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Relatively Dangerous

Dreams Do Come True...

Elane was looking out of the lighthouse window when she heard Emplate enter the room. She turned to face her new ally and asked, "Is it time?"

Emplate walked over to her and said, "Soon, everyone will be leaving the school. I have gotten insight that Richard and Yvette would stay behind. The fact is that you might be expected."

She did not like the sound of that. "What do you mean?"

Emplate looked at her and said, "They are planning to have someone stay behind with them. That won't affect the plan any, will it?" His words were almost harsh, but she knew he wouldn't sup on her.

"One extra person is not a problem. It is hard for me to focus my aura on more than four targets. The less I have to take on, the more likely success will occur. Now, Emplate, I have a question for you?"

"And that is?"

"The girl that Richard has taken a liking to, Yvette. Is there another reason you want her brought here?" She heard Emplate sigh as if there was a weight on his shoulders.

"That girl was unlike most of the other mutants I supped on. She lasted the longest. I still wonder where my life ended and hers began. The fact that she escaped has made it harder for me to survive. If the opportunity would have arisen, I would have traded them one mutant for her."

"And forcing Rich to watch her suffer would be painful for him as well. I could really love it here. But how will I get to the school to capture them?"

"I shall transport you to the school, but do you have a way to hide from the cameras." Elane knew that this would shock Emplate, as well as Generation X. She focused on her aura and allowed it not to emanate from her, but to envelope her. Emplate then exclaimed, "Amazing, you have become invisible."

"I can do this at anytime, Emplate. They won't know where I am, until I attack them." She allowed herself to become visible again and said, "Anything else I should know?"

"Yes. I don't want them to know of my involvement, at least not yet. When you leave, head north from the school. Eventually, you will see the lighthouse."

"Then, I'm ready to attack." She noticed that Emplate held out his hand.

"Take hold of my hand, and I shall take you to the gate of the school. And put your aura around the two of us." She did as he said, and instantaneously, they left the plane of reality and passed through what seemed a realm of hands, reaching out to slash them to pieces. They then appeared at the gate of the school, and Emplate left the same way they arrived. She put her aura up, and disappeared from sight.

Everett walked into the lounge with Jubilee, Monet and Paige to see Rich, fast asleep on the sofa, and Penny sitting near him. He always figured that after the impression Rich made on her, that the two could never be separated. She looked up at them and motioned for quiet. Obviously, Rich had given in to the need to sleep. Of course, the way that everyone had said he was yawning, it wouldn't be too long. He whispered to Penny, "Do you think he'll wake up soon?"

She stood up and walked over to them. "Not in time to go to the airport. I'm worried about him. I don't want to leave him alone to face someone who wants to kill him, but his dream said that both of us would be captured, or worse." Everett noticed that she was going to cry.

Jubilee then said, "Don't worry, Penny. If you stay behind, someone else will stay to help." He noticed that Penny started to calm down. Everett wondered if that would be true if he and Jubilee would be put into that situation.

It wasn't too long until Sean, Emma, and the others entered the room. Everett knew it was time to leave for the airport, but everybody had heard about Rich's nightmare. He noticed that Sean looked at the couch and asked Penny, "Do ye want to try and wake him?" Penny shook her head and he continued, "Well, I figure that ye will want to stay with Rich, but I want someone to volunteer to stay with them." Everett wondered how much help he could be. The ability was unknown, and apparently by how things appeared, Rich had an idea of who it was.

It didn't take too long for a response, because Paige said, "Ah'll stay behind, sir. Besides, Ah want to talk to Yvette a bit." He had to admit, there was a look of confusion in Penny's eyes, but he wondered how long it would take Paige to sort things out with Jono. He could also tell by the look in Jono's eyes that he was worried about her facing an unknown attacker.

"Alright, but be careful, lass." Sean responded to her volunteering, and then said, "Alright everybody, let's head to the airport." Sean then motioned them all to the school van. Everett thought they were all taking a chance by leaving Yvette, Rich and Paige behind, but what could they do.

As they got into the van, Jubilee said to him, "Hey, Ev, do you think that they will be alright? I mean, we don't know a thing about Rich's family, and we got a shock when we found out about Bastion." He remembered how close Jubilee had been to being Bastion's prisoner.

