Title: Twists and Turns of Life

Chapter1: Good or Bad?

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***Jackie's P.O.V***

I've been sitting on this couch for an hour almost, waiting for Steven. Where could he be? Don't I matter more than anything? Oh crap here comes Michael.

"Hey Jackie, were you waiting for me? I knew you would want me more than Hyde." He said with that stupid smirk of his.

"No Michael! I'm waiting for Steven. You know I love him, couldn't you see that when I said yes to marrying him?"

I couldn't stay there with that ignorant person. "Tell Steven to just come to the Hub and find me." I walked as fast as I could out of there. Michael was always hitting on me, I can't stand him.

**At the Hub**

I waited at a little table in the Hub, hoping Michael would actually tell Steven I was here. His jealousy can get so annoying, but sometimes it's sweet. I looked at the door through the corner of my eye and saw my handsome Steven walking in.

"Steven! I'm right here." I ran over to him and gave him a huge hug. "So Michael told you where I was?"

"Yeah But only after I punched him in the arm. Man Kelso gets annoying." Steven can be so cute when he's mad, but then again with that Zen mask on you can't really tell his emotions. Except when he asked me to marry him… but then of course my day had to be ruined by a horrible event.


It was about 6 at night and the sun had just begun to go down. Steven had taken me out to a little cabin that looked over the lake. We sat out on the deck to watch the sun set and he took my hand and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, and when I did I swore I saw tears. That night was perfect, until I got a call about my mom coming back. I had waited for her for so long so I wanted to go see her. Steven immediately understood and we got our things and drove back.

On our way to Point Place Steven got really tired driving, but said he'd be fine. I only wish he had listened.

"Steven please, if you need me to drive I can. I know I didn't pass Driver's Ed., but I know the basics." He just smiled at me sweetly.

"Jackie I can drive, besides you don't need to pass driver's Ed to be a good driver. It's all controlled by the Government." I loved how he rambled on about the government and the little conspiracies.

The next thing I knew, a car was coming towards us in our lane. Steven tried to dodge it, but the driver was drunk and kept swerving. He yelled for me to sit back, and he knew we were going to crash, so at the last moment Steven unbuckled and dove into my seat using his body to cover me.

That next morning I woke up in the hospital. All my friends surrounded me.

"Jackie, oh my god you're awake. Are you feeling ok, should I like get a nurse?" Donna asked me those questions with such concern on her face.

"Where's Hyde, is he ok?" As soon as I asked that question Donna and Eric's faces went pale. "Oh my God! What's wrong? Where is he?" I couldn't stop the tears. I was so worried.

"Jackie calm down, Hyde is in a coma. When the car crashed into you his head was hit by the airbag into something. The doctors said there's a good chance he won't wake up… but they also said not to give up hope." I know Donna was trying to calm me, but I couldn't help it. My life was so perfect. Steven and I were going to get married, and be together. But now that's over.

"Jackie Burkhart. I see you are feeling ok to be up and talking. Is that right?" A nurse asked.

"No I'm not alright, my boyfr-my fiancé, Steven Hyde, I need to see him." Donna and Eric looked at me with shocked faces as I said fiancé.

"Are you sure you are feeling well enough to see him?"

"Yes I'm feeling great; I just need to be with him."

"Well right this way." The nurse led me out of my room. We passed several different hallways, and went up a couple floors before we reached a floor that was almost perfectly silent. We went to a door that was partially open. In there was Steven. He had a bandage wrapped around his curly hair, I laughed to myself knowing that if he woke up with that on he would be so mad. The nurse told me I could have at most fifteen minutes.

After she left I went and stood by his bed, then slowly went to kneeling by him. I knew he couldn't hear me, but I felt like I had to talk to him. "Hey Steven, I know you probably can't hear me, but I love you. I hope you wake up soon. Anyways I think I'm pretty much ok; the doctors haven't said anything to me. Well I better go… I love you." And with that I kissed him on the forehead and started to walk out when I heard him.

"I love you too Jackie." I turned around and saw my Steven lying there with his eyes on me. Tears rushed to the surface of my eyes as I called for a nurse.

We found out he was going to be ok, but would always have a scar on his head. And as for me… well they think I might not be able to have children. When Steven covered me and the airbag came out it pushed him into my stomach and possibly ruined my uterus.

*End Flashback*

"Jackie, Jackie are you ok?" Steven asked me waving his hand above my face.

"Yes I'm fine. Sorry I just was thinking about the accident. It's been on my mind so much lately since we are now planning the wedding."

"Jackie, I've been thinking. I want to still try and have our baby. I know it might not be possible, but I don't care. Let's try." He looked so cute and I wanted a baby as well.

"Oh Steven! I'd love to try and have a baby." I probably looked like if I smiled anymore my face would fall off but I couldn't help it.

*Back in the basement*

"Hey you two crazy kids, where have you been?" Eric asked with that silly look of his.

"Just down at the Hub man. Where's Donna?" Asked Steven.

"Upstairs with my mom. She just found out she was pregnant, so they're talking about all the details." Eric clearly had forgotten about how much me and Steven wanted a baby but couldn't. Steven looked over at me and knew I was hurting. He knew I wanted a baby.

"Really? How far along it she?" Michael's bimbo blonde asked from the love seat.

"The doctor said she was 5 weeks." After not being able to take it anymore I walked over to Steven and told him I was going back to the apartment. He gave me a kiss and I left.

***Hyde's P.O.V***

Jackie has been looking so worried lately; I know she has been thinking about the accident frequently. I wish I could help her, but I just don't know how. Man girls are so confusing.

"Hey Hyde, guess what me and Fez just did?" Kelso had interrupted my thoughts.

"Ok Kelso, what'd you guys do?" I asked reluctantly.

"Fez and I saw this guy walking down the street, and Fez was all 'hey it's the marshmallow man!' then I was all 'no Fez, its Hyde's mom!'" Kelso gave one of his stupid laughs and almost fell off the couch.

"Yeah man whatever." Then I punched him in the arm, then he fell off the couch so me and Fez laughed.

Just then Jackie walked back in, I expected her since it had been a while since she left. "Hey babe." I smiled at her and she came and sat on my lap.

"Hey there, I need to talk to you later, just us ok?" She looked at me with the happiest look I've seen on her face.

"Ok. So how is the wedding plans coming?" I didn't really care, but Jackie likes it when I ask about them.

"Well they are coming along great, but I was thinking of moving the date up just a bit."

"Like how much, a month or so? Cause we were planning on it in six months right?"

"Well I was thinking we could get married within the next few weeks?" She knew I was in shock and gave me a sweet look and a kiss on the cheek.

"Jackie do you think everything will be ready in a few weeks? Are we going to be ready?" At this point everything kind of just flashed through my mind.

"I'm more than ready. In fact Steven… I'm pregnant!" My thoughts just stopped, but my heart was racing… I didn't know if I was excited or scared. How would I tell her I might not be ready?

To Be Continued…

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