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"Ranma when are you going to learn that women are not playthings, and that they're human beings with feelings" stated his younger brother Ryoga irritably.

He had heard that a he had led Natsuki along and after sleeping with her had decided to use his infamous disappearing act. Just another victim to add to his ever growing list of conquests and another name to add in his black book. He had felt sorry for Natsuki, she was a nice girl and one he was sure he can be friends with but after what his older brother has done he doubts that they will remain friends. She will turn to be one of his obsessed women, who constantly rings and vies for Ranma's attention.

" Ryoga, what you just said is one of the most gayest thing I've ever heard" Ranma replied nonchalantly and then added "Are you sure your not gay?" he asked teasingly knowing it will goad his brother to loose his temper.

"You can't go on treating women like this, they're all not like her. How many more women must suffer so that you can satisfy your ego? How many times will you use your Wham bam Thank you Ma'm excuse till you realise that they're not all vindictive and conniving as….."

"Don't even mention her name to me Ryoga!" Ranma warned. "What is it to you anyways? Do you like her or something? Well you know what they say Ryoga first come first serve and if you do go after her, she was pretty alright" Ranma answered rather coldly.

Ryoga was disgusted by his older brother's attitude. He wanted to tell Ranma to remember that a woman brought him to this world but he simply thought that he will come back with a comeback that he would have never been conceived if it wasn't for their father or something more scathing. He decided to just be quiet and keep his mouth shut.

"Well if you've finished nagging me I'll go out and check out the mall, Daisuke and Hiroshi should be there by now" stated Ranma. "You're welcome to join us you know?".

"Yeah ok, but I'll go on my separate way once we get there, after all we still need to buy books for next week."

Ranma just shook his head. "Ryoga, sometimes I just can't believe we were born in the same family" and with that both made their way towards the mall.

After Ranma met up with his friends, and Ryoga went on his own to browse around the mall, the 3 guys, explored the mall and the shops. Giving wolf whistles to the girls who were busy shopping, finally agitating one of the store owners with their antics. The 3 made a mad dash away from the furious store owner. Ranma, being exhilarated by the chase and the fact that he finally lost his pursuers, wasn't paying too much attention on where he was going collided with something. Realizing he might have hurt someone due to his stupidity, he instinctively wrapped his hands around it while also bracing himself with the impending impact.

Ranma quickly realised that the fall itself wasn't too bad. He landed on something soft and some what nice warm floor. His senses was also invaded by faint scent of gardenias and vanilla. Upon opening his eyes for a closer inspection, he froze that he landed on top of a girl with such beautiful hazel brown eyes which he found was slowly captivating him.

Meanwhile Nabiki couldn't believe her luck. She had just finished making a deposit from the bank when something hit her, and then everything happened so fast!

The next thing she knew was there were arms that went around her as though trying to save her but failed to do so as she landed on the cold tile floors of the mall. She quickly gathered her bearings and was prepared to give who ever it was that collided into her a piece of her mind when she quickly caught herself in a pair of deep blue eyes, which reminded her of the ocean and was slowly drawn into them when she was quickly made aware of the state she was currently in.

The pair of beautiful blue eyes belonged to a handsome young man, which with closer inspection looked like the same age as she. The guy is obviously well defined as his body was hard and was holding his weight back . She was then reminded of their precarious state. He was on top of her and looking in her eyes. His legs are in between hers and their current state looked too intimate in the eyes of the people who began gathering around them thus shaking her out of her current shock and was able to voice her discomfort.

"Could You please get off me…" she said rather annoyed of being caught off guard and not being in control.

Ranma was snapped back into reality upon hearing the annoyed voice of the girl. The girl wasn't particularly beautiful but was pretty cute. But there was something about her that was drawing him to her like a moth to a flame. He looked at the girl and then gave her the most charming smile he had, that always made the girls in his close vicinity throw themselves at his feet. And quite casually began to speak

"I don't know, I'm just getting quite comfortable just now… Maybe we can get to know each other better this way" and while he spoke his eyes wondered and assessed the girl's prone body. Mentally scanning her nicely shaped legs, her tiny waist and her nicely defined body. She wasn't chubby at all in fact she had the right curves, she almost seemed flawless.

