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Nabiki and Kuno made their way towards the old oak tree behind the school. It was a deserted place. Behind the school laid an empty lot. It was rumoured that the school was constructing another building or another playing field. So the area is generally out of bounce or a restricted area for students. Nabiki smirked. The area is restricted to everybody else except for her and Kuno. Kuno being the school principal's son and her having her reputation. It's sometimes good to have a reputation and her power known.

The area is generally where she conducted her business with Kuno. She sells pictures of her sister Akane to him. While some find it disturbing and downright wrong for her to be selling such pictures, most held their tongue. The pictures she sells weren't lewd, nor indecent. People would only have to look at the pictures to discover they were pictures of her sister just training or just sitting. Most of the pictures she sold to people where just that. Pictures of people who was just doing their everyday activities. Its amazing though how a single picture could create such a fuss.

People who usually buy pictures from her are the shy type, and was willing to buy pictures of the person they admire. She makes sure that they were all stable and sane people though. She doesn't want to be involved with the deranged sort. It was too dangerous to incite someone with those types of capabilities. She did have scruples and moral ethics, despite what other people thought of her.

In a way it hurt to hear what the others said things about her. Nasty things. She would cry to sleep at times. She comforts herself knowing they don't really know her, like her companions has or her family does. That to her was enough. The power she held over people also gave her some comfort. She knew they feared her enough not to try anything to hurt her. She felt a prickling sensation behind her eyes. Her eyes started to get misty. No. She told herself. She wont cry over this. She is much too strong to cry. She then summoned all her will to control herself and when she was sure she was once again in control turned to Kuno and quizzically raised one eyebrow.

"Well where here Kuno-baby, what do you want to talk about? Do you want more pictures of my fair sister?" She asked.

Again it was only a question but it somehow grated her nerves. She felt a pang of jealousy hit her. She knew her sister was attractive but DAMN IT she was too!

Kuno on the other hand just stood there and looked around. This annoyed Nabiki, he could tell from the way she stood in front of him. Her hands crossed against her chest and was looking up at him. Legs slightly apart and one tapping the ground impatiently. Yup she is definitely annoyed.

"For crying out loud Kuno you can relax, where all alone. No one knows where we are. So you can relax." Nabiki said showing annoyance in her voice.

Oh if I only that were true, That I can truly be relax when I'm with you. He sighed to himself.

"What was that?" Nabiki asked.

"Oh nothing." He replied. Damn it he should have known she was very perceptive about this.

"Well Kuno-baby what is it? Don't tell me you dragged me all the way here so you can ravage me?" She asked him teasingly.

Kuno gulped and broke into a cold sweat. "Nani?"

Nabiki laughed. "Relax Kuno-baby" she told him.

He was so kawaii when he's flustered. "What is it you wanted to speak to me about?" She asked.

Kuno began to regain his composure. Then when he was sure he was no longer flustered he replied. "I'd like to know what caused the riot just then."

Nabiki was silent for a while. She didn't want to answer him.

"Well?" He asked raising one of his eyebrows, mocking her.

Nabiki bristled. "If you really needed to know it was because of you! It was blown out of proportion that is all." She replied.

She knew very well Kuno knew about Mariko's crush on him.

"I see." He answered.

"Is that all you wanted to know cause if it is, I think I better go and check on the other girls." She said. Rather annoyed that she wasted her time talking to him.

"No." He replied back.

He then took a step forward and began to inspect her from head to toe. Checking her for any injuries. Nabiki in the other hand took a step back. Surprised by Kuno's actions.

"What do you think your doing?" She asked while trying to control the surge of panic in her voice.

Kuno ignored her question, instead asked her another question. "You weren't hurt where you?" He asked full of concern.

"No I wasn't. But shouldn't you be comforting my sister and asking her this very same question?" She asked.

It's weird. This is weird. Kuno never really showed concern for her before. They were close, but not close enough to be concerned about each other's well being. You might even consider them friends, but the way he's acting is just weird. She's used to him ignoring her most of the time unless there was some business transaction to be made.

