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Summary: AU. College life is not always as simple as it may seem.. Inuyasha and Miroku are the best of friends, Kagome and Sango are the best of friends, what will happen when their worlds collide? InuKag MirSan

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Summary: AU. Summer time was here for Kagome Higurashi and her best friend Sango, they were planning on going to the grand opening of a new vacation resort. They didn't know that Inuyasha Takahashi, the famous superstar was going to be there too. What Kagome doesn't know wouldn't hurt her, right?


I know there's something in the wake of your smile.
I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yea.
You've built a love but that love falls apart.
Your little piece of heaven turns too dark.
Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile.
The precious moments are all lost in the tide, yea.
They're swept away and nothing is what is seems,
the feeling of belonging to your dreams.
And there are voices that want to be heard.
So much to mention but you can't find the words.
The scent of magic, the beauty that's been
when love was wilder than the wind.



[It Goes To Show How Much I Love You]


Chapter Eight: The 13 Doors and The Thunder Dolphin






Previously: Inu Yasha and Miroku were grinning evilly trying to take Kagome and Sango to the horror attraction called 'The 13 Doors.' What kind of horror attraction is 'The Thirteen Doors?' And whats with the other half of my title, the thunder dolphin? Will Kagome's past be revealed? You'll see when you read this chapter!!





"Why are you looking at us like that you two?" Sango squealed.

Inu Yasha picked Kagome up effortlessly from her chair she sat on.

Kagome squeaked at his sudden actions.

While Miroku took Sango by the arm, and dragged her out of the restaurant.

The people inside were staring at them, but resumed to what they were looking once the four had left.

Kagome was screaming to let Inu Yasha drop her, while Sango was trying to wriggle free of Miroku's grasp saying how she would punch the living daylights out of him.

They ran to the attraction were the most people were gathered..... The 13 Doors.....

Inu Yasha dropped Kagome while complaining to her how heavy she was.


"I'm just saying how heavy you were." Inu Yasha replied to a red faced Kagome very calmly.

People were starting to stare at them....

After Sango and Miroku had calmed down Inu Yasha and Kagome...

Kagome shuddered as she looked to see what time it was at a tall creepy clock was over by the attraction where so many people were gathered to.

The clock pointed to 12:25 but by the twelve there was a creepy numbered 13 where a one was usually supposed to be….

The waited,…. And waited,…. And waited,….. for what seemed like hours until finally..

They got inside,

But there was still another long line inside!!!!

There was a T.V. playing, explaining how the attraction worked.

The creepy old man explaining in the T.V. said, "A walk-through haunted house staged to arouse horror with reality."

Kagome was really starting to get afraid.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she eeped.

But it was only Inu Yasha.

"Don't worry, I'll always protect you." Inu Yasha said once Kagome had calmed down.

Kagome blinked, shocked at what he had just said…

However, befor Kagome could realize what he just said they were next in line, the staff, a woman who worked here explained to them, "This attraction will only allow 4 people to walk through at a time, you'll be given 13 keys to unlock 13 doors, but you have to insert the correct keys through the correct doors or you won't be able to get out. Once you are done please give back the keys to the other register over there." The staff worker said, pointing to another register by the exit.

The lady scanned each of their wrists with the same laser, and gave Inu Yasha thirteen separate sized keys all connected to a ring in the middle, like a big keychain.

They all got ready and walked through a piece of clothe and were surprised at what they saw..

There was another line and another TV. Explaining about the movie that this haunted house was made from. There were pictures on the walls from scenes of the movie.

Kagome looked at one of the big pictures but looked away instantly. It was a picture of a dead woman lying on the floor with blood all over her face and a knife through her heart.

(A/N: I forgot what the movie was about and I forgot some parts of the house I walked through but it was scary!!)

Finally they were next, and another worker opened a door for them to go through.

They entered a room that had blood all over the place. Kagome's heartbeat quickened from nervousness.

The worker followed them to another door and told them to go through, with that he left.

Kagome's hand shot out immediately to grab Inu Yasha's hand since he was closest to her.

They walked through the dark room, and there was complete silence…

Suddenly, something grabbed Kagome's leg..

Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs, as she clinged to Inu Yasha's arm even more.

That something,…. grabbing her leg let go instantly.

"What happened Kagome?" Sango asked worriedly through the dark.

"Something grabbed my leg." Kagome squeaked.

They neared the 1st door and Inu Yasha tried opening the door with a key, and it worked!

The door closed shut behind them.

The second room was dimly lighted and there was a doll of a dead man.. Or was it a doll?

They began to near the second door…

They walked closer to the door as the dead man loomed nearer.

Kagome held on as tight as she could to Inu Yasha's arm.

The man was lying on the floor, his eyes were closed, blood covering his entire body..

They closed in on the door, but the dead man on the floor got up quickly and headed towards Kagome with a knife in hand.

Kagome screamed. Inu Yasha stood before Kagome in a flash, guarding her from the mans way.

Inu Yasha could feel Kagome trembling behind him, so he grabbed her and ran to the door, while Sango and Miroku followed after them.

He tried opening the door with a key, but it wasn't the right key!!! The man holding his knife high walked steadily closer towards them.

Inu Yasha tried a second key, but it still wouldn't budge!!

He tried the third and it opened!!

He opened the door, and shoved Kagome through, while motioning Sango and Miroku to follow her.

He took out the key and closed the door just when the man made a grab for him.

(Okay.. I don't remember the rest so I'm just skipping towards the end.)

The 3rd door had concealed nothing in it but tons of blood.

The 4th had been hiding a white child, apparently dead.

The 5th had a bridge to walk over and under the bridge there was liquid like lava.

The 6th had nothing but a long dark corridor.

