Nothing is ever what it seems. By Miss P.

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Summary: Miss Parker and Jarod switch bodies.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters in this story and I'm not getting paid for writing it!

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Miss Parker ran into the hall, her gun drawn and screaming out Jarod's name she quickly brought out her handcuffs ready to get him. She was sure this time he wouldn't get away. She saw Jarod spin around. He had a shocked and surprised look on his face. Miss Parker smiled evilly. She walked up to the stunned pretender, her gun pointed straight at his head.

"Please Miss Parker, this is important," Jarod said pleadingly. ***Please, go away. This can be dangerous***

"I don't give a damn! Put your hands where I can see them!" Miss Parker screamed.

When Jarod refused to let go of the small bottle of lime green-liquid he was holding in his hand, Miss Parker got even angrier. With a quick movement she snatched it out of his hand and threw it away. The bottle hit the wall with a loud crash.

"NO! MISS PARKER, DON'T!!" Jarod's scream echoed through the hall. Miss Parker gave him a frightened look. Soon the room filled with smoke in the same green color as the liquid.

"Jarod! What's going on?!" Miss Parker asked in a worried voice. ***Did I cause that? ***

Before Jarod had a chance to answer, he felt his head start spinning and he could hardly breathe. He desperately tried to get hold of something, but it was too late. His legs gave way under him and he collapsed at the floor. Before he passed out, he could see Miss Parker body fall to the floor as well. Her body was shaking and she sounded like someone was choking her. ***No, not her, please let her be okay! *** Then everything went black.

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Jarod didn't know how long he had been unconscious, but slowly he started to wake up. He couldn't tell what but something felt wrong, terribly wrong. Slowly he sat up, massaging his aching head. After a while the headache faded away, but still something was wrong. What could it be? Suddenly he became aware of something; he ran his fingers through his hair. It didn't feel right. Jarod gasped in shock as he realized what was happening, how was it possible? Slowly he put his hair behind his ears and looked down at the rest of his body. He shook his head in disbelief, this was not his body, it was Miss Parker's! Almost afraid too look; he turned his head to see if Miss Parker had waken up yet. Even though he knew what had happened, the sight in front of him came as a shock. He couldn't believe it! They had switched bodies! His soul was trapped in Miss Parker's body and hers in his.

"Oh my god," he whispered. He got up on his feet and was just about to walk up to Miss Parker when he tripped and fell forward, hitting the floor hard. With a loud groan he made a second attempt. He managed to make it to a standing position. And giving his high heeled shoes a doubtful look he tried walking. After a while he had learnt how to do so, and managed to make it to Miss Parker's still unconscious body. He sat down next to her and gently shook her shoulder.

With a moan, Miss Parker opened her eyes. It took a while before she could focus, and when she saw the face looking down at her, she thought she was having hallucinations. She closed her eyes and opened them again. But the sight was still the same.

"What's going on? Who are you?" ***Do I have a twin-sister? *** She asked without paying attention to her 'new' voice.

"Miss Parker, it's me, Jarod. It seems like we have switched bodies," Jarod said.

Miss Parker stared at him. "What?" she asked puzzled. She slowly sat up and let her gaze travel downwards.

"Oh my god! I'm you!" she exclaimed. Jarod couldn't help but laugh as he saw the shocked look on her face.

"How is it possible?" Miss Parker whispered. ***Shit! ***

"I'm not sure. But I suspect it's because of the bottle you broke. I was doing some research, about the possibility to literally become anyone else. I guess it backfired."

Miss Parker didn't know what to say. She was stunned. This was just too much! She was trapped in Jarod's body? What the hell was she going to do?

She sighed. "To become anyone else? I'm glad you're taking your role as a pretender serious, but what the HELL did you do something like this for!"

"Don't blame me; you were the one who threw the bottle."

"So you're saying this is my fault? You bastard!" ***Hell, it IS my fault! ***

"Okay, I don't think it's the right time to fight. We need to figure something out," Jarod said.

"No kidding! How long will it take for you to find something that'll make everything right?"

"Well, it took three weeks to come up with this, so don't..." Jarod started but got interrupted.

"I can't do this! You find something and that's fast! I'm going back to the Centre!" Miss Parker snapped. She got up on her feet and headed for the door.

"Are you nuts!? What do you think the Centre will say if you walk around there looking like me!?" Jarod screamed, running after her. Just as he reached her, he once again tripped and had to grab the nearest thing that happened to be Miss Parker.

"How the hell can you walk in these things?!" he gasped, trying to regain his balance. ***Damn these heels! ***

Miss Parker couldn't help laughing as she realized Jarod was wearing her shoes. She smirked.

"Catch me if you can!" she said, hurrying out of the room.

"MISS PARKER!" Jarod screamed.

Miss Parker walked back into the hall, she rolled her eyes as she saw the way Jarod was swaying there he was standing.

"Gee, if you're gonna continue like that, you'll disgrace me..." she sighed. ***How hard can it possibly be? ***

Jarod sighed heavily. "Parker, this might take a while. We better get use to this," he said.