"Don't worry. I don't think that anything could be worse in Rich's family than Bastion," he told her, but he didn't believe what he had said. There was just something about it that seemed wrong.

Paige watched as the van pulled away. Deep down, she thought of how hurt Jono had been. She couldn't keep this anger up forever, she still loved Jono, and Rich was always trying to get her and Jono back together. She knew that in her anger at Jono, she took his interests in her life as and mistook for affection, but she had to admit that Rich had a charm all his own. That was part of the reason she wanted to talk to Yvette about. Rich was the best thing to ever happen to Yvette, and she didn't want Yvette to think that she was trying to take him from her.

She went back to the lounge and Yvette was sitting next to Rich. He had started to toss and turn. He must have been dreaming again. Yvette must have been trying to wake him psionically. Yvette then saw Paige standing there and said, "Paige, I appreciate that you are staying behind to help, but why did you want to talk to me?"

Paige knew Yvette was confused about that, so she decided to tell her. "Yvette, Ah don't want you to worry about me trying to take Rich from you anymore. When everyone gets back, Ah'm going to patch things up with Jono. Ah just hope Ah get the time to think about it." She saw a smile cross Yvette's face.

"Paige, even when I didn't talk, I thought you would make a nice couple. Sometimes, what one doesn't say is the loudest thing they communicate." Paige had to admit that Yvette was right on the nose. A loud crash shattered the quietness of the moment, and Yvette's eyes went wide. "What was that?"

Paige knew what it was. It was the mystery attacker. She quickly husked her skin, revealing a skin of iron. She turned to Yvette and said, "Wake Rich and find someplace to hide, until Ah call you. Ah think that the mystery attacker has finally arrived." She ran out of the lounge and to the main hall. The door had been smashed open. She looked around and saw no one. She was about to look outside when she felt someone punch her whole body in one shot. She hit the back wall and almost collapsed.

"Gee, and I was hoping for a challenge." Paige looked up and saw a blond girl, about 18 standing there, with an evil grin on her face. "I guess this will be a quick visit."

Paige stood and said to the attacker, "Ah will guarantee you that. Ah plan to throw you out of here." She started to run at the girl. The girl just looked at her and laughed. When Paige was halfway to the girl, the girl did a kick at her. Paige thought it was strange, since she was to far away to be hit, until she felt the kick to her stomach. She fell to the ground gasping for breath.

The girl looked at her and said sarcastically, "Poor little hick girl, did I hurt you? Maybe you need to tighten your gut a bit." Paige watched as the girl clenched her left hand. As the girl's hand tightened into a fist, she could feel a forced crushing her waist. She screamed in pain and the girl released her grip. "Hurt like hell, didn't it, Hick?" Paige couldn't move, but she had to try and husk again. She went to start the process, but her wrists seemed to be held together. As she struggled to separate her wrists, the girl walked over to her head and said, "I am Aura, your worst nightmare." With that, the girl's foot hit her square in the face, and everything went dark.

Rich awoke as Yvette was shaking him and screaming at him. He looked at her and said, "What's wrong?" He looked around and saw nobody around. No. The nightmare was coming true. He then said, "Yvette, love, where is everybody?"

She looked at him with a slight panic in her eyes. She then said, "You were asleep, and Sean had asked if anyone would stay behind with us. Paige volunteered and..."

"Oh no! The nightmare is coming true."

"Rich, that's not the worst of it. The attacker is here. Paige told us to hide until she came and get us. I then heard a scream out in the hall." Rich knew what that meant. Paige was out of commission.

Rich looked around the room. In the corner, he saw a vent. "Yvette, the vents might be our only way to safety. I don't think Paige can help us right now." He started to tense up, so he could cut the screws in the vent.

She did the same and said {What's wrong? Why did you say that?} She was scared now, and he couldn't blame her.

{In my dream, someone stayed here. By the time of the chase, they were in no shape to help us.} The screw were cut and the vent cover was open.

{But who could be attacking?} He motioned for her to go into the vent first. He hoped that they would get in and moving before the attacker arrived.

