Chapter sixteen

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Miss Parker and Jarod were still standing in the bathroom, not knowing what to do. With an annoyed sigh, Miss Parker walked out to the living room and sat down at the bed with her legs drawn up and her arms around them. She muttered something to herself that Jarod couldn't interpret.

Without saying anything, he walked to sit next to her, placing a pillow in his lap. He looked at Miss Parker's naked form, reaching out to put his arm around her shoulders.

"Jarod, we need to get to the car, we need our clothes before the cleaning lady comes back," Miss Parker stated.

"I have an idea, why don't we wait until she comes here and ask her to get the clothes?" Jarod asked.

Miss Parker immediately shook her head. "I'm not sitting here in the nude while she…," Miss Parker started but Jarod cut her off.

"So what do you suggest we do?" he asked, a bit irritated at her stubbornness.

"I suggest you take that pillow, and go get the damn clothes."

"No way, if you want them now, you get them yourself, I'm sorry Parker, but this time, I actually think my idea is the most logical."

Miss Parker stared at him. How could he say something like that? It was stupid!

"If you don't…" she started but was cut off once again.

"What? You gonna shoot me? Get the damn clothes yourself if you want them. I'll wait for the cleaning lady." Oh great, she'll be mad…

By now, Miss Parker was really angry. She glared at Jarod, than she got up on her feet, snatched one of the curtains and wrapped it around herself. She gave Jarod one angry look, than she stormed away, grabbing the car keys on her way out. She slammed the door shut behind her.


A couple of hours later, Miss Parker was alone at their hotel room. Jarod said he had to go away a couple of hours, and refused to tell her why. She was still a little angry about the thing with the clothes, but now when she was dressed and alone, she started to worry. What if Jarod was mad at her? Maybe she hurt him with those words she spoke… she never meant to say those things, but when she got angry she didn't really know what she was saying at all. Miss Parker whined, what if he just left? Maybe he had gotten tired of her and…

Her thoughts were interrupted when the door opened and Jarod walked inside.

"Hi honey!" he said and smiled. Please don't be angry at me…

Miss Parker got up on her feet and ran up to him, throwing herself in his arms. Thank god he came back!

"Missed me that much?" Jarod asked amused. Haha, she's not mad!

Miss Parker didn't say anything. She couldn't tell him she was afraid he had left her. How could she have been that stupid?

"I'm sorry… I didn't mean to say those things I said earlier," she said in a low voice, still hugging him tightly.

"It's okay, don't think of it," Jarod said. He pulled away a little, placing a kiss on her mouth.

"Why don't you go and get ready, we're going out!" Jarod smiled as he saw the confused look on Miss Parker's face. "Don't ask… it's a surprise," he added.


Miss Parker had no idea of where they were going and Jarod enjoyed every second. She was so cute when she had that puzzled look on her face.

When they finally arrived and Jarod guided Miss Parker down the stone stairs, unlocked a wooden door and entered the room Miss Parker's eyes grew wide. She just stood there staring. The only light in the room was the candles which were placed all around the room, the soft red light reflected in the thick stone walls. In the middle of the room, a round table was placed and a big vase with red roses stood in the middle.

"Jarod, did you… you fixed all this?" Miss Parker asked, and Jarod nodded.

"Dinner will be served in about half an hour, thought I'd do something special for us!" he said.

Miss Parker was stunned. "Wow," she whispered. "It's so beautiful." He did all of this for me? Oh I love him so much…

Jarod smiled, walked up to the table and opened a bottle of Champagne, gave one glass to Miss Parker, and one to himself.

"It's almost ironic; I mean the way this whole thing started. If you hadn't thrown that green liquid at the floor, we would never have switched bodies, and honestly, if we hadn't, I don't think we would be standing here today…" Jarod said.

Miss Parker agreed with a smile. "I can still see the look on your face when I snatched that little green thing away from you," Miss Parker laughed. "Gee, you looked like you'd seen a ghost."

Jarod chuckled. "I'm just glad everything turned out the way it did, because there is nothing I would want more than to be with you."

Miss Parker smiled. "I love you Jarod."

"Well I certainly hope so, because… ehm…" Jarod started. He brought out something from his pocket, kneeling in front of Miss Parker. He took her hand in his. "Mirah Parker, will you marry me?"

Miss Parker couldn't help but gasp out loud. OH MY GOD! She knew he loved her, but she hadn't expected he would actually ask her to marry him. Was it possible that he would want to spend the rest of his life with someone like her? Miss Parker smiled, yes it was! Oh she loved him more than anything.

"Yes! I would love too," she said, giving him a big happy smile.

Jarod returned the smile. He placed a kiss on her hand before sliding the golden ring onto her finger. "It looks beautiful on you!"


Back at the hotel room, Jarod and Miss Parker were lying in bed chatting. Destiny made herself comfortable on Miss Parker's chest, purring loudly.



"I think I'm pregnant," Miss Parker said.

"What! How can you know that, it has only been one day,"

Miss Parker smiled slightly. "I know… but I can feel it…" she said dreamingly.

Jarod smiled. "I hope you're right, it would be a dream come true to have a family with you!" he rolled over gently kissing her.

"So what do you say about moving somewhere and buy a house?" he asked

"Great idea, as long as the Centre won't find us…"

"Don't worry baby, I'll make sure the Centre never finds us again, ever," Jarod assured. If that place came between him and his family again, he would kill them all. He would do anything to protect Miss Parker, their future baby, Destiny, and his parents and siblings.

"I want to go to LA," Miss Parker suddenly said.

Jarod smiled. "Sounds like a wonderful idea, we can buy a beach house… and we'll be far away from the Centre." Just the two of us… ehm, maybe three! Oh, sorry Destiny, I mean four!


Early next morning, Miss Parker and Jarod had packed their stuff and were already on their way to their new life. Jarod was driving. Miss Parker was sitting in the passenger seat with Destiny in her lap.

"Hey Jarod, why don't we make this a road trip?" Miss Parker suggested with a smile on her lips. She remembered their first road trip; it had actually been really fun.

Jarod laughed. "Sure!" he turned the radio on, and they both just enjoyed the music… the feeling of freedom, for a long time.



"I just can't believe this is really happening, it's everything I ever wanted," Miss Parker said. She'd never thought her dream would come true. And now she was on her way to Los Angeles with the man she loved more than anything. Isn't life perfect!

Miss Parker smiled, looking at the road in front of them. They were finally on their way, on their way to a never-ending life in happiness.