The 7th was totally dark and there were sounds of a baby crying, so naturally Kagome was petrified. But even more so when Sango screamed because someone had tried to grab her.

The 8th had a woman hanged from the wall by a rope, and Sango and Kagome swore they saw her eyes open.

The 9th surprised everyone as it was an empty room but it had a fang shaped blood stained sword.

Inu Yasha walked towards the door and realized that the keys he had would not open the door so he tried the knob.. but it would not budge.

"How come it won't open?!?!" Kagome began to panic.

"Calm down Kagome," Sango said trying to calm down her friend.


The little light they had flicked off, so it was pitch black.

"Shit!" Inu Yasha said bluntly.

This time it was Miroku's turn to talk, "It seems we have to find a key to open this door."

The moment he said that the door flew open.

The three friends all stared at Miroku.

"Stop looking at me like that!?!?"

Inu Yasha snapped out of it as he motioned everyone to go to the next room.

The 10th room was very bright.

Everyone covered their eyes as they looked at the source of the light.

Someone was roasting dead bodies on a fire!! That someone had a mask on his face.

Kagome was too shocked to scream this time.

Inu Yasha grabbed Kagome and made a dash for the door.

He opened it with the few remaining keys and flunged the door open, they all ran through the open door.

Nothing in this room except for some bats.

The 12th room was splattered with blood.

Finally, the 13th room had a glass case concealing a coffin, but the coffin was open and empty.

Inu Yasha inserted the final key, but the moment he dead that a dead body fell on top of him. (Its just a doll. LoL) He pushed the doll away from himself.

They RAN through the open door as the man at the register greeted them with a smile.

Inu Yasha handed the keys back to the man and they left through the exit.

Once they were outside Kagome released Inu Yasha's arm, and stretched.

"So, what do you guys want to ride now?" Sango asked from exhaustion.

"Lets ride that Ferris wheel, and well rest a bit on that.." Miroku pointed.

They went to the Ferris wheel and read the information about it on Kagome's pamphlet.

"It says here that, that's the world's first center-less Ferris wheel, it appears to be a giant doughnut floating in the air." Miroku remarked.

"Yea, the name of that is the Big O." Kagome added on to Miroku's comment.

They reached the line to ride the Ferris wheel and waited for 15 minutes, and when it was their turn they got on.

They picked a song to listen to and rode silently throughout the ride.

The rollercoaster, apparently called 'The Thunder Dolphin' could be seen.

"That ride is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world!" Kagome said through the silence.

"An exciting hyper-roller-coaster offering a thrill-packed ride right through the center-less Ferris wheel along with an impressive view." Kagome finished reading through the pamphlet and stared at her friends.

After the ride was over, they headed to where 'The Thunder Dolphin' was.

"I don't want to go!!" Kagome tried to wriggle free of Inu Yasha's grasp.

"You can't make me ride on that thing!!" Kagome continued.

"We'll see about that," Inu Yasha grinned like a maniac.

They reached the ride, and gasped at the line. On a sign it said it was a 1 hour wait..

-After an Hour-

Inu Yasha picked Kagome up bridle style, and ran to their seats, which was the very front.

"I don't want to go!!" Kagome screamed and stamped, but it was too late, the locks that held the riders in strapped on to them tightly.




There was no turning back….

The ride slowly began up the steepest angle Inu Yasha had ever experienced in his life, while Kagome was crying besides him.

They began nearing the top….

They stopped when they reached the top….

They could see everywhere from here, they were at a taller height than the Ferris wheel.

Inu Yasha looked to the side to see Kagome had her eyes closed.

They went down, straight down….

Inu Yasha had the time of his life, his hair swept everywhere, he couldn't see his knees, they were going straight down, while the wind held him in his place.

He could hear Sango's and Miroku's screams behind him.

They slowed down when they reached another hill, up, down, and around they went as they neared another drop.

The drop was between a hole in the building…

They went through the building an dropped down again, went straight on, until they neared the Ferris wheel, going straight through that too!

Kagome had opened her eyes a little, and looked besides her to see an overjoyed Inu Yasha with a twinkle in his eyes.

She smiled…..

The ride came to a stop at their original destination.

Kagome got off her seat, along with Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango.

"That was soo cool!!" Inu Yasha and Miroku shouted together.

Kagome and Sango sweatdropped.

They were stopped by the workers pointing them to go to a counter.

They walked over to the counter and saw pictures of them on TV screens with many other people who rode with them, each screen containing two pair of people.

Kagome searched for her picture and found it, It was with her and Inu Yasha, when she had smiled at him.

There was a sign saying they were the cutest couple.

Kagome blushed when she noticed the sign.

"So, do you want your picture?" The employee asked her.

Before Kagome could answer Inu Yasha cut in, "I'll have to pairs,"

"Would you like a frame with that?"

Inu Yasha let Kagome choose the frame.

"Would you like a sticker with that also?"

Inu Yasha chose a sticker that said "Cutest couple," exactly like the one on the TV screen, except that one was a sign.

"That'll be a total of $50.99"

Inu Yasha paid the money, and handed one of the pictures to Kagome.

"Thanks!" Kagome kissed him on the cheek.

Miroku and Sango were busy with their own picture…

After they were done, the four friends walked off to go see the Water Symphony…






Why doesn't Kagome still remember Inu Yasha?

Maybe you'll see on the next chapter!?!?!

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In the extent we live...
We lose things little by little
Seeking the light that we believe in
Now I begin my walk with you
Hidden into a very deep forest now... my heart that I left alone
If I know the rhythm of time
I will fly once again
We wander
And live to the utmost
Seeking the light that we believe in
Now I begin my walk with you.