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"…" – speech

'…' – thoughts

--- - change in scenery, time, or perspective


Previously, on Lock Down:

{'December 31, 2039


Happy New Years Eve!'

She took a step back in alarm.

"Oh. My. God."}




Feb.28.299 NA

Underground, Sector 118


Dec.31.2039 – New Years Anniversary Eve

Tokyo, Japan


Kagome stared at the device in shock as a chill entered her heart.

This… this wasn't possible!

Somehow, she had travelled into a time that was centuries before the Neo Age. She'd done it hundreds of times in her dreams, but never before had she discovered the actual date. In fact, up until this moment, she had always assumed that her visions were either of another world, or the future, or were simple fantasies. However, provided with this evidence and the ruins Kaede had shown her, this was plainly in the past.

The girl just stood there, dumbfounded for several minutes before she realised that the music that had previously filled the place had stopped and the peoples' attention was now directed at the tall tower in the square. The numbers now read: 11:59:04. The noise level had dropped and an excited atmosphere hovered about everybody. Kagome, not knowing what was going on, but dreading what was going to happen, decided to follow their leads and also stared at the ball-like clock.

Soon, the seconds were winding down towards the fifties, and some people began to count down. However, the majority waited until the last ten seconds before twelve o'clock before actually joining in. The raven-haired girl stared silently and grimly, not sharing in the excitement.

"Five… four… three… two… one…"

Nothing happened. The clock simply hit 12:00:00 and continued ticking down the time.

There were a few seconds of absolute silence before perplexed murmurs broke out among the crowd. Kagome shot a nervous look towards the sky where she knew something would be coming. A bulky man who was dressed in a very meticulous fashion had stepped up to one of the speakers and was now speaking, but Kagome knew he would be cut off.

"Well, there seems to be a-"

The lights went out. The city of Tokyo was drowned in black. Panicking, many of the people started to push and shove and had Kagome been solid, she would most certainly have been shoved to the ground. Instead, they simply slipped right by her, untouching. Kagome spotted the man who was carrying the strange device she had read the date off of. He was holding it to his ear and shouting into it, but not soon, he angrily threw it to the floor. It shattered into many pieces of metal and plastic.

The girl raised her eyes, once again, to the heavens, expecting the shout that would soon come- after all, there was no moon.

"Look at the sky! Where's the moon?"

'There's no moon because something's blocking it,' thought the girl, 'and the thing that's blocking it is going to come soon…

She was not disappointed.

"The sky-! There's something there!"

And indeed, there was. The girl's eyes had picked it up much sooner than anybody else as she had expected it. It was a curious sort of bluish light, but while some of the people sighed in relief beside her, Kagome only held her breath. She could feel her heart beating erratically in anticipation for what was to come.

'Not long now…'

Shrieks of shock filled the air as the thing turned out to be much bigger than expected and soon, it had reached the city sky limits. A fierce wing blew through the air as the great black spaceship crashed into the ground, but the girl from the future felt none of it. She could merely stand there and watch as the people cleared away from it before gathering around what they assumed to be meteorite.

"Get away!" shouted the blue-eyed hair in panic, but nobody listened- indeed, nobody could hear her shouts. "Don't touch it! Run away!"

The rectangular pathway dropped to the ground, and as it had happened in her dreams, a stocky boy with a long tail and pointed ears stepped on the pathway. He grinned and raised his arms.

"No!" Kagome shouted in horror, but it was too late, even if it could have been heard, for the demon had already collapsed onto the ground, dead, with a neat hold burned into him.

The heavy footsteps echoed from within the craft, and though Kagome urgently willed the people to run, curiousity held everybody in place. However, as soon as they saw what it was that was stepping onto their planet, all cautiouness evaporated as laughter ran around the crowd.

"Don't laugh…" whispered the girl. "You'll be killed. RUN!"

Again, it was too late and several people dropped dead with holes smoking above their hearts and foreheads. One by one, the Superiors stepped out of their spacecraft and with absolutely no expression visible on their faces, wordlessly began the purge of the peoples of earth.

It was now that a stampede had broken out among the crowd, and everybody ran as quickly as they could away from the supernatural life forms. However, it was proved to be futile as the weapons of the Superiors could extend to a very long range, and still more people died.

Kagome could only stand there, frozen to one place, her heart beating steadily faster as she began to hyperventilate.

'Wh-what's going on?' she looked down and discovered that she herself was glowing pink and something was emitting a green light on her chest. With shaking hands, she reached into the neck of her shirt and pulled out the medallion. 'What?' However, she was suddenly distracted by heavy footsteps slowly approaching her.

