the wall and landed on the floor with a clatter.

"Kimiko you okay?" Clay poked his head round the door, looking worriedly at his friend. His eyes landed on the video game lying by the far wall.

"Yeah, I'm just . ."

"Angry?" Clay suggested as he stepped inside.

"Just a bit." Kimiko said looking down at her cover.

"Would it have any thing to do with that lass we just saved?" Kimiko grunted and stood up, dusting her tunic off. Clay chuckled, looking down at her knowingly.

"What?" She snapped, she hated being kept in the dark especially when it was something about her.

"I think that you got a case of the green eyed monster."

"Huh?" Kimiko said just as Raimundo ran in. She jumped and spun round to face the brunette.

"Come on its lunch." He declared, flashing them a smile he walked out again. The pair followed, though Kimiko nearly walked into the wall a number of times on the way to the kitchen. She was lost in her thoughts; Clay had meant that she was jealous. But jealous of what?

            "Water please."

"Coming atcha." Clay said, grabbing the jug of water and giving it a push down the table. It skidded to a stop in front of Raimundo who smirked and poured himself a drink before shoving the jug back down the table.

"Do you guys have to be so childish?" Raimundo looked beside him where Kimiko was sitting with a glare on her face.

"Lighten up a bit Kimiko; we're not even doing anything dangerous." She humphed and went back to her food.

"Yeah I swear you've been grouchy since we got back form getting that Shen Gong Wu." Clay said, waving his spoon around for emphasis. She glared at the blonde, knowing that he knew more about her reason for being angry than she did.

"I agree you have definitely been more moody than usual." She humped again, why couldn't she just keep her mouth closed? Then they wouldn't be ganging up on her. A piece of rice landed on her cheek. She turned and glare at Raimundo who smiled innocently at her.

"What's the matter Kimi?"

"Don't." His innocent face vanished to be replaced with a mischievous one.

"Whatcha gonna do about it?" She glared, her eye narrowing fiercely though for some unknown reason she had an odd fluttering in her stomach.

"I'll get you back."

"Ah but that would be being childish." Raimundo said as he took a mouthful of rice. A spoonful of the stuff slammed into his face, some falling down the back of his top. Omi stifled a laugh while Clay chuckled; the brunette now had flakes of white decorating in his hair. Raimundo turned round to face a triumphant Kimiko, one eyebrow raised. She flashed him a smile and took a mouthful of her own food. She shrieked when Raimundo dumped his whole bowl of food on her head. She could hear Clay and Omi laughing at her but she didn't mind . . . that much. She was more concerned with shoving the handful of rice in her hand down Raimundo's top.

"You are dead Rai!" He laughed, grabbing her wrist as it came towards his top. He grabbed her other one when she went to make him let go of her arm. Blinking she growled and threw all her weight against him. The pair toppled off the bench, Kimiko landing on Raimundo. Though he still hadn't let go of her hands which was the whole point of knocking him off the bench.

Though it feels nice to be in his arms. Kimiko blinked, where had that thought come from? Her lack of concentration on her fight made her loose her upper hand, she suddenly found herself pinned beneath Raimundo's body.

"Face it Kimi, you've lost." Raimundo said, smiling down at her.

"Okay fine, you win. Now get off me." Raimundo chuckled and leaned backwards, letting go of her wrists. She paused a second before throwing the handful of rice in his face. They locked eyes for a few seconds before the girl shrieked, jumped to her feet and bolted out the room, Raimundo hot on her tail. Leaving Clay and Omi behind to finish their meal, though Omi noticed that Clay was smiling more than usual.

            Kimiko yelped as she sprinted down the corridors, Raimundo a few steps behind her.

"Go away!" She yelled as she skidded round a corner, nearly crashing into a pillar.

"Not a chance!" He called as they ran out the temple and into the garden. She screeched when he tackled her, his arms wrapping round her waist as the pair landed on the ground. Placing her hands against his chest she pushed, desperately trying to squirm out of his grasp.

"Let go!" She shouted, twisting in his arms. She froze when she felt his lips hovering above her ear, his breathe warm, making her earlobe tingle.

"Not gonna happen." She felt a blush rise in her cheeks, why was she blushing? Her and Raimundo fought like this all the time, what was so different about today?

"Hu hum." The pair froze when they heard someone coughing and looked up sheepishly at Master Fung. Who was standing before them with an eyebrow raised. He had every right too, they're position didn't look that innocent. Raimundo was lying on top of Kimiko, arms round her waist and face buried in her hair while she had her hands against his chest. It only just struck her then how much it looked like she was feeling his abs. Now that she thought of it, he did have nice abs. The blush rose in her cheeks once more. What was the matter with her mind today?

"What are you two doing?"

"Fighting." Raimundo said and as if to prove his point Kimiko tried to wriggle out of his grasp, causing him to hold onto her tighter.

"Very well. But don't have another food fight again any time soon or I might have to punish you." He turned and walked away towards the temple.

