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Epilogue: My Phoenix.

A few things had changed since her and Raimundo had gotten together, he hadn't stopped being his usual mischievous self. She was glad of that, it was part of the reason she had fallen for him. They way they acted round each other had altered; they still teased each other 24/7. Things were different though like demanding him to kiss her after he had teased her. That sort of thing. Of course, when the others found out they had started making fun of them like crazy. But the pair had gotten their own back.

"Ah!" Kimiko smirked and pressed herself against the wall, making sure she was hidden by the shadows. She could feel Raimundo shaking with repressed mirth as the now soaking wet Omi stood up. Shacking himself of excess water he started down the corridor, prepared to hunt out the culprit. When a bucketful of something gooey fell on his head.

"Yuck!" He declared looking up; he saw a third bucket waiting for him to walk under it. Omi smirked and stepped to the right before taking another step forward.

"Ha ha! Whoever my enemy is has been found out. I shall not have another disgusting substance poured all over me. I-" Raimundo pulled a packet of sweets out of his pocket, taking one out he threw it at the bucket. It wobbled and fell on top of Omi mid-rant. Not waiting to see if his tiger instincts were going to kick in the pair dived out the window and ran across the ground. The moment they were out of earshot they burst into laughter.

Yep, they had most definitely got their own back on them.

Dropping onto the grass, Kimiko rested her head on Raimundo's stomach. Closing her eyes in content as the sun beat down on them. They had played tricks on all three of them, this time though, the tricks had Kimiko's cunning behind them. They had yet to be found out. Sort of. Omi, Clay and Dojo all knew it was them but didn't have the proof to get them into trouble. She smiled when she felt Raimundo idly toy with some of her hair. She sighed contently, life was perfect.

"Come on you two, we have to go to training." Okay, nearly perfect but it was getting there. Sitting up she tugged on Raimundo's top.

"Didn't you hear Clay?"

"I heard." He muttered sleepily, refusing to open his eyes and look at her.

"Then why aren't you getting up?"

"Because I don't want to."

"Rai." She said in a warning tone, glaring down at the brunette. She was rather surprised when his arms snaked up around her waist and pulled her down on top of him.

"Tired. Stay here." He mumbled sleepily. Kimiko frowned, now that she was lying down, in a rather comfortable position she might add, she didn't want to get up. Which of course was Raimundo's plan, she couldn't let him win. Then again, snuggling up with him on a warm summers day didn't seem like that bad a thing. Raimundo solved her inner argument when he sat up, causing the girl to slid into his lap.

"Alright let's go." Standing up, the pair walked hand in hand towards the temple.

"Raimundo is completely whooped by Kimiko!"

"It's whipped Omi and I'm not."

"Yes you are partner, you do everything she says." Raimundo growled in the back of his throat, Clay knew as well as he did that he wasn't whipped. He was just saying it to get under Raimundo's skin, which was working very well so far. Storming through the Temple Raimundo desperately tried to think of some way to loose the pair. Who were taking great delight in annoying their friend as they trailed him. They hadn't left him alone since training ended, which had been half an hour ago. Raimundo wasn't known for his patience and he was fast loosing the little that he had. Anyway even if he did snap, which he was positive was going to be any minute now, nothing would come out of it. Except the pair knowing just how much they were annoying the brunette.

"So Raimundo what has Kimiko got planned for you next?"

"Yeah, you gonna wash her clothes for her partner?"

Don't let them get to you. Don't let them get to you. Don't let them get to you. He should have known that they would act this way. Why wouldn't they after all the pranks he played on them? Vowing to himself that he was going to something extra horrible to the pair tomorrow he headed towards his bedroom. His only sanctuary.

"Kimiko and Raimundo, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-"

"Why are you two being so immature?"

I stand corrected; I have found my other sanctuary. He smiled, half in relief, half in joy at seeing see her. Kimiko was standing in a doorway, hands on hips, glaring at the two.

"I really thought better of you. That's so childish, what would Mater Fung say if he saw you?" The duo looked down at the ground, shamefully. Raimundo smirked. Kimiko had a way of being able to make people feel guilty and seeing as the two usually had a very overactive conscience it looked like they were feeling really bad about what they had down Kimiko rolled her eyes, leaning over to grab Raimundo's hand.

"Come on Rai, we'll leave these two children to think about their behaviour." Dragging him through the doorway Raimundo smirked; wrapping his arms round her waist he pulled her close.

"You're wonderful."

"Tell me something I don't know." He chuckled before planting a heated kiss against her lips. Burying her hands in his hair she proceeded to take advantage of Raimundo's happy mood. Too say the least, they weren't seen for a while.

Kimiko sat on the roof of the temple, rubbing her hands together in a vain attempt to keep warm. Though it wasn't really working.

"Cold?" She nodded, leaning into Raimundo as he sat down beside her.

"Idiot, how long have we been doing this and you still forget a blanket?" He asked, producing one himself, which he draped over her shoulders

"That's because I know I can count on you." She mumbled, Raimundo rolled his eyes, knowing it was just an excuse. Wrapping an arm round her shoulders he looked up at the dark skies. Star gazing had become an annual event for them, every Sunday they would sit up on the Temple roof and Raimundo would tell her tales of the stars. It usually ended in the pair curling up together and just sitting there, enjoying each other's company.

"Tell me the tale of The Phoenix." Raimundo grinned, it wasn't really a tale. She just liked to hear about it because a firebird was pretty much what Kimiko could be described as. His firebird.

"The Phoenix, a bird of tremendous beauty that was said to live five hundred years ago . . ." She listened intently to his words, one of her hands clutching his shirt firmly in her fist. She didn't let go when he had finished, instead her grip tightened.



"Do you really think the Gods put all these creatures in the sky?"

"That's a hard question, to be quite honest I don't know." He whispered quietly, eyes washing over the black sky.

"Don't you ever question that sort of thing?"

"Why would I?" He asked, ignoring her question as he turned to face her. "I have everything I could ever want. I have you." She smiled, the kind of smile that said 'I adore you and nothing will ever change that.' She knew how much it took for Raimundo to voice his feelings and was delighted that he had. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she placed a lingering kiss on his lips.

"You're right."

"I'm always right." He muttered, she laughed and buried her face in his chest. Her eyelids growing heavy as she lay there, basking in the very essence of him.

"Time to go to bed, my Phoenix." She smiled, dimly aware of him picking her up and carrying her back inside. Her life wasn't always perfect, but it was pretty damn close.


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