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A red flame, blown out

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Decided to have a FINAL part to this mini-serial. This is six years after Starfire's death.

Part Three: Remembering and Moving On

Robin sat on top of the T-tower watching the glorious display of another sunset that he was grateful of still being able to see.

It was six years since the fateful day that Starfire had died. Cyborg and Terra went to separate prisons because they tried to evade capture and destroyed property. Terra was of course also tried for murder but ended up with shorter concurrent sentences and since twelve years was the highest (she got that for manslaughter) that was the time she was currently serving. Cyborg only got five years, but after that he couldn't return to Titans and didn't want to anyway. They were both fourteen when they got arrested anyway, so they were twenty now. Cyborg got special permission for him and Terra to get married a month after he was released from jail. Robin never remembered seeing Cyborg so happy as the moment he saw Terra walking down the mini church isle at the prison where she was still serving her sentence. He momentarily imagined that it was Starfire walking down the isle, but he stopped himself. He had moved on, he couldn't dwell on the life that he and Starfire would never have anymore.

Then he felt her hand touch my shoulder. He turned to see her smile at him. She was always there for him now. He remembered when she returned to the T- Tower four years ago. She hadn't taken the loss of Starfire very well; despite her exterior behaviour she really loved Starfire. She had asked permission to come in and Robin let her in despite feeling rather apprehensive about her. She looked around the living room then slowly walked towards the bedrooms. Robin closed the front door and started to follow her when he heard a stifled sob. He hurried off and soon realized that she had gone into Starfire's room. He was about to open the bedroom door when she asked him to leave it closed and give her some time alone. He did. For some strange reason despite all that had transpired between them, he did.

He didn't remember exactly at what moment he started to have feelings for her. Maybe it started when he felt sorry for her as he heard her stifled sobs while she stayed in Starfire's room, or when he stopped her from volunteering herself as a wife to a polygamous alien from a far away galaxy, when he came downstairs one day to see her baking a carrot cake and how beautiful he thought she looked in her cooking outfit, when after six months of living at the tower she officially decided to help him fight crime, when he finally accepted and made her an official titan, when he protected her from media coverage and cursed the people who claimed that she didn't deserve to be a titan, when he woke up in her arms and remembered that she had come to him in the night because she heard him crying out Starfire's name in his sleep and held him all night because he was sobbing, or maybe it was when they went undercover as a couple and he first felt her smooth lips touch his. They were so many maybes as to when he first started to have feelings for her. But there was one thing that wasn't a maybe at all. They both loved each other and each person knew it and felt the same way. There was no doubt that they felt the same for each other and however long it lasted (they) would cherish every second of it.

Robin felt the cool evening breeze blow gently on his face and smiled. He loved watching the sunset. He remembered times when he used to catch Starfire watching it and they ended up watching it together, how mystified and excited she was, how she asked if the moon was ever brighter and if the sun was scared of night time and his behind the moon. Robin remembered all of this. But that's all they were, memories. Memories of his Tameranian princess who walked in this world no more. He'd always miss her, but he couldn't and wouldn't regret what he now gained. He was saddened by Starfire's death yes, practically devastated especially when his love would break out into a silly Tameranian Folksong that she claimed Starfire taught her. She had taught him too. Times like that he'd just reflect on the red- headed wonder that was only allowed to be in the titan's presence for a time.

"Starfire," Robin whispered softly as he stared out at the nearby lake, "thank you for enriching my life even if it was only for a time," he said softly and nearly jumped when he felt a hand gently touch his shoulder.

Robin looked up to see his love standing there smiling at him. Her eyes filled with tears.

"My sister's memory has entrapped you yet again Night wing?" she asked almost teasingly.

"No," Night wing said honestly, "I just like thinking about her sometimes," he said almost eerily, "especially when something so beautiful and simple as a sunset mystified her," he said as he turned his attention to the almost fully set sun, "you understand what I mean, don't you Blackfire?" he asked as he turned almost pleading eyes to her.

"Yes Night wing I do," Blackfire responded honestly, "can I kiss you?" she asked suddenly then quickly went beet red and started to walk away.