She looked up, her eyes widening in horror. "No…" There was one of the Superiors headed towards her, but unlike everybody else, he was staring directly into her eyes. One arm slowly raised and he pointed almost lazily at the petrified girl. "It can't be…"

The cold black eyes seemed to sparkle in sadistic amusement and they clearly read, 'Die.'


"Kagome! Wake up!"

Somebody was shaking her.

"Wake up, dammit!"

Somebody was shaking her hard.

"Ugghn…" she moaned, batting away the hand that lay on her shoulder, "St-stop it. I'm awake…" Sitting up, she blinked at the bright light and pressed a hand to her forehead. "Wh-what happened? Why am I on the ground?"

She looked around her to find that Inuyasha was staring at her with a raised eyebrow and a concerned sort of frown on his face. Sango and Miroku were kneeling next to him, each looking at her worriedly.

"Are you alright, Kagome?"

"I… I'm fine. My head hurts a little… What happened?"

"You don't remember?" questioned Miroku.


"Keh." Inuyasha abruptly stood up. "When the old hag began talking, you started looking weird and your eyes were like they were about to pop." He turned around so that his back was facing the girl. "You just stood there for a while before you fainted." His tone suggested that it was nothing, but the clenched fists said otherwise.

Kagome stared at his stiff back for a while before another voice drew her attention to Sango.

"It was like you couldn't hear us, Kagome," she said thoughtfully, "Even when Inuyasha tried snap you out of it, you didn't do anything."

Miroku intercepted her, "And you- you started glowing for a moment. There were a few tremours… it was quite scary, actually."

The girl frowned and closed her eyes, trying to remember what happened. However hard she tried though, all that came to mind was nothing.

"Try looking up, child." Kaede's old voice interrupted her thoughts. "Take a look at the Tower."

Obeying, Kagome chanced a glance upwards and she suddenly remembered what she had seen in full detail. Her eyes grew wide and she stood up, taking a few steps backwards. "Where… where's the destruction? The people?" She glanced around. "And that… that Superior… where is he?"

She took one step too many and tripped over a piece of rock and started falling backwards. Scrunching her face up, the schoolgirl prepared to hit the dirt, but something caught her.

She opened her eyes. "Inuyasha?" His arm supported her waist.

"Keh. You're too clumsy for your own good," remarked the half-demon, straightening her up. "And what Superior? People? Destruction? Nothing's happened here." He conveniently forgot to remove his arm from her waist.

She was decidedly confused. "B-but I was so sure it happened… It looked so real…"

"Because it had happened. Years and years ago." Sango and Miroku parted to allow the old woman through before following her curiously. "You saw it, didn't you, Kagome?" Kaede studied her carefully with her one uncovered eye.

"I saw…"

"You saw what were Earth's last free moments. You saw how the Superiors took over the people. You experienced the joy of people celebrating New Year's Eve before the Superiors landed and began a slaughter."

Kagome's mouth dropped open. "How do you know?"

Kaede went on. "And this isn't the first time you've seen this. You've seen the Earth during its Golden Time before the Neo Age in your dreams before, have you not?" She smiled kindly when the girl's eyes grew even wider.

"But how…?"

"Because I searched your mind."

The teenager frowned before a light of understanding dawned on her face. "You were the one…"

Finally growing impatient, Inuyasha butted in. "Would you mind explaining what the hell you two are talking about?"

Kagome turned around to look at him. "Don't you remember? Before the lights turned on, something happened, right? You saw two eyes and saw…" she faltered.

He finished for her. "My memories." He whirled around to glare at the Elder. "Old hag, I don't appreciate it when you rift thorugh my fucking mind without my permission." He raised his unoccupied hand and flexed it.

Suddenly frowning, the two rebels moved in front of the old woman, but before they could do anything, Kagome had beat them to it.

"Inuyasha! Don't be so impolite! I'm sure that Kaede-baa-san had a reason why she did what she did…" She twirled around in his grip to glare at the hanyou. "Besides, it's not like it made you any dumber than you already are!"

He frowned. "What do you mean, bitch--?"

She gasped, eyes widening in indignation before the old woman stepped in. "You two, stop arguing. I did search your mind, and the girl is right. It was to ensure that your intentions were good."

The half-demon's attention whirled back onto the woman. "What intentions? We came here through a stupid accident!"

Kaede only rasied an eyebrow and remarked in a rather mysterious voice, "Nothing is through coincidence, Inuyasha." She raised her one eyed gaze to his face. "And I'm sure that you would like to know some more details about your mother, would you not?"