Miss Parker nodded. "There's only one thing to do. You'll go back to the Centre and pretend to be me," she said.

"I can't do that!"

"And why the hell not?!"

"I'm not putting one foot in that building." *** I'm not going there; please don't make me go there! ***

"You don't have a choice!" Miss Parker snapped impatiently. "And just a tip. Learn how to walk!" she spat.

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"Good luck J, and don't screw up. I don't wanna be locked up somewhere," Miss Parker said.

"I'll do my best." Jarod said. There was a silence. *** This could be interesting...*** "I can't wait until tonight, just imagine what I can do with this body!" he continued.

Miss Parker let out a small gasp. She stared at him. "You wouldn't dare. If you even look at my body I swear I'll kill you," she snarled.

Jarod laughed. "A little hard not to, huh? Have you heard about showers?" he grinned. ***Hah! Gotcha! ***

"You perverse bastard!"

Jarod smirked. "Don't look so shocked honey, you have noting to be ashamed of," he taunted, letting his hand slid in under his blouse. *** Mmmmm, this is nice...***

"Don't do that!" Miss Parker exclaimed, staring at the hand which slowly found its way upwards. ***Oh god, don't touch it, no not there. Mmmmm, why ain't I me now? ***

"I never thought your skin would be this soft," Jarod said with a faked moan of satisfaction. ***Yes! I love that look...oh no, Uh-oh. ***

"Don't touch me, you bastard!" Miss Parker snapped. Without thinking she hit him hard in his face.

"That wasn't a smart move Parker," Jarod groaned, trying to stop the bleeding from his lip.

Miss Parker shook her head. ***Sure as hell not! *** "I hit myself, I'm gonna kill me if that turns out to be a scar," she mumbled, giving Jarod a napkin before he would ruin her clothes.

"Don't worry."

"Listen Parker, while I'm gone. You'll have to go to my hotel room and get some clothes for you. It seems like we're gonna live together for a while."

"No!" ***I can't let him stay in my house! What if Daddy comes? Wait, he's me... Hell, I can't stay in my house! ***

"I'll take the guestroom, it's okay. Stop being such a bitch!" ***What is she afraid of? It's not like anything can happen since we don't have our own bodies! Hmmm, it could be Jarod! Don't think like that! *** With a smug smile, Jarod turned around and walked out through the door, leaving a stunned Miss Parker behind.

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Jarod walked through the corridor towards Miss Parker's office. His eyes scanned everyone he met, he felt like everybody looked at him. Could they see he was not Miss Parker? What if they could feel that their prey was close? Jarod sighed. Of course not, what were they? Hyenas? ***Hmmm, something like that*** He couldn't help but smile. How could he be so stupid! Jarod continued walking. As he reached the office, Mr. Parker was waiting inside. Jarod gave him a terrified look, but soon calmed down.

"Angel! There you are," Mr. Parker said as he walked up to his daughter and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Jarod shuddered. ***Urk, he kissed me! Disgusting! *** This was creepy.

"I was beginning to get worried,"

***You lying asshole! You don't give a damn about her! ***

"Don't worry daddy, I can take care of myself," he said, praying Miss Parker would have said the same thing.

"I wonder if you have heard anything from Jarod lately. This game is getting rather annoying, we need him back as soon as possible," Mr. Parker said.

Jarod swallowed hard. He gave the older man a look. He smirked. ***I'm right here! Come get me! ***

"No, I haven't."

"You know you'll be free to the leave the Centre when you have returned Jarod."

"And who have decided that! If you care about me at all, you should let me decide what to do with my own life! Why didn't you let me be happy with Tommy?" As the words had come out, Jarod regretted saying them. But he just couldn't resist it!

"Angel, I though you had gotten over that," Mr. Parker said with a deep sigh.


"I'm sorry daddy, but I don't think I'll ever will get over that. Do you understand how much it hurt me?" Jarod continued. He knew Miss Parker would kill him if she knew what he was doing, but this could be the only opportunity he got to find out what was going on between the chairman and his daughter.

Mr. Parker gave his daughter an irritated look.

"Parker, I don't want to hear about that again okay! What happened was for the best, for all of us."

"You mean for you and the Centre! But how do you think I feel?"

"Dammit Parker! What is wrong with you?"

There was a silence. Jarod got a feeling of that he should stop questioning him, before he would get too suspicious. He sighed.

"I'm sorry, I overreacted that's all, lets forget about this," Jarod said, he gave the older man a smile. Mr. Parker returned the smile.

"Yes, let's forget this, forever." Mr. Parker hugged his daughter. After a while he let go and walked up to the door.

"Don't forget, the sooner Jarod is returned, the sooner you can leave," he said before he left.

Jarod stared after him. He slowly shook his head. He didn't care about her at all! How could a father be so heartless against his own daughter? He wondered if Miss Parker knew about this. Maybe it was for the best if she didn't. Her father was the only one in her family she had left, except Lyle, but he didn't even count. Jarod sighed miserably. He felt so sorry for Miss Parker. Why couldn't she have a normal life? Why couldn't they let her be happy?

All of the sudden the door opened and Broots peeked in.

