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Home at last!

Petunia had been hoping that nobody had heard them since there were no lights on in the windows, but as luck would have it someone had been listening to them in secret. The person who had heard them was none other then their old nanny, the very same crazy old woman who hated Harry as much as the Dursleys did, or so they thought. The truth was that this woman was much more than some fool with too many cats. She wasn't exactly a witch but she was still connected with their world, she was a squib. There would be problems though, if the Dursleys ever found out who had been looking after their nephew for all these years. They hated anything connected with magic. So it was a good thing that the Dursleys didn't know who they had been trusting to make Harry miserable when they weren't there, and so far, she had been able to look after him without a problem. Usually the Dursley's house was pretty quiet besides the occasional muffled yelling. But today she heard them quarrelling loudly about something outside of the house. This was something so unlike the punctilious Dursleys that she decided that she needed to report this to Dumbledore right away. Quickly she closed her window to keep out the prying eyes of the nosy muggles and took her own money collection out, took one certain coin out of it and pressed one certain letter on the coin.

At his own office Dumbledore was preparing for his trip to Voldemort's mother's old cottage. Just as he threw some floo bowler in the fireplace the little coin started to shine brightly. Just then a loud impatient knock was heard right before the doors swung open without permission.

Snape was not happy. He had just came back from his mission to find that the fucking prat in his class had passed the tests despite his record low work and scores. And when he got into the room to give Dumbledore a piece of his mind and found it empty, he practically growled. Then he noticed that Mrs. Figg's coin was flashing like crazy. Ahh shit, he thought as he realized what that meant. Every time the coin flashed like that it meant there was some problem with the prat that he had come here for originally. He knew his orders and he knew that if the coin was flashing and Dumbledore was not there he had to go and check what was wrong over there. Still swearing under his breath he went over to the fireplace and called for Mrs. Figg's house as he threw some floo bowler down and started his journey.

At the same time back at Mrs. Figg's house Mrs. Figg was impatiently staring at the empty fireplace waiting for Dumbledore. She chewed her nails as she perched nervously on the edge of her sofa. Finally, the fireplace cracked and she let out a deep breath and closed her eyes. But her relief was short lived because when she opened them again there standing in the middle of her living room was none other then Severus Snape!

"You of all people…!" she spat out shaking her head as she did so. Neverless she knew that Snape was better then no one and she started explaining to him what she had heard.

Snape hated going to Mrs. Figg's house because the whole house reeked of cats and liter boxes. Fortunately the first time he had been here he had found a charm that would not let him smell anything and he had prepared himself with this little charm while he was still in Hogwarts. But that didn't keep the annoyed expression of his face as he stepped into the house. His welcome wasn't so warm but he hadn't expected anything different. Honestly, the feelings were mutual. So he simply stood still and silently listened as Mrs. Figg started her explanation about how she had heard some normal argument from the house and now she was worried that something had happened. Oh god forbid precious little Potter have to deal with a little arguing. Apparently Mrs. Figg thought it was just too much for him. He just wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible so he just listened to what she wanted. He had to bite his lips several times to restrain himself from saying something uncalled for. He succeeded and kept his mouth shut and soon her explaining was over and Snape was leaving the house shaking his head about this ridiculous calling.

The first thing he noticed was how many people were behind the windows just looking at him as he walked to Potter's house. He guesses it was his clothes that the muggles weren't used to seeing. He kept on ignoring them and the urge to hex one of them out of their bloody window. But as he got closer to the house he started to get a sinking feeling that something had happened. He froze totally when he saw a puddle of blood in front of the door. His breath hitched when he realized it was fresh and he opened door with his wand hastily.

Once inside he saw two people in the hallway arguing about something loudly. They were so engaged in their row that they didn't even notice Snape come in. Snape had a feeling he knew what they were fighting about so he just stood still for moment while he listened to them.

"Vernon! It's time to get rid of that damn freak before his friends come!"The tall ugly woman yelled.

"But sweetheart we can't...I know but...His friends…"

The man was feebly arguing with his wife but she wasn't listening. He obviously thought that they should keep him and get him some help before it was too late. Snape was just about to snap and make his presence known to them but he froze at hearing the woman's next sentence.

"That freak has tormented and taken advantage of us since we got him. If you really want to keep him here you better make sure he stays locked in his cupboard, it worked fine for eleven years and it will work now. And you better pray that he even lives through this because you're going to get no help from anyone!" After a few seconds of murderous staring she added," If you don't agree you can keep him and your son and I will leave!"

It was just at this moment that Petunia glanced toward the door and they realized that they had company. The woman looked so nervous that Snape was almost certain that she would run away but the man was looking downright relieved. He even pointed his hand to the door next to the stairs. Even thought this was unnecessary because the bloody marks leading to the cupboard kind of gave it away. The door was locked so well that he had to use several unlocking charms to get it open. He peered inside finding it hard to see inside of the dark little closet. Although he couldn't see anything the closet smelled so strongly of blood he knew that Harry was in a severe condition. He took out his wand and whispered lumos and his breath hitched at what he saw.

