Bitter Kisses

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One Shot

Kisses are meant to be sweet, but the only kind of kiss Shizune shares with Kabuto…are bitter ones.

The war between the nations roared all around them like an uncontrollable firestorm. In the Grass' latest offensive against the Leaf, shinobis fell like rain. Shizune spent three days and three nights awake in the infimary running on soldier pills, washing, healing, and stitching until she thought she was going to go insane. As she changed Naruto's bandages, she saw black diamonds dance before her eyes, and watching in alarm as the floor rush up at her face. When she came to, she was slumped over by the wall as other medical nins rushed around her like headless ants, fresh bodies moaning, squirming, vomiting, and screaming.

Her head pounded painfully as she stumbled out of the sickly building, away from the blood and stale air thick with pain. Startled, her colleagues grabbed for her sleeve, asking for her help. She pushed past them all, and headed straight for the gnarled shadows of the woods. Without knowing where she was going, Shizune let her feet carry her through the throngs of trees, her whole body clenching painfully as she weeped against her filthy hands. Even deep inside the forest she could hear the sounds of war, sounds of dying, and sounds of pain like a sickly odor in the air.

Collapsing next to a tall pine tree, Shizune tore off her forehead protector, and chucked as hard as she could into the darkness.

"Careful where you throw things, you'll want it back later," a low voice murmured.

Shizune tensed, and felt her body throb like one gigantic bruise. Wincing, she reached for her kunais with limp fingers. "Fuck off!" She snarled.

He emerged, the sickly sunlight glinting off of his round glasses. Sweat glistened on his forehead, the forehead protector nowhere to be seen. The ironic little smile was still hanging off of the tip of his lips, just like the first time they've met.

She leaped up suddenly, forcing her legs to stop shaking. "So Orochimaru's here to join the party?" She stared at Kabuto, calculating her escape routes back to the infimary, ot warn Tsunade at the very least of new intruders.

He chuckled, "Hardly." Spreading his hands in a sign of obvious fatigue, he gazed at her, "I'm just…"

She suddenly understood his purpose. The same disillusionment reflected in his eyes like a mirror. The tiny rush of strength suddenly left her, and she let her legs go, not caring where she'd land. As she fell, she half expected him to catch her, and he did. His figure became a blur and she felt her torso fall against his arm. Despite the thousand-years-old-weariness in his gaze, his body radiated warmth like a boy, soft and firm at once.

The two enemies sat in this silence embrace, basking in a kind of tenderness which does not exist. Too exhausted to comprehend what was happening, Shizune tipped back her chin just as his lips came down over hers. The kisses they exchanged were unhurried and gentle, but invariably bitter. Not a tiny bit of sweetness passed between them as they clung together, like a strange dream soon to be forgotten.


A/N: This idea kind of sprung on me, and I had to write it. Sorry for any grammatical errors and typos, I didn't really check for them.