The Shadow Wars

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A/N: I have not read the manga, therefore any details from the period after episode 75 are mere speculation on my part (unless it comes from a reliable source.)

This story takes place 8 years after the Orochimaru arc.

On with the story.


"Man, what time is it," thought Uzumaki Naruto. He glanced around and saw that it was 8:00 A.M. Next, he got up and looked around. He did all his usual morning activities, and then walked to the dresser. For some reason, the calendar attracted his attention.

"Nani!?" shouted Naruto, for he saw that he had a meeting in the park in 15 minutes. It was the last meeting of Team 7 before the Jounin Exam. They had to finalize the registration forms and plan out roles (Naruto did not understand what that meant.) He quickly put on his Konoha head protector and leaped out of his window.

"Kuso, I'll have to do this inconspicuously, for I'm not supposed to be doing this..." thought Naruto. Chuunins were not supposed to use the speed jump within the village.

The Park

Naruto arrived 2 minutes late, but he saw that the rest of Team 7 was there, including the Jounin sensei, Hatake Kakashi, which was very strange. Kakashi was notorious for being late.

"Oi, Naruto, you're late." Yelled Kakashi, for Naruto was still halfway across the park.

Naruto ran up to the meeting and said "gomen."

"Your apology is accepted, Naruto..." replied Sakura, a female with pink hair that Naruto had a crush on.

"Hn..." was the only reaction from Sasuke, a black-haired male who Sakura had a crush on.

"As I was saying before Naruto arrived, the Jounin Exam is a very difficult exam. Teams are sent on a mission to get an object, which is either carried by a Jounin-level examiner, or is stored on a pedestal. That varies from year to year. Only the team that successfully retrieves the object passes the exam, but individuals can be passed as well." Kakashi began.

"But, Kakashi-sensei, how are individuals passed?" inquired Naruto.

"There are cameras hidden throughout the exam area. All the tapes are reviewed by an examiner after the exam. If an examiner sees an individual who shows outstanding promise as a shinobi, he is given a three-week evaluation period. If, at the end of three weeks, the individual is proven ready, he or she is assigned as assistant Jounin sensei to the team he or she was assigned to as a Genin and train them." Responded Kakashi. "Anyway, we need to select our jobs."

"Kakashi-sensei, may I speak to Naruto for a minute? Please?" asked Sakura.


Two figures stand, looking at each other.

"Is it ready?" inquired the first figure.

"No, not just yet. We still need the Orb."

Chapter Ended

What is it that Sakura wanted to speak to Naruto about? And what is this Orb?

A/N: Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I felt it would be more effective this way. Also, do not ask who the figures are. Not even I am sure yet, but they will not be expected (not Gaara or any of the villains.)

Japanese Words Used:

Nani?: What?
Kuso: Damn
Gomen: Sorry.