The Potter boy was laying on a bed that was much too small for him looking like he was dead already. Snape quickly knelt down and checked the boy's pulse. He let out a breath he hadn't even realized that he had been holding when he felt a weak pulse. He checked the boy over quickly and in a few seconds he found that the source of the bleeding was his scar. He knew he had to get the boy back to Hogwarts as quickly as possible but then he remembered how the hag had been speaking about Potter. He didn't just want her to get away with this. He made a quick decision and sent a little charm at all the blood.

When he lifted the boy up he realized how cold he was and grabbed his emergency portkey to Hogwarts. In a few seconds they were both at Hogwarts inside of the hospital wing. He quickly laid him down on the bed next to them calling Poppy as he did. A few seconds later she came sprinting through the door already asking what curse it was this time. But when she saw Harry lying on the bed she froze right where she was turning white. She looked shocked at the sight of him and she just stood there for a moment before getting herself together and asking what had happened. Snape told her the quick version, adding in that he had charmed the blood to be impossible to clean . Poppy flashed small smile at this but it faded quickly when she looked back at the boy in front of her.

She hurried away for some potions and Snape stayed next to Harry again checking his pulse. He could still feel it but it was even more faint then it was before and he was very relieved when Poppy finally got back with a bunch of different bottles. He knew what all of them were since most of them were made by him. He quickly grasped the blood replacer and forced it down Harry's throat. Poppy kept giving him more potions and Snape stayed at the boy's side giving him the potions one by one. Harry started to look better with each potion and as the minutes went by he looked significantly stronger. Snape was holding tightly to the boy's hand and it was starting to feel warmer.

As the last potion was administered Poppy slumped back in a chair and announced that he was stable.

"He will need a lot of rest though, he will need to recover from the shock of the situation." After a while Poppy left the room leaving Snape alone with Harry. He just sat next to Harry thinking about all the things he had said and done to Harry in the past. He realized that he should have given the boy a better chance to show that he wasn't his father as that was much obvious now.

All through this Harry had been watching his own body from the outside and had seen everything that had happened. He thought that he might be dead already, and actually, truth be told he kind of hoped that he was. Everything felt right now, so peaceful. He sort of wished it could stay like this. He kept looking at how Snape was acting toward him. He was really impressed by Snape's behaviour and he actually enjoyed seeing his enemy worrying over him. He wouldn't have believed that Snape could do something like that.

Just then he had a feeling like he was being sucked back into his body as they gave him all of the potions. He tried to fight against it but the force pulling him was too powerful and soon he was back in the darkness feeling even weaker than he did before. He felt someone holding his hand and then he remembered what he had seen just a moment before and realized that it was Snape. What was odd was that it was making him feel good, like someone was hoping that he would be okay. A few seconds later his tired body fell into a deep sleep and didn't wake for a couple more days.

When Harry had been steady for a while Poppy checked him over and discovered some old and new bruises on his back, not to mention the old and new scars here and there. There was no question as to who had caused it. The marks looked like they had come from various different kinds of beatings. Some looked suspiciously like they were caused by a belt buckle. Poppy had been able to get rid of the fresh marks but the old scars were so deeply engraved on his back that she could not do anything about them. After seeing this Snape became even more protective of the boy and he never left his side while he was sleeping. The only thing he did was sit next to Harry's bed, watching and thinking.

Sometime later Dumbledore dropped by to discuss about Harry's future plans. Dumbledore said that his uncle and aunt were obviously no longer a safe place for Harry and that he was afraid that Harry would have to stay at Hogwarts from now on. He would not allow Harry to be hurt again. Not at Voldemort's hands and nor from living with a bunch of low class muggles like the Dursleys. Dumbledore knew that Voldemort had found a way to affect Harry through his scar, possibly even use the connection to control him. The only possible place for him to stay was Hogwarts from now on. What surprised Dumbledore was that as he finished explaining this Snape opened his mouth slowly and seriously told him that Harry would stay with him in the dungeon, leaving no room for arguments. They decided that Snape would pick Harry up from the hospital wing once he was feeling stronger. Dumbledore was happy about this change of heart but deeply regretted the events that had prompted it.

Later that day Harry woke up for first time feeling rested but still very weak. When he first woke he couldn't remember where he was, this was certainly not his small, uncomfortable bed. After a few seconds he remembered his dream and realized with a start that it hadn't been a dream, he was in the Hogwarts hospital wing. He heard someone moving next to him and turned his head, sending a spark of pain through his head. When he saw Snape he started to feel self-conscious. He was confused as to why Snape would be sitting with him. Then he remembered the details of his odd dream, he looked back at Snape embarrassed at being such a burden.