That certainly caught his attention. He gaped at her wordlessly for a moment, golden eyes wide in astonishment. When he did speak, the hanyou even forgot to be rude. "You know… my mother?" There was an almost unnnoticable tone of hopefullness in his voice.

The old woman's lips twitched. "I knew her. Izayoi was a beautiful woman and very kind." She sighed. "But now, however, is not the time nor place to discuss this. Shall I tell you the story of what Kagome saw? And also, what I saw, years and years ago?"

"You… saw it to?"

The old woman smiled at Kagome. "When I was young."

Inuyasha moved to protest, but one look at the girl who (he noticed with a flush) was still in his hold, and he stilled his tongue. The teenager appeared to be greatly interested in what had happened, and the half-demon had to admit that he also wanted to know what had spooked the girl so. He sought to pry his arm off her waist without her noticing, but to no avail. Mistakeningly, the hand drifted a little too far south, going into a dangerous zone.

Suddenly becoming of a less than welcome grip on her lower back, Kagome gasped, glue eyes widening as an almost comically shocked expression took hold of her face before it reddened. "Ah… Inuyasha?"

'Whoops?' The half-demon quickly whipped the offending appendage from the violated area. "Accident." He waved his hands in the air, looking remakably like a tomato. "I didn't mean to." Doggy ears caught a snort and golden eyes raised, greatful for any distraction. "What did you say?" The outraged yell was directed at a certain sniggering violet-eyed, soon-to-be-in-great-pain man.

Said human was attempting to hide, without success, shaking shoulders and a gleeful expression. He straightened, schooling the expression on his face to be a little more passive. "Oh, nothing. I'm sure your hand slipped." Miroku gave the red-faced hanyou a wink.

Kagome turned an even darker shade of red as she covered her eyes with her hand.

Gritting his teeth, the boy marched up to him and promptly smacked him painfully round the head before walking back to stand next to Kagome, although keeping a few feet away. "That's what I think of your 'theory', and unlike some people, I'm able to keep my hand off females."

Nodding, Sango too, delivered her punishment in form another smack on the head. Frowning and rubbing his abused noggin, Miroku glared at her reapproachfully. "What was that for?"

She crossed her arms. "For the dirty thoughts running through your head."

"I'm afraid you must be mistaken, lovely Sango." Another perverted smile crossed his face. "You're the only thing running through my head."

This time, everybody turned away from the sight as the girl inflated with indignation and delivered a blow to the man. However, from the lack of a horribly loud cry, it was assumed that the hit wasn't as hard as it could have been. Turning back, Kagome noted with some glee that Sango was pink in the cheeks. Miroku had raised his arm in an attempt to deflect her attack, but slowly lowered it in surprise at the lack of enthusiasm.


The girl shook her head in an exasperated expression and turned to the amused Elder. "Kaede-baa-san?"

The old woman couldn't keep a small smile off her face as she gazed at the four younger ones. 'Young love…' Clearing her throat, Kaede nodded at the young woman and turned to face the towering monument at the centre of the area. Suddenly all business once more, the others, too, raised their gazed to it. "As I was saying before I was… cut off, the story of how the earth came to be as it is starts here." She glanced behind her at the others. "However, it's not only here that the event happened, but in many others places as well."

"What the hell?"

The old woman turned her gaze to the hanyou who had interrupted. "What is it?"

Inuyasha crossed his arms. "You're not making any sense, old woman."

"Patience, Inuyasha. You need to learn patience."

He grumbled several rude things under his breath, earning a firm smack on the arm from Kagome. "Inuyasha! Respect your elders."

"Yeah, yeah." Like the mature seventeen-year-old he was, the hanyou made a face at her as soon as her back was turned and stuck out his tongue. "Whatever."

Pretending she hadn't heard him, Kagome smiled at the other three. "Please continue, Kaede-baa-san. And," she shot an annoyed glance at Inuyasha, "ignore him."

The elder woman nodded knowledably and directed everybody's attention back to the tower. "That structure had been completed in the year twenty-twenty of the age when demons and humans ruled the earth. Despite what you must have been told in the Upper world, this planet hadn't been a disaster when the Superiors discovered it."

"Keh. No surprise there."

Following the girl's advice, Kaede ignored the half-demon. "On the contrary, the inhabitants had finally attainted a sort of neutral status where there was no longer any need for war. The Final Battle had been ended in the year twenty-nineteen- which would be three hundred and twenty years ago. It is ironic that for peace to have been achieved, it was necessary to fight." She gave a dry chuckle. "But that is the way of the people."

She slowly lead the group towards the base of the tower. They followed, albeit slightly weary- who knew when that thing was going to collapse?