"How'd he know we had a food fight?" Raimundo asked looking down at the girl beneath him.

"We have food in our hair. Duh." Kimiko said smiling abruptly, evilly, very very evilly. Raimundo suddenly considered running away screaming but then again that would mean she would have won. And he couldn't let her do that. But the look on her face now would have scared even the most bravest of fighters away.

"Mind you, you look so adorable like that. Just like a cute little baby." She cooed at him, Raimundo blinked; he should have run. He hated being called cute; it was something that he despised, completely, utterly, totally. Basically he hated it.

"I wasn't going to do this but you've made me."

"Made you what – Ah." She squealed as Raimundo removed his arms from her waist and brought then to her side. Wiggling his fingers back and forth he began to tickle her. He had discovered she was ticklish when they were sparring once, he had pinned her and in doing so accidentally brushed her side. She had shrieked in laughter before quickly closing her mouth; hoping that he hadn't worked it out. Sadly enough for her, he had. He had used it against her for the past three months and had threatened to tell Omi and Clay about it so they could use it against her to. Not that he would really, he enjoyed tickling her for some reason. Though he never dwelled on that thought, he had learnt a long time ago that trying to work mysterious things out like feelings was a bad idea.

"Mercy." She yelled at the top of her voice when she finally managed to get enough breath back in her lungs. Stopping, he rolled off, lying beside her in the grass.

"Anyone ever told you that you were horrible?"

"A number of people actually." Raimundo said, smirking at her, Kimiko rolled her eyes before sitting up and staring at the sky.

"Look a rabbit." She said, pointing up at a cloud that vaguely resembled a rabbit. Raimundo raised an eyebrow and turned to give her an odd look.

"Please tell me you aren't cloud gazing." Kimiko smiled at her friend, who rolled his eyes and stood up.

"Hey, where are you going?" She asked, grabbing a fistful of his trousers, preventing him from leaving.


"Stay here with me." She asked, her eyes widening, tears gathering in them as her bottom lip trembled. He sighed and sat back down again, he couldn't refuse her when she sent him that look. Most of the time he was fine but he hated to see her upset even if she was only pretending. The very idea of it made him feel funny. He didn't know quite how to describe the feeling over overwhelming protectiveness and anger that welled inside him. He usually ended up hurting the people that had made her sad. Like recently, she had befriended and ended up dating a boy that lived in the manor further down the mountain form them. They had gone into town on a shopping trip and had spotted him making out with another girl. Before Kimiko had a chance to react he had gone over there, pulled the couple apart and proceeded to beat the guy up. She had watched in satisfaction as the boy groveled at Raimundo's feet before she landed a couple of punches herself.  The pair were supposed to have met up with Omi and Clay round about then and gone home. But Raimundo had led her to a café where he had bought her a chocolate milkshake, her favorite drink, and allowed her to cry on his shoulder. They had left three hours late and had to climb up the hill to get home as Dojo and the others had already left. And when they had gotten back Raimundo had told Master Fung it was all his fault and had spent the evening washing dishes. He hadn't known why he had done it, he just had. Kimiko had thanked him for it later though and that had made cleaning all those dishes for four hours seems worth it. Rolling his eyes he flopped onto his back, eyes searching the clouds for an animal looking one. He spotted what looked vaguely like a giraffe and pointed it out to Kimiko who smiled in delight.

"Look there's a dog." She said, pointing at an odd looking cloud.

"Can't see myself."

"That's cos you're looking at it wrong." Raimundo tilted his head to one side, looking at the cloud which suddenly resembled a more dog-like shape.

"See." She said, in an 'I know all' tone.

"I see; that's what eyes are for idiot." Kimiko lightly whacked Raimundo's stomach for that comment. Not that he really minded. His eyes traced the skyline, looking for anything interesting.

"This is so sad." He declared moment's later, gaining himself another slap to the stomach. He ignored it and continued his search for cloud shapes, closing his eyes in delight when the breeze blew past him. He looked over at Kimiko when the sound of teeth chattering reached his ears. He had always been more immune to the cold than other people and wind was his element so it didn't affect him as much as the others. While Kimiko was fire, she always preferred to be warm rather than cold.

"Cold Kimi?"

"A little." She said round chattering teeth; rolling his eyes he wrapped an arm round her shoulders pulling her closer. She rolled over onto her side, one hand lying across his chest as she absorbed some of his body heat.

"Feeling better?"

"Yeah." She mumbled, cuddling up to him as the pair resumed their gazing at the skies. She didn't understand what she felt or why she felt it. But she didn't care; the delighting warmth that was spreading throughout her as she lay next to him was all she cared about at the moment. Closing her eyes she allowed herself to drift off into a peaceful sleep.

To Be Continued . . .

Hope you enjoyed it, I think the characters are a bit OOC but I'm trying my best. Tell me if you really think I've messed them up. MM.