"Wait," Night wing said firmly and one hand grabbed her by her waist and pulled her down into his arms, "you forgot your kiss," he observed and started to kiss her fully and passionately on the lips.

Blackfire responded to his kiss with as much if not more passion. She was so happy to finally have him, she always liked him from the first time she came to the T-tower. She was a villain then, but now she was the girlfriend of one of the most feared crime fighter not only in Jump City, but in the entire country. She remembered the day that she first returned four years ago. She had already found out that all the other Titans were gone and that he had become a one-man fighting force. She was concerned about him from the onset, but she hid it well. As time went on she helped him every once in a while without this consent until he accepted her and of course made her a honourary titan. She still missed her sister too, and sometimes caught herself crying when she was alone for her ill-fated sibling. But she was so happy now that she and Night wing were together at long last.

"Black fire?" Night wing asked their kisses slowed to quick pecks, "can I ask you something?" he asked softly and almost nervously.

"What?" Blackfire asked in an almost whinny tone as she tried to intensify the kiss again, "what is Night wing?" she asked almost hurriedly since she missed the nervous tone in her voice.

"Will you marry me?" Night wing asked a more confident but soft tone, "I'm not going to rush you, but I just had to ask".

Blackfire's eyes widened in total surprise and amazement.

"Did you just ask me for my hand in MARRIAGE Night wing?" Blackfire asked slowly, "I just want to know that I heard you right," she said with a slight squeak.

"Yes Blackfire I did," Night wing said as he laughed, "you seem more nervous than I am!" he cried as he started to laugh even louder at her.

"Well the answer is yes," Blackfire said coyly, "unless you continue laughing at me," she added seriously and Night wing's eyes nearly bogged out of his head.

"Did you say yes?" Night wing stuttered as Blackfire grinned slyly and nodded.

"Yes I did," Blackfire said seriously, "and I'm inviting BB to the wedding," she said simply and Robin raised an eyebrow, "I met him and his wife while I was at the mall last week," she explained to Night wing, "their kid Fauhna is a big fan of me and jumped me when she saw me come out of the Gap," she told him, "I can't believe he married that girl, you'd be surprised too," she said to him frankly, "they were visiting from planet Juiritin where they now live," she finished as Night wing prepared to respond.

"I'm not really surprised that he married Raven," Night wing said deductively, "there was always an underlying chemistry going on betw..." he said but interrupted by a shocked Blackfire.

"Raven!" Blackfire cried incredulously, "I was talking about Jinx," she told him and Night wing's mouth fell open, "Jinx told me that Raven and Gizmo collaborated three years ago and now own a successful Power Plant on Tameran," she said and shrugged when Night Wing raised an eyebrow, "I never asked them, so don't ask me," she said finally shaking her head.

"Night wing?" Blackfire asked after they had suddenly lapsed into a moment of silence, "are you sure that you love me?" she asked as she looked into his masked eyes, "I mean enough to want to and stay married to me," she said with a slight laugh but it didn't hide her fearful tone.

"Do you doubt me Blackfire?" Night wing and Blackfire quickly shook her head.

"Too many of my dreams have come true for me to do that Night wing," Blackfire said honestly as she leaned him and kissed him on the lips, "lets get inside, I'm chilly in this thin bathrobe," she said as she rose and brushed off some invisible dirt, "after all this isn't my usual attire out doors," she added as she started to head into the tower.

"Can it be your usual in house attire?" Night wing asked mischievously as he followed her.

"Sure," Blackfire responded, "but it's not coming off before I at least get a ring," she said firmly wagging a finger at him.

Night wing dug into his pocket and soon a ring in a jewelry box was sitting in his pal exposed. Blackfire's mouth fell to the floor when she saw it then she looked into his face.

Night wing had a mischievous grin on it then he moved his eyebrows suggestively.

"You said a ring," Night wing teased in a song tone as he wagged his finger back at her.

"Umm I meant marriage LICENSE!" Blackfire cried at the word 'license' and ran as Night wing's grin got even wider and he ran towards her.

There was a lot of laughter and things falling over as Night wing chased a bare footed black haired Tameranian woman inside the tower. Her lavender silk bathroom flapping behind her as she ran around the tower laughing.

Part Three Accomplished.

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