Well, I guess you just wish you were me. I have everything, I can get anything, all with one handy swipe of daddy's golden credit card. The second I turned 21 I had just inherited my trust fund, which might I add was worth 21 million dollars.

That's a lot of money to be given to a 21 year old I guess, but now I'm 26 and I'm handling it just fine. I mean, I did go a bit crazy in the beginning, 8 cars, 2 houses, 2 holiday homes and a killer wardrobe. But contrary to popular belief I'm not really into all that material stuff, I mean the cars yes, but all my houses and everything no.

It is great to live in a beautiful home, but I don't see any true pure value and happiness that comes from it. It's fantastic not to have to worry where my next meal's coming from, or how I'll manage to pay the bills each month. But still, there's just more to life than all of that shit.

I can guess you're willing to find out just who the hell I am and what the purpose of all this really is, right?

James Simpson, I know it sounds like a guys name, who knows what state my mother was in when I was born, so Jamie is how I'm usually known by most, except my sister Siobhan when she loses her block about something or other.

A little more about me? I'm 26 as mentioned above, oh man, I drive way to fast for my own good and I'm always just trying to live life and have fun. I guess I don't have much direction, a huge career, it's just me, my cars, racing, the beach and that's how I like it.

My mum thinks I need to try and get more of a career than just being a mechanic, but you know what, that's my life, I love it. My sisters and brothers all went on and got into the business of the Simpson family, Importing and Exporting telecommunication devices.

I couldn't believe the day I heard them say that they wanted me to become an exec of Simpson Bailey Inc. I thought I'd just been fed the biggest load of bullshit under the sun, how the hell did they think they could get me in a suit! No way, I'm not some stiff with a briefcase.

I took a mechanics course when I was fresh out of high school and now I just help out my friend Tej occasionally at his garage. I would love to own my own someday, but I just don't think that day will be coming soon, I'm having too much fun right now to really think about tying myself up.

So this is basically me in a nutshell, a pretty tiny one at that. Sometimes I just wish that I could disappear, just get in one of my cars and go. I did once, I went to New York, that landed me my Manhattan apartment, where I am now actually.

I'm looking out of my window and the city's ablaze with lights and noise, it's fantastic I love it. I'm still a Miami girl at heart, I lived there most of my life, even though I was born in Brisbane Australia.

Time to go history diving now, my parents are Australian and we all lived in Australia until I was 10. Then the company sky rocketed and my parents felt it best to relocate to Miami to help the business grow further and give us more ties with the US markets and the European markets.

The past 16 years I've spent living in Miami, sometimes I get stuck in a culture block, I don't know, am I an Australian, am I an American? My best friend Suki just tells me I'm an Aussie American, which makes me laugh.

About 6 months ago I decided that I wanted to escape the confines of Florida and just go and live in New York for a while. My dad thought it was a good idea, just to get out and enjoy a new city and a new lifestyle for a year, mum agreed.

I love my parents and my sisters and my brothers dearly. But sometimes I just want to choke them! My sister Luisa is 3 years younger than me, she's probably the one out of the 4 of us girls that I'm the closest too. I love being a big sister and having Luisa as my little sister is great.

Siobhan is the eldest, and therefore she's the I'm always right, you're always wrong so don't even try and make me see from your point of view sister. I love her though, she's always been there, but sometimes she's just a bit much to take. I guess that me and my sister Josie are in the middle, me more so than her, Joey is very much a homebody and she doesn't like overseas travel, so she ended up staying back in Brisbane with my aunty and uncle.

Josie and I keep up regular emails, she's 2 years older than me and Siobhan is 4 years. But Josie and I are pretty close, there's not too much of an age difference there so we can just relate so much on stuff that's happening to us.

So here finds me, it's four days before Christmas and I'm going back to Miami tomorrow. The plane ticket's booked, the family are aware, Suki's coming to pick me up from the airport, so that means Tej and Jimmy too.

I'm actually liking this whole diary thing, I never thought it'd be me, but here I am, on my white sofa staring out at the city below me and madly writing my life so far on this silver laptop sitting on my knees.

The whole, expression of thought and feeling has always been a strong point for me, I draw it and paint it, I write it and sing it, I live it and breathe it.

I just finished writing a song actually, I just sat with my guitar and my music pad and just wrote and wrote, that was my Monday, it's now Thursday.

I put the finishing touches on my chord progressions just before I decided to take a stab at the whole diary idea. New York inspires me in so many ways, there's so much happening around me and the fact that I can just join in the mess and move with the flow really grabs me and drags me into it.

Suki's going to die when she sees my newest additions to my over flowing wardrobe, I went into Tommy Hilfiger on Tuesday, Ralph Lauren on Wednesday and today I hit Calvin Klein.

My year here's sadly over, but I think that I might even come back for a few months in the new year, New York's just so captivating. Just sitting in Central Park and staring out at the loved up couples and happy families. Walking 5th avenue with the girls, surrounded by tourists and uptight socialites. Even just chilling down in Soho with a great book and an ice coffee in some unknown, but suddenly trendy café, just because Gwenyth mentioned it in some People magazine interview.

Well now as I come to a point in my life and a sickeningly ironic philosophical view on the workings and jerkings of the world I think that I need some sleep. So here ends my very first, and definitely not my last diary entry.

Good night and be safe. Till next time we catch up and you can listen to me and take the window into my life and soul.