"I will but I had to check if you were alright, Kodachi would have a fit if she found out I didn't check you out for any injuries." He answered calmly.

Of course. She should have guessed.

"Well as you can see, I am alright, there is no need to be concerned about me. If that is all I should be on my way." She said as she began to take a step away from him.

"There is another I'd like to discuss with your person." Halting her.

She sighed. "What is it Kuno-baby?" She saw him somewhat frown at her endearment to him.

"About this morning… Why didn't you charge me with your usual fee?" He asked guardedly.

Nabiki sighed. He gave his thanks to her at class, but knew he was curious as to why she didn't charge him his usual fee when she took him to the infirmary. It wasn't common for her to give any freebies. To her nothing is for free. There is always a hidden angle or ulterior motive. Everyone always wanted something from someone. She might as well tell him the truth.

"Do you really want to know?" She asked him.

He nodded.

She leaned absently against the tree and began to explain. "I think I've finally forgiven you."

Kuno frowned as he looked at her thoughtful form. "Forgiven me?"

She sighed again.

"Yes, Forgiven you. I suppose it was a way of me to punish you." She replied.

"Punish me for what? For pursuing your sister?" He asked frowning.

"Yes and No." She replied back.

"Forgive me for I don't understand any of this Nabiki." He stated.

Prompting her to continue.

"I charged you for fees not only for what you put my sister through everyday but also because of your association to Kinnusuke." She explained.

"You mean you charged me exuberant fees only because I was a close friend of Kinnusuke?" He asked rather astonished.

"I know I sound silly but that is my only excuse." That and the fact that I contribute to the finances at home She thought.

"I see. What made you, dare I say prompted a change of heart?" He asked rather coldly now.

"You are a good friend to me Kuno, and it is unfair how I treated you so. Also I've had a talk with Dachi." She answered him with her head bowed.

Kuno looked at her. Torn between anger and understanding. He considered Nabiki an ally. A friend. To learn that she had harboured dislike to his person, when he was clearly innocent made him angry. He was used to the others treating him that way. But he was sure that Nabiki out of all people would be able to tell him in his face that she hated him. Nabiki was a straight forward person. What you see is what you get as they say. But her deception somewhat hurt. All because he was friends with the man that played her heart.

"Kuno?" She looked up at him expectantly.

She didn't really know what she expected from him.

Forgiveness perhaps?



She couldn't read him or the various emotions that flashed through his face. She prided herself as the type of person who can easily read the person by just looking at them but at the moment she couldn't read Kuno. Maybe it was the various emotions that flashed before his eyes or maybe it was her own emotions clouding her mind at the very moment. She didn't think her confession would create such a strong reaction from him.

He finally gained control of his emotions. He was angry but his face was covered by unreadable mask. A skill he acquired from hanging around Nabiki. He reached something from his pocket.

"I best be going and check on my beloved." He said. His voice sounded strained.

He reached for her hand and put something against it before leaving her.
Nabiki stood as if she was rooted in the spot. She looked down at her hand where Kuno have handed her something. She opened her hand to discover a few hundred yen on her palm. She stood there and stared at her hand, staring at the money she had just been given.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

The bell went off, signalling the students to return to their classes. Ranma lingered around the area they hanged out at for a couple of minutes.

Unlike the others he didn't relish the idea of being first one in class. He preferred to make a late entrance than anyone else. He was on his way towards the school building when he noticed that the Kuno guy had appeared but there was no sign of the Nabiki girl. He also noticed that the Kuno guy was as mad as hell. His form was rigid and his strides were long and purposeful. As though he was about to engage himself into an upcoming fight.

Ranma frowned. The last time he saw the kendo garb guy, he was with the Nabiki chick. Perhaps Daisuke and Hiroshi were right after all? Still there was no sign of the Nabiki girl.

That's strange. He muttered to himself. Wonder what happened to her?

Ranma realised he was now alone at the grounds. He just shrugged off his last thought and ran towards the building. Besides who cares about her anyways? He still have to pay her back for embarrassing him at the Mall! He didn't notice that a couple of metres away from him was Nabiki, walking solemnly.