Nabiki almost lost her composure when he gave her what she thought was a very seductive smile, showing his nice and even teeth. She was about to loose her sanity to him and had the sudden urge to kiss the guy when his words sank in. She wasn't flattered at all by his words of hidden innuendo. In fact it down right pissed her off!

How dare this guy eye her as a piece of meat! She was then made aware how his eyes ravished her body under intense scrutiny… She felt weak, and sent shivers down her spine, if the mere look he was giving her was enough to make her weak what would happen if she let him touch her…. What the hell was she thinking? She needed to get away from this guy…

"Get Off ME!" she said in near panic and pushed him off of her…

Ranma was caught off guard by this. And landed on his butt. By this time they have gathered quite an audience and they all started to snicker of how Nabiki has handled Ranma. Wincing and rubbing his now aching butt, he looked at the girl that just humiliated him. She was fervently dusting herself from unseen dust and righted herself. He noted that she was quite flush, either from embarrassment or anger or both. He also noticed that he liked how her cheeks where red showing a more of her natural beauty and was not wearing any make up. She then looked at him as if she wanted to say something but decided against it and started to walk off.

Nabiki was never been more embarrassed in her life!. The nerve of this guy. She quickly righted herself and tried to regain her composure by dusting herself. After making sure that she had her old self back she was going to give the guy a chewing of a lifetime. But stopped herself as she saw him just sitting there rubbing his butt. He really did looked cute. She thought to herself. She was also aware of the audience they had manage to attract and decided to just simply leave things be. As to not further make a scene. She has her pride after all. And began to turn around and walk away. As if nothing had happened. Ignoring the looks the people where giving her.

After the girl's retreat, the crowd began to disperse. Leaving Ranma to just sit there and watch as the girl slowly disappeared from the crowd. He didn't know how to react of her sudden rejection of him. No Girl has ever rejected him and embarrassed him. She didn't know who she just made an enemy out of!. His ego was hurt, the fact that this girl manage to catch him off guard and embarrass him was something he cant forgive but the fact that he also wanted her confused him. Which angered him. While he was having an inner turmoil, Ryoga saw the whole thing.

Unbeknownst to Ranma, Ryoga had chased after him after the commotion the 3 friends caused and ran after him to make sure that his older brother don't further incriminate himself. To his relief he seemed to have lost his pursuers but was caught by surprise to see a girl who just turned from the corner.

Before Ryoga could call out a warning, his brother collided with her head on. Bringing them to a very compromising position. All at once Ryoga felt sorry for the girl as he knew his brother will charm his way to her. What surprised him the next is the girl didn't seem to be affected by his brother's so called charisma but instead was angered by it. And further surprised Ryoga when she pushed Ranma off of her, and making him land on his butt quite painfully being caught off guard. As she righted herself , Ryoga had a good look at the mysterious girl.

She had a Page boy hair cut, with dark brown hair which looks smooth to touch, her skin was fair and looked as though its was glowing, her cheeks were pink and began to turn red from either embarrassment or anger or both!. Her lips where noticeably pink as well, he didn't quite catch her eyes because of her long lashes, but he did notice the girl's body. It was oozing with femininity. She had long nicely shaped legs, a tiny waist and nice curves. Her breast where neither small nor big, which suited her body quite well. He tried to fight the sudden urge to drool. And he was quite positive that there was a tiny amount of blood that ran down his nose.

"This should be interesting…" he said to himself, as he watch his older brother recover from his humiliation. "Ranma finally found someone who is immune to his charms… that girl doesn't look bad, maybe I have a chance with her…" he thought to himself.

He wanted to follow the girl but lost sight of her in the crowd. He felt disappointed but at least he witnessed his brother's folly. He smiled and grinned rather evilly

"So brother it seems not everyone is susceptible to your charms after all." As he began to watch his brother walk away rather embarrassed and confused.

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