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A red flame, blown out

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Readers, this is just a simple fic. Please don't expect a very complicated plot. It may not be my best fanfiction, but it's really sad and pure.

Part One: A Death

Starfire shot another green bolt at the massive power box that had been brought to life by Control Freak's remote. She was fighting as hard and valiantly as the others who were fighting various objects that were also brought to life by that dastard remote. They had followed Control Freak to an old and rarely used electricity factory and when Robin jumped forward to apprehend him, Control Freak freaked out and brought any object in sight to life and ran.

The power box sent several wires at Starfire but she used the bolts from her eyes to knock them out of the way and continued to fight the unrelenting object. She gave it several kicks and it flew into a wall and was covered by many pieces of debris that also fell. But it soon got back up; broken and damaged it still wasn't going to give up the fight. Starfire smiled and then got serious and flew straight at the creature to finish it off.

The power box shot electricity at her, but she flew gracefully away from them in the swift yet dove like manner in which she always flew. But her determination was also shown in her manner of flight. Her determination to take this accomplice of villainy down.

Starfire always loved her outlook on life. There was always goodness and hope in all things, no matter how bad it seemed. She felt that hope now as the thing that she was fighting was starting to be wearied down. She was winning.

Leaving Tamaran and coming to earth was no easy transition. Things were different here and there was a lot of hopelessness on this planet. But for every person that she made laugh, for every person that she made smile, she was bringing back a bit of hope at her new home earth and that made her glad.

Starfire dived as a wire nearly sliced her shoulder.

Starfire fought not just for the hell of it, but for justice and peace for everyone on Earth. She hated evil, unhappiness and pain and was glad that her job helped to stop or at least lessen such bad things.

The power box's wires tied around her legs and slammed her into a wall. Ravens turned in surprise and saw a now really angry Starfire break free and fly straight for the power box. Just then a metal rod rose from behind Raven and knocked her out.

Starfire threw several green bolts furiously as she flew swiftly around the large power box. Her artistic flight made her seem like an angel in flight at war. An angel that would soon be called back. Called away from this world.

"You are a bad box that runs electricity!" Starfire cried as he threw another bolt at the now staggering box, "you cannot be allowed to leave this factory place to trouble earth people," she said as another shot sent it sprawling and this time it didn't get back up.

"Way to go Star!" Beast Boy cried from a short distance as he started to walk towards her and Starfire grinned at the compliment as she giggled, "You kick BUTT!" he cried as Starfire blushed and Raven a further distance away, started to stir.

Suddenly the blush on Starfire's face disappeared from her face. Also did all features of happiness. The power box had in a last resort grabbed a large metal rod and shoved it at her. Shoved it right through her.

Starfire gasped a few times for air as her eyes widened in shock and it was obvious that she was in pain. Beast Boy stopped in his tracks in total horror and Raven who looked up in time to see the rod go through her lithe delicate body eyes widened in absolute shock and disbelief.

Starfire suddenly started to cough heavily and bits of blood flew out of her mouth as she did so. She tried to stay in the air, but her eyes suddenly lost their greenish glow (they started to glow the moment the rod went through her) and she fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

She coughed and breathed even harder as more blood started to spurt from her mouth. Her once untarnished beauty gone and instead was a dying teenage Tameranian girl who was bleeding profusely, scratches everywhere and just looking a total dying mess. But even in that there was beauty. Beauty of a young girl dying for justice and doing what was right. Dying for a planet that even her biological home.

"NO!" Raven shrieked suddenly in useless denial as she got up and ran to Starfire, "YOU CAN'T DIE STARFIRE!" she cried and tears flowed freely from her purple eyes as she grabbed Starfire's head and cradled it in her lap, "YOU CAN'T DIE!" she cried as rocked Starfire's read head and Starfire couldn't respond because more blood came spewing from her mouth.

"Starfire," Beast Boy said softly as he kneeled heavily beside her and took her hands, "you can't leave us," he said tearfully as his voice started to crack, "you're a part of all Starfire," he said as Starfire's eyes filled with said tears and she practically mouthed three words.

"I am sorry," Starfire said barely and suddenly she went limp.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Beast Boy screamed and buried his head into her chest and started to sob heavily.

Raven, who for some reason was slightly more composed now, placed Starfire's head on her own chest and sobbed quietly as she stroked the Tameranian's once flowing, but now limp ruby red hair.

"Got that generator right in its middle!" Cyborg cried victoriously as he started to enter the room where Starfire was in, "with my ever faithful blaster..." he continued holding up his blaster cannon victoriously over his head.

But he stopped when he saw what was a good distance away from him. Beast Boy had turned in his direction, his green eyes now looking rather red and tears were flowing freely down his now devastated face. But Cyborg saw something else. Red Scarlet blood flowing along the floor of the room. Slowly, without a care in the world of where it was headed. Cyborg watched the blood for a moment and then his eyes rose once again to where Beast Boy was kneeling. Then he saw it. Starfire's legs streaked with thin flowing lines of blood. He dared his eyes to move further up. Then he saw it. The long metal rod jutting through her small unmoving body. Raven was further up cradling something that Cyborg couldn't see because of Beast Boy's positing and whispering to it softly.

No. Not Starfire. (Cyborg's thoughts)

Memories suddenly flashed through his mind. The first time that he and Starfire met. Their first conversation. The first time that they were thrown out of their home by the HIVE and he rudely rejected her offer for help. Her revelation of her great obsession with mustard at the picnic. Her horrible Pudding. Her strange but loving, entertaining and other times just plain bizarre ways. Her buoyancy and total appreciation for happiness and life. Her life.

Everything that he could possibly remember about her ways, personality, interactions, on a whole her life, flashed before his very eyes. There was no way that such a happy unique young person was dead. Not Starfire. Not their Starfire.

Part One Accomplished.

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