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"…" - speech

'…' - thoughts

~*~*~ - change in scenery or time

Prologue- The End of an Era

Dec.31.2039 – New Years Anniversary Eve

Tokyo, Japan

Thousands of people and demons alike littered the streets of Tokyo, celebrating the coming of the New Year. It would mark the twentieth anniversary of global peace finally having become a reality. Cities around the world were all holding celebrations, and this one was no different.

Many of the residents could be found cheering in Tokyo's city square as the New Year ticked closer. The city-square was a large, circular area that could accommodate at least two thirds of the city at any given time. Set up around the perimeter was five stages. Each stage held a performing group. Although each band played at the same time, the enclosure was so spacious that the people could clearly hear whichever band they were listening to.

In the centre of the large space was a tall tower. This was the Peace Tower that had been built nineteen years beforehand. The Peace Tower steadily became more and more narrow as it neared the top, finally ending in a point. Around the peak of the monumental structure was a large glowing red ball. Around the base of the minaret, one could make out a thin line that encircled the tower. This was the platform that, when activated, lowered the tower into the ground for storage. It was only brought out for the New Years Anniversary to celebrate peace and to remember those who had given up their lives to achieve it.

Occasionally, people would turn around from their attraction and take a peek at the tower. Embedded within the ball was a large clock that displayed the minutes and seconds before midnight. That was when the real show would begin.

Over the past years, the fireworks spectacles of Tokyo City had been the best of the world, rivalled only by those in New York City. Cameras were directed at the sky to capture the images and send them to televisions and computers all around the globe, but the real magic was seeing it for oneself. However, whether it was in front of a screen or below the real thing, not many people missed the New Years Anniversary celebrations.

As the clock ticked down to five minutes, there were several whoops from the crowd as well as whistles. Not only Japanese faces were found among the people, but people of every nation and stature. Nationalities were no longer an issue amid the people, for it was recognised that everybody was equal, no matter what the skin colour, religion, type, or sex.

Most of the assembly wore red in remembrance of the red blood of soldiers that had been shed before and during the Peace Wars, and many also had blue ribbons pinned to the fronts of their shirts.

The Peace Wars had been the last series of battles fought in an effort to defend the world from terrorists that wished to disrupt the earth. Demons and humans had banded together to form the Alliance and had successfully defeated the Terrorists. After a few minor disputes, the people of earth slowly came to recognise harmony. However, many lives had been lost due to the warfare, and the bodies had all been returned to their families, while a remembrance site had been set up in Washington state in the United States of America.

When the clock finally reached one minute, all five bands stopped playing, and all attention was focused on the red ball at the top of the Peace Tower in Tokyo. The seconds winded down and the crowd murmured excitedly in anticipation of an even better light show than the ones of the past years. Some began the countdown early, but others waited. When the seconds hit ten, the crowd counted as one.

They had a feeling that something exciting would happen this year.

They just didn't know how right they were.

"10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5."

Somebody in the throng let out a loud whoop of laughter.


Small fireworks were set off by individual troublemakers.


The sparks slowly faded away from the sky.


The crowd tensed as the last second came by.


When the digital numbers on the clock hit zero, as one, the people sucked in a tentative breath and the square was silent.

Nothing happened.

Mutters and whispers broke out like a leaking hose among the assembled people. The hissing steadily grew louder as the bewildered people discussed the situation with their neighbours. Even those who had organised the event looked about in confusion, and those in charge of the fireworks display checked the equipment.

They could find nothing wrong.

The mayor of the city quickly stepped up to a podium and cleared his throat at a microphone. Attention flew to him and the whispers decreased to a lower volume.

"Well, there seems to be a-"

The mayor was cut off, and suddenly, all the lights went out.

The phone lines went dead, and everything that ran on electricity broke down.

The people were in complete and utter darkness.

And although those in Tokyo did not know it, the same was happening all around the earth.

Hisses once again broke out, and increased in volume when someone abruptly shouted above the clamouring of the crowd.

"Look at the sky! Where's the moon?"

And all heads turned upwards to discover that, there was indeed, no moon lighting up the darkness. Alarmed voices rose in volume. It wasn't the new moon, contrary to that, this night was the night of the full moon! Was something blocking the moon's glow?

Officials rushed here and there, but without electricity to help them light the area, they constantly bumped into random people of the crowd. Those who tried using their cellular phones discovered that they did not work. All communications services had stopped working.

The people of earth were cut off from each other.

Another cry soon tore above the clamour of the assembly.

"The sky-! There's something there!"

Again, heads whipped up to gaze at the night air, and discovered, that indeed, there was something up there. It appeared as only a small bluish yellow dot that was quickly growing larger. Some breathed sighs of relief, and exclaimed that the entire thing had been a part of the show.

But sighs of relief soon turned to screams of horror as the 'thing' proved to be a giant vessel that was surrounded by flames. It was growing larger by the second, and was bound to collide with the earth. People frantically scrambled out of the final destination of the craft, caring only about their own lives. Soon, the vessel was close enough that everybody could feel the head radiating off of it.

With a loud boom, the black lump finally smashed into the northern section of city-square, destroying the stage, and squashing the many unfortunate people. Fresh howls of terror and pain cut through the night sky as the craft slid several feet, demolishing everything in its path. It finally rested to a stop at the foot of the Peace Tower, which, thankfully, had not been damaged.

Miraculously, the vessel had not broken to pieces, but was only smoking, and had dents in a few places. Upon closer inspection, the crowd discovered that the 'lump' was actually hollow, and that it was made of a strong black metal unknown to man.

Unbeknownst to the people in Japan, the same event was happening to points all over the globe.

New York City. Toronto. Beijing. Sydney. Montreal. Washington D.C. Vancouver. Paris. Stockholm. London.

All around the earth, black meteorites were crashing into the ground.

Out of nowhere, a thin line of light shaped out a rectangular figure on the side of the vessel, and the metal slice smoothly came out, hinged on the bottom edge. Extending to the ground, the 'door' became a path leading directly to the interior of the ship. There was a pause in the noise, and a few of the more curious adolescents advanced slowly towards the path.

Becoming bold, a young bear demon stepped onto the metal and turned around, grinning foolishly and raising his arms. A red beam of light suddenly shot into his body from within the craft, and the look of triumph was replaced by surprise, which quickly distorted to pain before the boy fell forward to land onto the pathway.

In his back was a cleanly rounded hole that was still smoking.

A shocked silence passed through the crowd.

Then, mindfulness was drawn away from the body and back towards the light as loud footsteps emitted from within. A figure emerged, that was vaguely humanoid.

However, as this being exited the craft, it was clear it was definitely not human. It had two arms and two legs, but the neck was elongated to easily five times the length of that of a normal human. The head was abnormally (at least to us) large, and the easily distinguishable brain was double the size of a human being's. Eyes the size of tennis balls stared unblinkingly at the audience. At the fingertips, there were holes, and suction pad-like growths on the palms.

At first glance, one would have been inclined to laugh, and many did, but they all dropped dead at the point of a finger.

A finger that shot out deadly beams of highly concentrated light.

Several people had already been killed by just one of these creatures.

And when an entire army of thousands stepped out of the ship, the people of this world knew they were in trouble.

Screams filled the air as a slaughter began.

Earth would never the same again.

The world as we know it had ended.

And a new age would soon begin.


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