As he followed her into the vent, Rich heard a familiar voice say, "Come out where ever you are, Rich?" It was who he feared it would be. They were in deep trouble. He closed the vent and motioned Yvette to move until they were out of sight of the vent, and in a cross vent.

As they stopped, Rich looked at Yvette and said, {Remember that I was telling you about that girl my uncle adopted.}

She seemed to grasp the concept quickly. {You mean that the attacker is her. Oh my God, what can she do?}

{She has the ability to extend her aura, to manipulate it to do things. Defensive measures are useless, for her defense is her offense. That was why we must stay out of her sight. I don't know what she can do with her abilities. But, that leaves one question.}

{How did she find out you were here?} He nodded. He told nobody of the school. And there was no way that she could have found out.

He was about to say something when a voice echoed through the vents. "Rich, I don't care how, but I will find you, and I will ruin your life. I hope you have a girlfriend, cause I will give her the same treatment I gave the hick that tried to stop me, only worse."

Rich looked at Yvette and saw she was trembling. He decided to try and comfort her. {Well, I guess there is some good news.} She looked at him in shock and he said, {At least we know that she isn't working with Emplate, because if she was, she would have known that we were an item.}

Yvette let a small smile cross her face. {I guess your right, but I think we should try and do something.}

He had to agree. {Something tells me that she beat up Paige pretty bad. We better try and get Paige to the Med-Unit, and soon.} Yvette nodded, and they worked their way through the vents.

Daria looked out at the crowd. It was surprising to find out she was a mutant. Bastion had told her that mutants were freaks, and now she was one. She was confused. When Zero Tolerance ended, everyone was shuttled away, except for Daria. She had been handed a letter with a photo, and some money. The letter was from Bastion. He said that his nephew would help her more that he could have. The photo was obvious that of Bastion's nephew. The boy appeared about twenty-one, with brown hair, and brown eyes, other than that, he appeared to look like Bastion. The fact that he wore glasses was the only real difference that Daria could tell between the faces, other than the age. She thought about how Bastion would have tried to help her, maybe by removing the mutant factor, but then what would she be. She had some bad fears although. She remembered the video tape that she had seen, and how the creature called Emplate had attacked Jonothan Starsmore. What if this creature would try and attack her? "Daria?" said a voice in the crowd. Daria turned in the direction of the voice and saw an Asian American girl beckoning her. The girl was about her age. Amongst the group of people, she recognized a few faces from the files that Bastion had. She recognized the blond haired woman as Emma Frost, head of Frost Enterprises, and it was obvious that the boy whose face was half covered was Jonothan Starsmore.

She walked over to the group. She was nervous. How would these people except her, knowing that she had worked with Bastion? She decided to finally speak up. "Hello, I guess you are from the school?" She looked through the people in the group and failed to find the face of Bastion's nephew. She then asked, "I was just wondering where Richard was?"

A man with a goatee answered the question. "Rich is back at the school with two of the other students, and we should be getting back there."

A little bit confused by this, Daria asked, "Is something wrong with him?"

It was Emma Frost that answered this time. "It appears that Rich has a unique gift for foretelling the future. We don't want to be gone too long, in fear that when we return, he might be dead, as well as the students with him."

"Is it the Emplate creature?"

This time, a girl of African descent spoke. "How did you find out about Emplate?" There was shock in her eyes.

"It was part of the tape from the security cameras that Bastion had 'obtained' when he was searching for mutants. Nobody there knew how to classify it." The look the Africans face had that of distaste when she said the word 'it'.

The Asian girl spoke again. "You have to forgive Monet, she's a bit touchy about family."

"Jubilee," Monet had said, "I don't think this should be discussed until at the school." Daria remembered seeing that name before. She was part of the X-Men at one time.

Daria then remembered what had happened to Jonothan Starsmore and said, "Could you tell me on the way to the school? I don't think that I want to meet this Emplate person right now."

The man with the goatee then said, "Of course. Along the way, we shall tell ye a bit more about ourselves, but I hope that you have changed since your employment with Bastion."

Daria thought back to some of the things she saw Bastion do to the prisoners he had. A shiver ran up her spine. "I hope no one ever goes through what I have seen him do, Mr."

