I Me My Strawberry Eggs AGAIN!!

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Summary: This story is a continuation of the end of the original series. It depicts Hibiki Amawa's life after leaving the high school and his journey home and what he did afterwards and finally his ultimate return as promised by the original series.

Chapter 1: The Shocking Revelation

"Amawa-sensei is a man," exclaimed the jubilant vice principle in a blooming voice.

For just one second there was an eerie silence as parents, teachers and students attempted to grasp the strange notion.

Fuko Kuzuha's face, all of a sudden turn red, as she came to the shocking realisation that Amawa-sensei was a man. The thought of betrayal then denial crossed her mind. Images of happy, sad and painful moments flashed before her mind, especially the moments when she felt her heart pound like it was going to explode. Still in denial, she silently said to herself, "Amawa-sensei is a man, that can't be!!"

The atmosphere has turned thick and almost reaching breaking point, then all of a sudden as if the dam broke, everyone started to laugh.

Amawa-sensei now looking as red as a tomato continued to stare at the ground. "How can that be vice principle, Amawa-sensei has a female voice," screamed out by a random person in the now clearly divided crowd. "That is because of this device," with a sudden movement the vice principle snatched the choker that her neck and held it high in the air with a large grin on her face.

Amawa-sensei gasped and continued to stare at the ground, her eyes now covered by her long hair.

The crowd started to murmur among themselves, voices rose louder and louder. Amawa-sensei sensing now it was her time to leave, gave a self- dignified bow, almost to say it has being an honour to be a teacher, to the whole school and started to walk towards the door.

Suddenly all conversation stopped as she walked her green mile. The only noise that can be heard is her footsteps on the cold wooden floor. All eyes were focused on her and the tension in the room was unbearable. With a loud clunk noise that ratcheted throughout the whole hall, the air was normal again.

With a self-satisfied grin the vice principle interrupted and proclaimed, "So does everyone agree on making this school an all girl high?"

Everyone all at once started to shout. "We'll be better off without you guys," shouted Seiko Kasuganomichi. Unable to hold back his temper, Akira Fukae, shouted in return,"we don't even wanna see the faces of girls like you!"

The entire hall was in chaos, until Kuzuha stood up. All eyes are focused on her and with puzzled expressions. 'What's wrong?" exclaimed Seiko softly.

Suddenly Kuzuha ran and then fell, with outreached hands, whispered, " at that time, in that moment, that was not a lie." With determined look, Kuzuha got up and boldly walked towards the stage.

The crowd was silent now and all eyes followed her. "W-What are you doing!" exclaimed the vice principle as she took the microphone off her hands.

The flicking and noise of the fluorescent light can now be heard and seen. Kuzuha now looking sad and almost in tears, started to talk. "Hibiki-sensei..." "Hibiki-sensei helped me run my first ever 50 metres without tripping."

"Hibiki-sensei worried about us." Voice now rising, "Hibiki-sensei cleaned together with the boys" "Hibiki-sensei spent parent-visiting day with me" "Hibiki-sensei tried hard!" She lifted her head high and her eyes seemed to shine as she spoke. "Hibiki-sensei protected us!" "Hibiki-sensei fought for us!"

"Stop this Kuzuha!" shouted the vice principle as she tried to steal the mike off Kuzuha. With a large determination she fended her off and now screaming,"Hibiki-sensei believed in us! Sensei isn't fake! Hibiki-sensei isn't a liar!" Now with a more resigned voice Kuzuha uttered, "It really seems...I love sensei."

Silence echoed throughout the whole room, then with a loud slap! Noise, Kuzuha fell towards the ground, the vice-principle has struck Kuzuha.

Suddenly all hell broke lose, the entire class of Hibiki-sensei now ran towards the stage, Fukae dealt a swift knockdown blow to the vice- principle's face and she flew 10 metres. "Are you alright?" said Fukae in a concerned voice to Kuzuha. "I'm fine," replied Kuzuha.

Kuzuha grabbed the mike again and cried "sensei we're are sorry!" Seiko in tears grabbed the mike and cried,"we were forgetting about the time we've spent with you! You've taught us what is right and wrong." Unable to resist any further Akira snatched the mike and screamed at the top of his voice "HIBIKI-SENSEI COME BACK!! COME BACK!!"

The whole hall erupted into chaos again can be heard miles away, where Hibiki can be seen leaving the town with a sack.

He froze, a great rush of emotions surged inside him, and drops of tears fell on the ground. Suddenly he turned around, eyes all teary.

Back at the hall, the entire school was having a punch up with the security guards and bodies flew everywhere.

"Why are we fight, it doesn't solve anything!" Cried a voice that sounded like Hibiki-sensei's. Everyone froze in mid act.

"Everyone, thank you very much for calling me teacher one last time, I sincerely appreciate it."

Hibiki sensei continued, "I sorry everyone for deceiving you, it wasn't my true intention. My true intention was to teach and I was very happy that I have taught every one of you to the very best of my abilities. I wanted all of you to grow healthy like the Sakura tree in front of the school. I truly loved you all. Himejima, Aoki, Fukae, Iwaya, Oumono, Fukishima, Deyashiki, Ashiya, Nishinada, Noda, Yodagawa, Ooishi, Naruo, Shinzaike, Umeda and Kuzuha. Thank you all for calling me teacher one last time."

All of sensei's students now have appeared on top of their school building and watched in total silence, unable to hold back their tears for the loss of Hibiki-sensei they all started to cry.

Sensei continued, " For now, I think it is best for me to leave. Teachers and students, men and women, we are all human, but there still remain many thoughts about the differences. If you allow yourself to be confined in your own world, you won't be able to let yourself go. I have decided I will definitely return one day. Next time I'll be my real self. Everyone...thank you for allowing me to be your teacher.

With that speech, sensei took off him voice changer device and started to leave, he smiled at all his students in his usual kind way and gracefully bowed one final time then slowly turned around and headed towards the station.

"Sensei...please don't leave! We don't want a all girls high school...SENSEI!!"

Shouted Kuzuha, however Amawa did not turn around and soon he was out of sight. Kuzuha unable to hold back her emotions any further, broke down and cried even further, birds flew away and a rush of tears fell from her eyes.

Unable to maintain her strength any longer, her legs gave way and she kneeled on the ground, her hands still covering her eyes, she silent recalled her mother's words,

"If you keep crying, you will keep others from smiling too...always keep a smiling face...mother like best to see you smile...so please smile now."

"Are you okay?"

said Akira in a soothing tone.

"My mother always told me to smile when I am sad and down, so I will achieve that to the best of my abilities. I won't let her down!"

With that last comment, Kuzuha stood up and smiled, her hair blew in the wind and the sun shone on her face and glittered off the remnant of her tears.

"She is gone now, but she will be definitely back, until that day we will struggle to see every male and female student get fair treatment from anyone."

Shouted Akira with a renewed determination. Everyone shouted," Hooray!" and their gaze feel on the swaying Sakura tree in the yard, strong and healthy.