He tried to say something but the only thing that he got out of his mouth was a wheeze. Snape held out a glass of water for him and he blushed, he couldn't remember someone ever taking care of him before. Snape noticed his discomfort and opened his mouth to reassure him. However before Snape could say anything Harry started to cough violently. actually he was almost choking. So he sat the boy up a little and started to rub his back causing the coughing to slowly stop.

Snape thought that it would be better if Harry got some more rest and he offered him a goblet that was giving off a sweet smell that Harry was all too familiar with, it was a sleeping draught. Harry tried to pick it up but his hands were shaking too badly. Snape held the goblet up to his mouth and Harry blushed again, mortified. Snape rolled his eyes and forced the liquid down Harry's throat. Harry was instantly released as the potion soothed him and caused him to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Later on when he woke up again he was feeling much better. Poppy rushed to his side when she realized that he was awake and gave him several different looking and smelling potions even though he insisted that he was fine. Just when Poppy had finished with him Snape came in and said that he had something important to talk to Harry about. Harry had a bad idea about the nature of this conversation and he sighed staring at his bed spread. He definitely didn't want to talk about the Dursleys so he just remained silent and waited for Snape to start.

Snape could tell what Harry thought about the upcoming conversation even without occlumency and he decided to drop it for now. He started telling Harry about the current problems with Voldemort. After that he told him that he was never going back to the Dursleys again and he would have to stay in Hogwarts from now on. When he saw Harry's relieved expression he decided that there was more to his home life than Harry let on. He decided that they would have to bring up the Dursleys somehow. So he asked Harry if he wanted to talk about the Dursleys, even as he started to take some veritaserum from his cloak. Petunia's comments were disturbing him a little too much. He noticed quickly that he was not going to get an answer from Harry about this topic and he stopped trying, guiltily dropping the veritaserum back in his pocket; deciding that it wasn't his business. In a last ditch effort to get Harry to talk he told him about what he had done at the Dursleys house. Harry started to laugh when he thought of his fastidious Aunt Petunia trying to clean up the permanent blood stains all around the house. The last thing that Snape told him was that he would be living with him in the dungeon; he had a pretty decent little apartment down there. Of course he added that he hoped it was ok with Harry. Harry assured him it was fine and smiled shyly.

About a week later Poppy finally let him out of the hospital wing and Snape picked him up and led him through the corridors to his place.

At number 4 Privet Drive Vernon was painting their front door and sighing about how much all the stuff they bought to clean the floors cost, but he knew that they couldn't let their home look like a battleground forever. Petunia had tried to wash the blood away almost compulsively but it stubbornly stayed everywhere despite her best efforts. Petunia had been in a really bad mood since Harry had been taken away; she couldn't stand seeing their home looking like that. Harry was now "the boy you must not mention unless you want to wake up with a pole through your head", it was just like he had never existed.

Vernon had discovered that the only way to get the blood away was to change everything that had blood on it. So Vernon tried to get the house fixed up as quickly as possible without worrying about the charges. The more Vernon got their house repaired the better a mood Petunia was in. Next he was planning to clean out Harry's old room so that Dudley could use it again. Not to mention the very worst job. It was the one place in the house that he dreaded going into but he knew he had to do it soon, the little cupboard, Harry's old room. He was going to remove it from the house totally.

Things were getting better and better as the days went by. They heard from their old neighbor Mrs. Figg that she was going to move away so that the last memory of Harry living there was going away along with her. Secretly Vernon took one of Harry's old wooden boxes that he had painted at school when he was younger. Luckily Petunia didn't remember that they had it and he just said that one of his friends had given it to him. Slowly life settled down on Privet Drive.

If the Dursleys were happy now Harry was even more so. Life was peaceful in Hogwarts and Snape was actually nice to him, definitely nothing like old Snape. He even asked Harry to call him Severus (when they were alone of course). Harry learned that Snape was actually a pretty quiet and shy man (even if he hid it when he was around people with trying to intimidate all). At the end, they got along pretty nicely. A couple times Snape tried to turn a conversation to Harry's old home life but Harry would always change the subject. He was quite good at it, "a little too good for your own good," Snape had commented once. Harry just grinned cheekily and told him that the sorting hat had wanted to put him in Slytherin. Harry usually didn't like pictures but now he hoped he would have had a camera as Severus' expression was so horror-stricken. Well he would never have used it against Severus anymore. Harry never told anyone what Snape was really like though, he had gained a lot of respect for him ever since the "accident"; and they had developed a good relationship with each other. Harry knew that Snape was very proud of his reputation and he didn't want to ruin it. Harry tried never to think about his old home life, and he didn't ever talk about it. Luckily later Snape seemed to understand and respect Harry's feelings and stopped trying to bring it up. Harry felt like he was home at last.

The end!

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