"Construction was begun on this tower directly after the end of the last battle, and was finally completed in time for New Year's Eve- that is to say, the first day of the first month of the year twenty-twenty- three hundred and nineteen years ago. It was named the 'Peace Tower'."

"But why did they build it?" Miroku's serious voice echoed in the large enclosement. "And why here, in Tokyo?"

Kaede placed a hand on the dented metal covering the base of the tower. Some of the metal shell had been chipped and worn away, revealing a strong cement foundation. "It was simply built to celebrate the end of war. The treaty that had been signed at the end of the battle called for world-wide unity. And why here?" She shrugged. "Who knows? Perhaps it was because of the fact that Tokyo had been the most developed city of the world, or it could have been because of any other reason."

"I see…"

She nodded. "Almost twenty years of peace passed on earth, and soon, it was the New Year's Eve of the year twenty-forty. Every year since the completence of the Peace Tower, there had been many celebrations on the eves of the new years to recognise the many who had given their lives to attain the world status, not to mention to ring in the New Year. The day itself was changed from simple 'New Year's Eve' to 'New Year's Anniversary Eve'." The old woman turned around to face the young people. "Any questions so far?"

There wasn't a sound, but while Inuyasha opened his mouth to make a remark, Kagome silence him with a meaningful look.

The storyteller raised an amused eyebrow. "Was it something rude, Inuyasha?"


Shaking her head, she moved on, walking around the wide base of the monument. "I won't tell you what happened in the past twenty years because there is no need to. Humans and demons learned to live among each other without major disagreement although there was a mutual distrust. I will, however, say that the people of the old earth, before the Neo Age have one thing that we will never attain with the Superiors here: freedom." At this point, Kaede shot a glance at the blue-eyed girl. "They were allowed the freedom of speech, freedom of publication, freedom of individuality.

"Kagome, you have seen such scenes of this almost unimaginable freedom, correct?"

The girl started and found four pairs of eyes staring at her intently. "Yes." The hanyou beside her cocked an eyebrow but remained silent. "I had dreams"

"Then please, child. Tell us." The one visible eye closed. "My mind grows old and my memory is a little fuzzy. Tell us what you saw in your visions."

Kagome took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, visualising the scene. "Well for one, everybody was allowed to go wherever they wanted and to dress in whatever clothes they wished. There were so many colours- not just grey. Even the buildings were painted in different colour." A small smile lifted the corners of her mouth. "It was a beautiful world. And there was also organic life growing within the city itself where people could see and visit at anytime.

"Demons and human walked down the streets as if it were a normal occurance and somehow, I think everything was happier. The sky was blue, not grey. We were allowed to make our own decisions and not have some overruling government power telling us what to do." Blue eyes opened. "Simply put, we were free."

"And yet we were not." The old woman's voice snapped the girl out of her almost trance-like state and brought the others from their thoughts.

Sango was the one to ask the question that ran through all their minds. "What do you mean?"

Kaede stared at them firmly. "You must know that there is never such a thing as true freedom. Wherever life may be found, it is governed by laws and restrictions. Whether it be the laws of physics or otherwise, there is never true freedom. The only way that could exist is if the world was thrown into chaos."

Stunned by the sudden revelation, the younger ones chose to remain quiet.

The old woman sighed and lead her group away from the tower. "However true as that may be, Kagome is also correct. We had been more free than we are now. Demons and humans at least governed themselves or had a form of democracy- that is to say, had a group of individuals chosen by the people to govern them."

"Keh. Who'd want somebody to govern you? Why not just take it into your own hands?" Inuyasha's arms were crossed.

"As I mentioned, pure freedom would result in chaos." She waited for the hanyou to make another remark but receiving none, moved on. "However, on that New Year's Anniversary Eve of the year twenty-thirty-nine, about two hundred and ninety-nine years ago-"

"But that must be just before the Neo Age started!" Sango broke in with an exclamation.

"That is correct," Kaede turned to Kagome, "Isn't it?"

The girl nodded slowly. It wasn't likely that she would ever forget what had happened. "The thirty-first of December of the year twenty-thirty-nine."

The old woman gave an uncharacteristic snort. "It's ironic that the Neo Age began on the first day of a new year. December corresponds to the twelfth month, and each of the twelve months carried their own names." When Sango expressed an interest in the names, Kaede shook her head. "Not now. Allow me to finish the tale." She shot a sidelong look at Kagome. "I may need your help."

Slightly worried, the girl nodded, not sure whether she was ready to tell exactly what she saw just yet.

