Chapter 1

Det. JOE FRIDAY is returning his VEHICLE to the MOTOR POOL.

He is approached by his partner, Det. LANCE MULDOON.

"Hey, Joe. How was your patrol of the NEIGHBORHOOD tonight?"

"It went fine, Lance. Thank you for asking. There was something suspicious, though."

"What's that?"

"Well, when I stopped a LAWRENCE'S, for a PATTY MELT, my WAITRESS slipped a NOTE into my PATTY MELT, and I have yet to look at it."

FRIDAY opens a BAG, which contains a PATTY MELT. Upon lifting the BUN, a NOTE falls upon the ground.

MULDOON retrieves the NOTE, which is written on a slip of carbon paper from a WAITRESS' NOTEPAD.

"This NOTE reads: 'Help! My MANAGER has really bugged out! He has taken a large quantity of BARBITUATES! He is holding a YOUNG WOMAN hostage with a GRENADE LAUNCHER.'"

"Well, it sounds as though there is a real hostage situation taking place at LAWRENCE'S."

FRIDAY then deposits the BAG into a WASTEBIN, and says "I will eat this PATTY MELT on the way to LAWRENCE'S. MULDOON, you will need to drive my VEHICLE there, I don't want to be messy."

MULDOON agrees, and they are off, with the SIREN on.