"Miss Parker, I'm sorry I didn't knock. But...Ehhhm...we've found Jarod, he have been spotted here in Blue Cove!"

Jarod stared at him in shock. How was it possible? He'd told her to be careful! Dammit! This was not a part of the plan. ***Shit! This is not going to be easy! ***

"Miss Parker, did you hear me?"

"Yes, I'm sorry. I was just..." Jarod started but realized he didn't sound like Miss Parker at all.

"Fine! Get Syd! We're leaving right now!" he snapped. As he saw the scared look on Broots face he immediately regretted snapping at him. Poor guy, was this what he was going through every day? Why couldn't Miss Parker be a little nicer? He wanted to apologize, but forced himself to be quiet.

~¤~¤~¤~ ~¤~¤~¤~ ~¤~¤~¤~

Miss Parker had just parked her car outside her house when a black car suddenly came in full speed towards her. It stopped and Sydney, Broots and Jarod, jumped out. She stood there staring at them as they came running towards her. Suddenly she realized, she was Jarod. She was supposed to run! ***Holy shit! *** Quickly she let go of the bag she was holding and ran in the other direction. She was surprised of how easy it was to run dressed like this. Of course Jarod got away all the time. ***Damn LabRat! ***

Jarod tried desperately to keep his pace up, to not stumble or fall. He didn't understand, how could Miss Parker run in shoes like this? Of course she never managed to get him! Actually this was kind of fun. Now he got a chance to feel and experience what Miss Parker was forced to go through everyday. And best of all, Miss Parker got a chance to feel how he felt every time he had to give up what he was doing and escape. Maybe she finally could understand.

But right now, the problem was that he had no intention to catch her. He had to come up with something to stop this chase. Jarod threw a quick glance at Sydney and Broots. Thank god it was only them and not Lyle or the Sweepers. This time he could easily fake something to make this whole thing end.

Jarod quickly glanced at the ground. *** Oh no, not again!"***

"Miss Parker! Are you okay?" Sydney immediately knelt next to her. Jarod smiled sadly as he heard the concern in the other mans voice. Slowly he got up in a half sitting position, leaning on his elbow.

"Parker? Are you hurt?"

Jarod still didn't answer. He didn't know what to say, he knew Miss Parker would just get up and continue the chase as if nothing had happened, so, something must be wrong.

"I don't know Syd, I ehhm, I think I hurt my foot," he mumbled. "Dammit! I can't believe LabRat got away again!" he added in an irritated voice.

"It's okay Parker, let me help you," Sydney said, placing his arms around Miss Parker to help her to get up.

"Can you walk?" he asked worriedly.

Jarod nodded, but Sydney could se the doubt in her eyes. *** Thank god, now I'll have a reason to not walk normally in these. ***

~¤~¤~¤~ ~¤~¤~¤~ ~¤~¤~¤~

Miss Parker stopped as she realized she wasn't being chased anymore. She glared at Jarod as she saw Sydney hold his arm around his waist to steady him. *** Dammit! It's a smart move, but I would never let him see me that weak! *** She couldn't help but smile as she saw Sydney help her back to the car. As the car drove off she let out a breath of relief. This was spooky; having someone running after you with a gun really was frightening. Poor Jarod! She headed for the house, as she got there she grabbed the bag with clothes and walked inside, closing the door carefully.

Taking off her shoes, she realized she needed to take a shower. She never imagined how warm it was to wear clothes like this. *** Thank god I'm not a guy! ***

She walked up the stairs without hearing the car that came back and stopped outside the house or the door opening and a person walking inside.

The one coming in, quietly took off his shoes and coat, letting
out a satisfied sigh as he was able to stand on his feet normally. With a smirk he followed Miss Parker up the stairs. Quietly he peeked through the opening of the bathroom door. *** Hey! It's not okay for me? But it is for you? No way...that's not fair! *** He opened the door some more, he just had too see this! He smiled as he saw the uncertain look on her face as she slowly let her hands touch the muscles on her chest, trembling slightly she let her hands further down, exploring her body.

"Do you like what you see?" *** I knew it! *** Miss Parker inhaled sharply, staring at Jarod who now was standing in the doorway. *** Shit! This is embarrassing! Oh, please just go away. CLOSE THE DOOR! ***

"Jarod, I was just going to take a shower..." she said in an uncomfortable voice. *** Stop staring at me like that! Hell, have you never seen yourself before? ***

"Oh yeah? What if I'll join you?" Jarod smirked.

"I promise, if you as much as think that thought, I'll kill you!"

"We'll se about that!" with a laugh, Jarod slowly started to undress. Starting with the tiny buttons of his blouse, and slowly, not breaking the eye contact with Miss Parker he continued with his short leather skirt.

"Jarod! Please don't," Miss Parker begged. But Jarod ignored her. When he was finished he slowly turned around to look in the full-length mirror.

"Miss Parker! You surely look beautiful!" he smiled. *** Oh my god! She is amazing. I must be dreaming! ***

"Screw you."

"Don't be mad. You're the one who started this!"

*** Oh no, he's right! What have I done to deserve this?! Please, let it be a bad dream...please... ***