"That year's celebrations had promised to be the most elabourate spectacle yet with an extensive display of fireworks-"


Kaede looked at Inuyasha. "Fireworks. Brilliant explosions in the air that create patterns and colours. A fireworks show is generally used to celebrate something and this one was designed to be set off in coordination with music."

Miroku started. "But wouldn't that be dangerous?"

"They travel so high up into the sky that the sparks have burned out by the time they drift halfway down to the ground." Her eyes twinkled. "In fact, we have found a large supply of these playthings invented by the old people. Of course, we can't light them up down here with the current status, but one day…" She drifted off, leaving the others to picture it themselves.

They turned to Kagome.


Sango's expression was eager. "Can you describe it?"

The girl shook her head sadly. "I never got to see the display… something happened to stop it."

"And indeed it had." Attention was reverted back to Kaede. "It was customary for the show to start at the stroke of midnight- the beginning second of the New Year. The attractions set up attracted thousands of people from all over the city and the neighbouring cities. Tokyo wasn't the only major area with such a special gathering. Every continent; every country and indeed, every area populated by people had someway or another to clock down the celebrations.

"You have to note that while here in Japan, as this area was formerly called, it was nighttime, in the lands across from us, on the other side of the world, it was daytime."

The four listeners nodded.

"But this time, something horrible happened." The old woman cut herself off and gave a not unkind look to Kagome. "If you will then, please."

The girl took in a deep breath and looked around at the curious faces of her new friends. "Well, there were lots of people gathered around me, and some attractions…" She proceeded to tell of what she had saw and what she had experienced. She told of the steady countdown and even of the emotions drawn on all their faces. "And the weird thing was, nobody noticed I was there. I even shouted but nobody paid attention to me. But then, when the countdown reached zero…"

She proceeded to explain the blackout in great detail, but stopped just as she reached the part with the black meteorite opening. Her voice was almost mechanical as the events flashed through her mind's eye.

Kagome drew in a shuddering breath. "And then this demon stepped onto the rock that made a path." Her eyes closed. "He was shot dead. And then a lot of these weird looking creatures stepped out from the spaceship thing and began… killing everybody."

The area was dead silent and Kagome's voice echoed strangely in the almost empty area. The others surveyed her with a grave interest before Kaede's gentle voice broke the calm. "The Superiors- has anybody here actually seen them? In real life?"

The others shook their heads. Never before had any of them actually met the dominating race face to face and from what they had just heard, they never wanted to.

"They are a very intelligent and extremely advanced race. Their technology couldn't be matched by that of the demons and humans- it was impossible. The truth of the matter is that they have had centuries of evolution behind them. Long before the first human walked erect or when the first demon gained intelligence, the Superiors had developed far ahead of where we are even now." She glanced at the girl, gesturing to her to finish her story.

Kagome sighed and continued, "They killed anything and everything that moved. I don't know if they finished off everybody because-" She bit her lip.


Blue eyes raised to clash with amber. She drew strength from Inuyasha. "Because then one of the Superiors- they're not very 'normal' looking- he was coming towards me, and even though nobody else knew I was there… he…"

"Was staring directly at you?"

Kagome started and glanced at Kaede before shuddering and nodding. A cold grip covered her heart. "And it was like… like he was telling me that I'd die too…" She shook and suddenly felt very chilled. It was as if the temperature had suddenly dropped several degrees.

The others gasped as a faint green glow began to emit from somewhere just below her neck. Kaede's gaze sharpened and she hurried forwards towards the girl. Glancing in her eyes, she could see that Kagome's soul was becoming lost- and because of…

The old woman hurriedly reached around the girl's neck and snapped a red string that wound it. Bringing it up to the light, she revealed Kagome to have been wearing an interesting green medallion. As soon as it had left contact with the girl, she stopped shivering. The medallion sparkled eerily in the glow and revealed an intricate carving of a dragon and some sort of sword with kanji written on the side.

A gasp pierced the suddenly silent air.

All eyes ventured onto Sango.

She was pale white and pointing with a shaking hand at the medallion. "Where- where…" Horrified magenta eyes shot down to look at the recovering girl. "Where did you get that?"

Slowly, Kagome opened her eyes and slowly glanced up.

When blue met magenta, a chill of familiarity ran through the girl as her mouth dropped open and she took a step back into Inuyasha.

"It's you- y-you're that girl…" Kagome was oblivious to the stares of the other three as she concentrated on Sango. How could she not have noticed? The eyes, the hair… it all matched up! "I've seen you before…" A wave of pain rolled through Kagome's head, and before she knew it, everything turned black.

For the second time that day, Kagome fainted, this time backwards and right into Inuyasha's arms.

"Oi! Kagome!"

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