Rating: PG-13 for safety. Summary: A waiting room. Future LIT. Disclaimer: Not mine. No money. Don't sue.

Scenes from a Waiting Room

"I Fold."

"Hah! I win!"

"Shut up, rich boy."

"Real mature, Jimmy."

"Maturity is my middle name, Luke."

"It shows, too."

"Go to hell, Hayden."

"I'm already in hell, sitting here with the two of you," Christopher Hayden replied, collecting his winnings for their poker game.

Luke Danes sat back in the waiting room chair. "This is taking too long. Shouldn't they be done in there already?"

Jimmy Mariano shrugged. "Jess took twenty hours."

"That's because Jess is a pain in the ass," Luke pointed out. "And he gets it from you."

"Hey, Liz is just as much of a pain as I am," Jimmy replied.

Christopher sighed. "Rory was a pain too... or so I hear... Apparently you could hear Lorelai cursing from a mile away."

"Well, that's Lorelai," Luke nodded.

"It is," Christopher agreed smugly. "She almost hit a nurse... so I hear..."

"Where were you?" Jimmy asked.

Christopher shrugged. "I don't remember... her parents called me... apparently, she'd left them a note and driven herself to the hospital."

Luke smirked. "Only Lorelai."

"You think it's a boy or a girl?" Jimmy asked. "They found out, but they wouldn't tell anybody."

"I hope it's a boy," Luke said. "I hope it's a boy, and I hope he turns out to be as much of a problem child as Jess was. I want my karma."

"I doubt the kid will be that bad with Rory around," Christopher replied. "I'm sure he or she will be a nice, well-adjusted...Aw, jeez, who am I kidding? Well-adjusted? With this family?"

The other two men smirked and laughed a little.

"Kid's got a ton of people in its corner," Jimmy commented. "Us. The womenfolk. Jess and Rory for sure..."

"Yeah, if Jess doesn't go running," Christopher muttered.

"One: you're a hypocrite," Luke countered. "And two: I've got rope in my truck. He tries to run; he gets tied to a chair."

Jimmy shook his head. "I don't think it's something we'll have to worry about... He's grown up a lot."

Luke rolled his eyes. "As evidence of...?"

"He's in there, isn't he?" Jimmy snapped. "When Liz was in labor I couldn't even bring myself to go in with her, remember? You had to go in."

Christopher snorted. "Coward."

"You weren't even there when Rory was born," Luke pointed out.

"That's not my fault," Christopher snapped. "And I was there when Georgia was born."

"Oh, yes," Luke droned. "Georgia Hayden: poster child for ADHD."

"She's not that bad," Christopher smirked.

"Your wife had to take her outside for a walk like a dog," Jimmy laughed. "She can't sit still."

"What do you think this kid will be like?" Christopher asked, changing the subject.

"Well... either eternally hopped up on caffeine like its mother," Luke replied. "Or a lump like its father."

"He's not that much of a lump," Jimmy rolled his eyes.

"Isn't there anything in-between?" Christopher asked, ignoring Jimmy. "A happy medium?"

"Don't count on it," Luke replied.

They sat in silence for a moment.

"I'm gonna be the best grandfather," Christopher commented. "I'm gonna be there every step of the way."

Luke rolled his eyes. "You live in Boston..."


"So, how can you be there every step of the way when you live in Boston with your own wife, and the six-year-old from hell?" Jimmy asked.

"She's not from hell," Christopher argued. "She's... enthusiastic."

Luke and Jimmy gave each other a look.

"Well, I'm out of the running for Grandfather of the Year," Jimmy said. "I'm all the way out in California, and I've got a wife and a pre- teen."

"Thank god I missed the pre-teen years," Luke commented. "Liz said Jess was the worst when he was thirteen."

"Ah, Lily's not so bad," Jimmy replied. "She's a good kid for the most part... except for the parts that Jess has had an influence on... god damn that kid sometimes."

"God damn which kid?" Sasha asked as she sat down on Jimmy's knee.

"My son," Jimmy replied. "He's a pain in the ass."

Lorelai nodded as she sat down next to Luke. "No word yet?"

Luke shook his head. "Still waiting," he told her, taking her hand.

"Maybe Rory put Jess in traction," Christopher commented.

Lorelai smiled. "Good thought. I like that thought."

"Hey," Sasha said warningly. "That's our kid you're talking about."

"And he's a pain in the ass," Jimmy added. "So traction might teach him a lesson."

Sasha rolled her eyes. "Anybody hear from Liz and TJ yet?"

Luke shook his head. "I left a message at her last known address, but I haven't heard back... not that that's surprising..."

"I can't believe my baby's having a baby," Lorelai said worriedly. "I should be in there... I should just go in there, and drag Jess out and be there."

Christopher shook his head. "Don't... he deserves to be in there."

Jimmy and Luke both nodded in agreement with Christopher.

Sasha smiled. "I can't wait to see this baby... she's gonna be so cute."

"How do you know it's a she?" Christopher asked.

"Just... the look on Jess's face when I pestered him," Sasha snickered. "I think they'd do well with a girl."

"I still hope it's a boy," Luke grumbled. "I want my karma."

Lorelai laughed a little. "Oh, come on, you and Jess got along okay most of the time."

"When he wasn't being a pain in the ass," Luke grumbled.

"Rare occurrence," Jimmy nodded grimly.

Sasha rolled her eyes at Jimmy. "You loved having him around."

He shrugged. "Sometimes."

"All the time," Sasha laughed. "You were so happy when he decided to stay with us for so long."

"I got used to him."

Lorelai nodded. "He grows on you, doesn't he?"

"Like fungus," Luke agreed.

"See, and that's the good thing about Rory," Lorelai went on. "She doesn't have to grow on you. She's just generally the sweetest person in the world."

"Except for the months that she wasn't speaking to me," Christopher grumbled.

"You deserved that," Lorelai replied.

Christopher sighed. "Fine, fine... God, what is taking so long? And... where are Sherry and Georgia?"

"Georgia probably dragged her away somewhere," Jimmy commented. "No worries. They'll probably be back sometime next month."

Christopher rolled his eyes.

"I hope everything's okay," Lorelai said.

"Everything is fine," Luke reassured. "We would have heard if something was wrong... Who knows, Jess might just be putting off telling us for the sheer pleasure of watching us squirm."

"Evil boy," Lorelai pouted. "I knew he was the anti-Christ."

Jimmy gave Sasha a confused look. "What does that make me?"

"An idiot," Luke and Christopher told him.

"Thanks," Jimmy nodded, rolling his eyes.


Lorelai was the first to spot Jess as he sauntered into the waiting room. His hair was a mess, and he was shaking as he removed the green surgical gown.

The group got to their feet, to see what was going on, and as they listened to the young, frazzled man before them, a smile spread across each other their faces.