Topic: Christmas Gift Exchange

Word Count: 1000

Rating: PG

To: amythest_n_ice

Prompt: Write a scene for Yue and Touya on Christmas morning

Tease: Hold your breath, and make no sound, and the snowfall will let you peek just this once.


It was going to be one for the recordbooks. The thick, gray clouds had broken shortly after daybreak and snow had not stopped falling since, steadily clothing all of Tomoeda in white. It was not a gentle snowfall, millions of flakes twisting and whirling in the wind, obscuring what ought to have been a bright and brilliant Christmas morning. Yoko shivered and curled herself into a tighter ball, there under the fleece blankets, knowing the bed would be warmer but unable to tear herself away from the spectacle. It was not so often, lately, that she had the time to simply sit and watch the world outside.

The year had gone by so quickly. Her first two terms at Towa were packed with a full schedule of classes, and the college thespian troupe was active, talented, and therefore very demanding. She almost didn't have the time to notice she was dating her costar, but Shinji was very kind and good-looking, so she was happy to spend whatever scraps of free time she had with him. Last night was their first night together, a Christmas Eve for lovers, red wine and old movies. Neither of them had said 'I love you' just yet, but Yoko had a feeling it was coming soon.

She did not think about Kinomoto Touya so much these days. Her frantic schedule did not allow for it, and anyway she never saw him. He attended Towa too, but whatever course he was studying, it wasn't theatre. Yoko had always known they'd take different paths, and said her private goodbyes in her heart months ago. Kinomoto and his intense dark gaze had gone forever from her life, and she had moved on.

So it was something of a mild shock when she glimpsed a dark form against the whirling snow and realized she was looking right at Kinomoto himself. She blinked, checked again, but there could be no mistake. Shinji kept an apartment in a complex for students; maybe Kinomoto lived here too. But why was he standing out in the snow? He had come so close that she could have raised the window sash and shouted out to him, not that she would have considered it with Shinji asleep on the other side of the room. Even this close, he seemed so distant through a veil of snowflakes, every tiny fragment of white sharp and clear against his dark hair and black coat. If she squinted, with the knowing eye of an actress, she could see the tense set of his shoulders and the anger in his posture. He had come stalking through the blizzard to stand in the middle of nothing and glare at… what? Nothing at all?

His mouth opened and he started speaking, and it did not look as though he was doing it quietly. Yoko saw no phone. She only saw the unending snow swirling around him, as if he was arguing with the very storm itself. Silly. But Yoko was a student of theatre, and accustomed to fantastic stories. She remembered Kinomoto's polite but aloof nature, his reserve, the old junior high rumors that he could 'see' things. Maybe Kinomoto could talk to snow. Maybe, if she looked very carefully, she could see what he saw in all that whiteness. If she used her imagination, she could pretend that snow whipping past him was really the long strands of silver hair. And that wasn't just the motion of snowflakes, but the rustle of white wings. When Kinomoto reached out with one hand and shoved, she could almost see it, that invisible figment of the snowstorm, stumbling back a step.

Yoko didn't really believe it. For all her love of acting, she was really a very practical girl. But it was Christmas morning, and the world was so very quiet all around her, Kinomoto disappearing and reappearing in the snow like a dream. No person could sit here at this window and not think she was watching something very strange indeed, something she'd never been meant to witness. She watched him pace a slow circle, never dropping his gaze from that vision that she absolutely did not really see. He did not raise his voice to yell, the actress in her would have recognized a telltale lift of the chin, but he was speaking very forcefully indeed.

A shadow shifted – it was just a quirky little eddy of the wind, that's all – and Kinomoto quickly lunged to grab at something. He flung his arms around nothing at all, nothing but the whiteness of snow, and held on desperately. A fresh gust tossed more snowflakes around him, very still and silent now amidst the storm.

The nothingness that he held onto so tightly moved – did she glimpse a flash of blue? – and Kinomoto relaxed his grip. He tipped some weight back to his heels, but not very much, and not for very long. Riveted, breathless, Yoko watched him lean in and kiss the snow, long silver strands flying and snapping around him in the wind. For just a heartbeat, Yoko saw a face outlined against Kinomoto's much darker skin, revealed and then quickly covered by a snowstorm that did not like her spying. She didn't belong here, in this strange wintry world that Kinomoto Touya walked with such confidence, seeing and speaking to creatures beyond her understanding. She'd always known they would take different paths. Yoko had theatre, and Shinji. Kinomoto had something mysterious, strange, and wonderful.

At least, if his expression during the kiss was anything to go by.

Yoko stumbled back to bed after that, burrowing back under the warm covers and nestling close to her sleeping boyfriend. Without quite waking he draped an arm over her and held her close, enough to hear his beating heart. For as long as the snowstorm lasted, she did not look out that window again.

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Disclaimer: I do not own these characters

It occurred to me while listening to Enya's And Winter Came that Yue would be very difficult to see in a real snowstorm. The image intrigued me enough to try writing one of my typical Touya/Yue spats from an outsider's perspective, and so this was born. Bonus points for those who can name the episode we met Yoko.