"Cassidy, Sean Cassidy. And ye can call me Sean." Daria had the strangest feeling that her life was going to get a new start.

Rich and Yvette had spent the past half hour maneuvering through the vents. Every time he heard the voice of his former cousin, they switched paths. Eventually, they made their way to a vent that lead to the Main Hall. When they left the vents, Yvette said, {You were right, Paige isn't going to be of any help.} Rich saw what Yvette meant. Lying on the floor of the hall was Paige. It was obvious that she tried to use her ability, but was unsuccessful. She was now back to normal flesh and blood, and she was unconscious. The air coming in from the broken front door would not be good for her.

{We better get Paige covered up, before she catches a cold, besides I don't think she would appreciate someone seeing her like this.} He said, due to the lack of clothing on her body. Yvette nodded and they worked quickly, cutting down a curtain, and covering Paige so she wouldn't freeze, and that she wouldn't be embarrassed when she came to.

{Apparently, your cousin doesn't intend to let anyone stop her,} Yvette said in a worried tone. He completely understood her concern.

{I hate to think what she has planned for me if she does catch us. She'll probably make me watch you suffer and die, but then, who knows?}

{She'll have to find us first, and let's hope we can keep her guessing until everyone returns.}

"That's it." Rich shouted it, forgetting that his former cousin could be anywhere. He then continued, {That is why the attack happened when hardly anybody was around. She hated crowds. It is harder to manipulate a crowd of people with an aura, because of the size. If we can hold out until Sean and the others return. We'll be safe.} He noticed movement. He and Yvette backed towards the hallway behind them, because the movement was in front of the vent that they had come out of. There was nothing there, but then, she appeared.

"Well, I should have known you would try and help the Hick, but judging how you and that one act, she must be your girlfriend. Get ready to die, you two." She acted as she was going to grab something.

{Bolt.} Instantaneously, Rich and Yvette ran down the hallway. They had to find a vent to hide in. They needed all the time they could get. There was no telling how soon everyone would get back.

As they approached a side hall, Yvette pointed and said, {There is a vent. If we can reach it, we're home free.} He nodded and they made a dive for the vent. In mid air, he felt the pain of hitting the wall, but he knew what they hit. As he and Yvette started to fall to the ground, he felt as if he was hovering.

He and Yvette were soon in an upright position floating in the air, but immobile. They were facing his former cousin, as she walked down the hall toward them. He noticed that her hands were clenched, as if she was holding something in them. "You know," she said, "I always wondered how the hell you found out about my ability. Now, I found out how." She continued to put pressure on them, more on him than on Yvette. Rich didn't know why she was doing that.

He started to wonder how she knew he was here. He looked at her and said "Elane, how did you find out that I was here?" He was starting to have trouble breathing.

She continued putting pressure on him and said, "I hacked into Ms. Frost's computers." Rich, even on the little consciousness he had left, could tell that must have been a lie, but who would help her. He didn't have long to think on it, for everything went to black.

Yvette looked at Rich. The one person who helped her communicate with Generation X, and the one person who loved her, was hanging in mid air, apparently lifeless. She turned to face the attacker, who he had called Elane and said, "Why are you doing this?" She was scared, not because of what she would do to her, but what she would do to Rich. Rich tried never to hurt anyone, with the exception of Black Tom Cassidy.

Elane brought Yvette face to face with her and said, "Because, he ruined my plans. I was going to control the world. Strike fear into everyone, and how could anyone stop me. I could become invisible. I could force anyone to do anything. I could even force you to kill him if I wanted to." Yvette shuddered. This girl sounded exactly like Emplate, but she didn't want to feed off them. No wonder Rich was afraid of her. "All I want is to see him suffer, maybe die. After all I do to you, he will be in tears." She felt the pressure as Elane started to constrict her breathing as well.

"You won't succeed. Our friends will stop you." She hoped that this would be true, but something told her that once Elane had them, they wouldn't see the school ever again.

"Who said that we would be here?" At that Yvette couldn't breathe anymore. She slipped into unconsciousness. She sensed the darkness of sleep surrounding her, with one difference. There was a high pitched sound.