Moving On From Tragedy

Chapter 1

Author's Note: This is my First Alias Fan fiction. Please be warned that this story will contain a few rape scenes. And also that Sark is evil. I am a huge Sydney/ Vaughn fan and hate Lauren. So you know that Sydney/Vaughn will be a couple in the end but there will be many twist and turns. SonnyCarlyJasonCortney aka Kelli

Setting: Sydney's Apartment

Sydney Bristow was sitting on her sofa in her apartment thinking about how her life changed during her missing two year her boyfriend at the time was now married to Lauren Reed. Her best friends were gone Will was in the Witness Protection Program somewhere. And her other best friend Francie was killed by her genetic double Allison Doren. Then Allison had taken over Francie's life and Sydney didn't figure it out till it was too late which was the start of her life being torn apart by The Covenant. Sydney felt like a shell of a person because she didn't have any one that cared about her anymore. Well that wasn't all true she had her father but her relationship with him was strained at best. Then there were her missing two years she had found out with Kendall help that when she was taken by the covenant they attempted to brainwash but he said it didn't work because of her Project Christmas training her father had put her through as a child. She had also found out that her identity during her missing two years was Julia Thorne. So from that point on her main goal was to take down The Covenant . But Sydney wanted more in her life was normalcy but she knew she couldn't have it in till she brought the enemy that destroyed her life The Covenant.

Sydney turned and looked at the clock on the kitchen wall she realized it was getting late and she had to be at work at 7 am and it was already midnight so she got up off the sofa and head to her bedroom to a restless night sleep dreaming about Vaughn and what her life would have been like if there weren't two years taken from her life.

Setting: The Next Day Sydney's Apartment

Sydney was up early as usual and getting ready to go for her morning
jog when all the sudden her CIA issued cell phone rang. She nearly
jumped at the shrill ring Sydney picked it up.

Sydney: Bristow
Vaughn : Sydney we need you to come to the Opts center right away.
Sydney : Vaughn I will be there in two hours can't this wait?
Vaughn: Sorry Syd no it can't.
Sydney: I will be there in 15 minutes.
Vaughn: Ok bye
Sydney: Bye.
Sydney wondered what was urgent that she had to go in right now. So
Sydney head back to put on her usual black suit and headed to the CIA.

Setting: CIA Building
Sydney had just walked in to the CIA and will out a moment to her self
Vaughn comes running up. He looks like he is on the trial of a lead.

Sydney: Vaughn what's going on?

Vaughn: Syd you will find out soon let just go to the meeting you Dad
and Dixon are waiting for us.

Setting: Debriefing Meeting

Sydney and Vaughn entered the meeting she noticed the look on everyone
face. She and Vaughn sat down quickly.

Dixon: Morning everyone sorry for the early wake up call. But we
have a situation. As it turns out Sark as resurfaced and is planning
to steal a Rambaldi artifact form and museum in Florence, Italy this
artifact is suppose to be a component for a bio-weapon The Covenant
wants to develop. I will let Jack explain what the mission is.

Jack: The mission is to attend a party that the museum owner is
throwing then Sydney you will go down to the sub-basement were the
Rambaldi artifact is located and retrieve it and bring it to me. But
be careful Sark will be in there also.

Sydney: Ok so when do we leave?
Jack: You and Vaughn leave at midnight.
Dixon: Meeting dismissed
Sydney and Vaughn left the meeting and looked at each other. They
had to work together and that was always strange with their history
but they did it anyway.

Sydney: So I will meet you in Marshall's office to get the equipment
for the mission and our alias. In fifteen minutes.

Vaughn: Ok Syd.

Sydney walked off in the opposite way she had to find her father.
There was something in his eyes in that meeting that he didn't bring
up and she wanted to know what it was. As Sydney turned the corner she
saw him talking to Dixon. So she went up to them.

Sydney: Dad can I speak to you for a moment please?

Jack (with a look of concern ): Sure Sydney. What's the matter?

Sydney: Dad in the meeting you had a angry look in your eyes and it
was about
Sark and it looked like you wanted to tell me something?

Jack Sydney it was nothing really.

Sydney: Dad really what was it?

End Of Chapter 1

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