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Summary: Inuyasha and Miroku are the best of friends, Kagome and Sango are the best of friends. What happens when their worlds collide when they go to the same college? Inu/Kag, San/Mir, Sess/Rin

Authors Note: In this story Inuyasha has his human form in the anime except that he has white hair and golden eyes, and all of the characters have are exactly the same from the anime.

P.S: I made this story a little bit longer for you to enjoy.


Chapter One: A new beginning


The two best friends, Kagome and Sango walked down the halls of their new college together.

"What is our dorm number?" Kagome asked Sango.

"Umm lets see, it's 214." Sango answered.

"Okay, I'll race you to our dorms!" Kagome shouted.

Sango smiled, as her best friend raced through the corridors, "Wait Kagome, you don't even know the direction to our dorms!"

a/n: By the way, the college Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Inu Yasha are at is like the top college the name is Tokyo University, Only top scholars from highschool can get in and the grounds are humongously huge. Anyway back to the story.


Inu Yasha, and his best friend Miroku, walked through the hallways of their new college.

"What number is our dorm?" Inu Yasha asked rather rudely to Miroku.

"Room 215," Miroku remarked.

"I hope we have cute girls for our neighbors." Miroku said, with a hopeful look on his face.

"Shut up, you perverted womanizing monk."

"But I'm not even a monk!"

"You just remind me of one." Inu Yasha remarked.

Inu Yasha ran ahead, saying "I'm going to go have a look at the bulletin boards!"

Inu Yasha was about to run through an intersection leading to another hallway when he bumped into someone.

"Watch where your going!!" he shouted, without even looking at the person who he just hit.

"Well sorry, but I think you should watch where your going too!" a girl, with beautiful waist length raven black hair, and chocolate brown eyes, shouted back. She was wearing a baby blue tank top, and black denim jeans.

"I was watching where I was going you wench!" Inu Yasha shouted back. Man it should be illegal to look that hot and sexy, Inu Yasha thought to himself.

"I am not a wench, you jerk!!!" Kagome retorted, is this guy a big jerk or what she thought to herself, but gods above does he look hot!! (Inu Yasha was wearing a tight red muscle shirt, and blue colored jeans.) But the next retort that came from Inu Yasha caught her slightly off guard.

"Yes you are!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

By this time Miroku and Sango had arrived on the scene.

"Whoa calm down Inu Yasha" Miroku, said.

"What happened Kagome?" asked Sango.

"Yeah what happened?" asked Miroku.

"You should not be rude to a lovely lady you just met, and her even more lovely friend." Miroku said, with a perverted grin.

Sango blushed at that comment. Wow does he look hot, she thought to herself. (By the way Miroku was wearing a purple muscle shirt and baggy black jeans, Sango was wearing a pink tanktop and navy blue denim jeans, I just thought you would like to know what they were wearing but anyway back to the story.)

Miroku went straight over to Sango and said, "By the way my name is Miroku, and may I know the name of the most beautiful maiden I have ever met?"

"Yes, my name is Sango" but just then she felt a hand groping her rear end, and shouted "PERVERT!", and a slap was heard throughout the entire hallway.

Inu Yasha and Kagome both sweatdropped.

"When will he learn?" Inu Yasha said quietly.

Kagome giggled.

Inu Yasha strode over directly toward Kagome so they were face to face, and said "sorry about earlier, I should have watched where I was going, by the way my name is Inu Yasha, what's yours?"

"Don't worry about it; it was partially my fault too, and my name is Kagome," Kagome said. She thought, so he does have a nice side.

"Well, I'll see you around then?" Inu Yasha asked.

Kagome just replied with a simple "yep!"

"Well, then I have to get going, bye!"

He walked off dragging an unconscious Miroku, and was muttering something about stupid perverts.

Kagome sighed as she watched the gorgeous figure of Inu Yasha walking down the other hallway.

She wondered, will I ever meet him again?

"Kagome let's go to our own dorms."

"Hold on Sango chan!"

When the two friends finally reached their dorms, after getting lost a couple of times.....

"Here it is Kagome!"

"Finally we are here!"

When they entered dorm 214, they gasped at what they saw.

"WOW!!" they said together.

Their dorms were very spacious, with two beds on both sides of their room, two computers for each of them, a big widescreen Sony television, and a room leading to two separate showers.

They quickly setup all their belongings, and decided to go meet their neighbors which was right next to their room.

It was room 215 the room Inu Yasha and Miroku were staying at....

a/n: Maybe I'll leave it here, nah that would be too cruel.

"You knock Kagome,"


Kagome knocked on the door of their neighbors, three times.

"Who is it?" A familiar voice answered.

"Oh, we are your neighbors," Kagome said gently.

When the door opened both Kagome, and Sango gasped.

The white haired angel from before answered,

"It's YOU!" Kagome screamed.

"Speak of the devil," Inu Yasha retorted back with a glare.

"What is that suppose to mean!!"

"It means what dumbluck it is to have you as our neighbors!!"

"I agree!" Kagome shouted, with all her might into Inu Yasha's face, their faces where so close that their noses were touching, and they both quickly looked away blushing.

Miroku quickly made his way toward Sango, and said, "Wow I'm really lucky to have both of you as our neighbors!! My dream finally came true!!"

Sango blushed.

But, when she felt a hand on her butt she screamed "PERVERT!!!" and slapped him so hard so he was almost on the verge of losing consciousness.

"Wow she slaps really hard," Inu Yasha said to Kagome.


"So what are you doing this weekend?" Inu Yasha asked.

"Why do you care?" Kagome answered sourly.

"I don't know, it's just a question I guess." He answered slowly.

(By the way, this college has a three week vacation so the students can get use to their new homes and settle in. Anyway back to the story.)

Miroku gains full consciousness.

"Were going to go to the movies, you girls wanna come?" Miroku asked hopefully.

"We'll give you an answer on that later" Sango said shortly, "Come on Kagome let's go."


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