Ranma groaned. He was sent outside the class with two water buckets, supposedly his punishment for being late. He just stood outside the room across the door leaning against the balustrade, when he saw Nabiki walk towards the class. He gave her a grin but she merely ignored him and went into class. Ranma bristled with annoyance when she gave him the cold shoulder.

Who the heck does she think she is?

Ignoring me?




He screamed in his thoughts.

He was however interrupted from his ego trip when he heard their sensei tell off Nabiki.

Inside the room:

"Well, well, well, Miss Tendo glad you can join us." Mr Yakamura declared rather sarcastically.

He never did like the Tendo girl. While she topped most of her other classes, her arrogance towards everyone else annoyed the hell out of him. It didn't make any matters easier when he held a grudge against the girl. It is quite known that Nabiki is a very formidable and a force to be reckon with. Her word is more powerful than any city official. He bristled. Such power to be possessed and she's only a teenager!. He was itching a little payback of his own over some badly placed bets. Now was as good as any to have his little revenge.

Nabiki didn't speak nor uttered a word. Just her luck that she had Mr Yakamura as her Physics Mentor. She can just bet that the man was still a bit sore about his monetary loss. She smirked. He should have known not to bet against her sister. For the moment, she decided to let the man have his little power trip. She has other information about him that will easily wipe the smile of triumph from his impudent face.

"You know the rules Miss Tendo. Go get the buckets and stand outside the room until I ask you to come in." He said quite loudly.

Enjoying the power he had over her. He smiled snidely. Her humiliation in front of the class will bring her arrogance down by a couple of notches. It will also gain him more control over his class, since the class has witnessed his little display of power over the Ice Queen.

She gave her mentor a cold smile and bit her tongue. He will get what's coming to him. She decided. She walked across the room with a grace of a panther and full of dignity as she did what she was instructed to do.

She noticed Mariko from her peripheral vision. She saw the huge grin that was plastered over her face. She gripped the handles of the buckets tightly which made her knuckles turn white. She can just bet that BITCH was enjoying her little humiliation. She turned to the other girl and smiled coldly. Before turning her attention towards Kuno.

Kuno was looking at her as well. Still wearing the unreadable mask over his face but his body gave away the hostility he felt. Kuno sat rigidly. Tense with his arms across his broad chest. She can feel his eyes on her. The look he gave her far more disconcerted her more than the other students. She left the room with as much dignity as she can muster. While swearing internally that everyone will get what's coming to them.


Ranma smirked when he saw Nabiki step out of the room, now sporting two buckets of water.

"How the mighty have fallen." He whispered to himself.

He saw Nabiki stiffen. He smirked. He had to admit she has talent if she was able to pick up his comments. He looked at her and gave her a massive grin before finally winking at her. An action he was sure to fluster or irritate her. He got the later.

Nabiki fumed with anger. It was simply not enough that she had a brawl at lunch time, argued with Kuno, came late to class and was now being punish, but now she also have to suffer with Neanderthal as company. This is just not her day.

"So what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" He asked teasingly. He knew exactly why she was there but he couldn't help it. He just loved to tease people. Her especially.

"Like you don't know." Nabiki's drawled reply. Trying to ignore his presence.

"So what's your excuse for being late?" He asked, trying to make conversation with her.

"The answer to your question comes under the heading of none of your business." She replied coolly.

"Whoa! Aren't we feisty! I thought you would have released all of that at lunch time." He replied back. Determined to get on her nerves as she did to him.

"I thought I would have but apparently your present company starts to build it up again." She turned to him.

"Hey, don't you turn your anger at me. It's not me you have a problem with." He pointed out.

"What makes you think I don't have a problem with you?" She asked condescendingly.

"Hey, look I know you have the hots for me. There's no need to play hard to get. I know your frustrated right now for not getting to know me better at the mall, but this is no way to act if you want a date with me. All you have to do is ask me." He smiled at her arrogantly.

"Of all of the conceited, uncuth…." She turned angrily at him but was cut off from her tirade.

"Now, now, Nabiki there's no need for flattery. Like I said if you want to date me, all you have to do is ask." Ranma interrupting her tirade and enjoying the full effect of his ministrations.

Nabiki was caught off guard when she heard her name.

So the arrogant bastard knows me? She thought.

She rationalised it wasn't really difficult to find out who she was. After all her reputation was widespread over Furikan and perhaps all of Nerima. He's enjoying this. She realised. He enjoyed getting a rise out of her. Well two can play that game.

She smiled silkily at him then began to study him from head to toe. She began to examine him shamelessly, giving him a silent perusal her eyes travelling over his body slowly. Trying to make him squirm. However her perusal had the opposite effect. He stood still as if posing for a picture and began examining her himself. Whistling as he did so.

"Nice, very nice." He commented as his eyes lingered over her legs, then to her slim hips, her tiny waist and then towards her breasts.

Nabiki tried not to look indignant. Then an evil thought came to her and she smiled slyly. She put the buckets she was holding down on the floor and began to approach him.

Ranma stood his ground, he saw the look in her eyes and knew at once she was planning something. He began to sweat. It wasn't because she was planning something but he hoped it has nothing to do with the water he was carrying. He wasn't prepared to show anyone his curse yet, especially not this girl.

Nabiki sashayed her way in front of him. He gripped the handles of the bucket tighter until his knuckles were white. Nabiki smiled at his reaction. She stood merely inches from him. Invading his personal space. She then looked directly into his eyes. Blue eyes meeting Chocolate Brown.

"I'm glad you approve of how I look." She said rather breathlessly as she whispered in his ear.

Ranma's senses was in overload. He was bombarded by her sweet fragrance and her warmth. Her nearness was creating havoc in him. Her voice was hoarse and sounded so sexily in his head. He knew damn well she was paying him back but he couldn't control his body. It was now running in automatic.

"What's wrong Saotome? I thought this is what you wanted?" She asked making her voice huskier. She placed her hand on his shoulder and with her free hand, she then drew her finger across his chest and was now making tiny circles in it.

"I.. Uh.. Uh.. I.." Ranma opened his mouth to speak but no words came out of his mouth.

"You were right about me, I couldn't stop thinking about you at the mall." She continued whispering against his ear. Her warm breath sending sparks all over him.

"I kept thinking about how your body was pressed against mine, your hands holding my compliant body, your breath caressing me…" She pressed herself to Ranma, which made him shudder.

"I kept dreaming about it at night as I toss and turn, crying your name out." She said before facing Ranma once again to lick her lips.

"All the while waiting for you to heed my words…" She looked at his eyes. His eyes were now dark and glossy. Time to move in for the kill.

"Drop the bucket…" She commanded in the same seductive way, still maintaining her sexy voice.

Ranma lost in a fog of fantasy did just as she said. He felt his grip loosen on the handles of the buckets. He only snapped back into reality when he saw the look of triumph in her eyes. He had to move quickly!

It was too late! He felt the water splash on his ankles. He also began to feel his transformation start. Trained in the art of speed, he then began to run away towards the nearest bathroom to get warm water. He could see the students poke their heads out because of the noise the buckets created. All the while he could hear Nabiki's laughter as he ran as fast as he can down the hallway. No one actually saw him run. Only a blurred image. But if they really concentrate hard enough they would have seen a red headed girl wearing Chinese clothing.

Nabiki laughed. She had also been splashed but the look on his face was priceless! She watched his blurred image barrel down the hallway. She had to admire him though. He can run really fast. She can only bet he ran because of embarrassment. Never knowing she wasn't too far from the truth.

Her fellow classmates just stared at her dumbfounded. Her associates would surely love to hear what happened and she will gladly tell them. That should teach him not to mess with her.

Ranma meanwhile was in the guy's locker/changing rooms. He had just doused herself/himself with hot water. He smiled evilly as he squeezed the water out from his shirt.

"You may have won this round Nabiki, but I can assure this isn't the last. You best watch out. We will see who gets the last laugh." Ranma said to himself.

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