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Past Love

Ch. 1-The Blimp


Serenity couldn't stand it. Seto and Yugi were fighting. She didn't

understand why she hated to see them fight. Normally she wasn't like this.

When Joey and Seto fought she was able to deal with it, but this it just seemed

so wrong. Everyone had gathered on the second floor of the blimp to see this.

"Let's just solve this with a duel, Yugi." Seto said, pulling out a deck.

"You're on, Kaiba." Yugi said switching to Yami and pulling out his deck.

"This is just wrong." Serenity said quietly.

"Then stop it." A voice said behind her.

Serenity quickly turned, "Isis."

"Why don't you stop it?" Isis asked her.

"I have no right to do that." Serenity said sadly looking towards the duel.

"You have every right." Isis responded.

"What?" Serenity asked looking at Isis closely. Joey had told her to stay

away from Isis, because he said that she was crazy. Joey didn't like the whole

Ancient Egyptian thing.

"Come with me." Isis said taking Serenity's hand. Serenity knew her

brother would be upset with her for going but something inside her told her to go,

something longing to be remembered.

"Okay." She said allowing herself to be lead away by Isis.

Isis led her to a room and shut the door, "Do you know anything about

Ancient Egypt?" She asked Serenity.

"Not very much, only the things that I learned in school." Serenity

answered sitting down.

"The schools don't know anything." Isis responded and sat down next to


"Well they seem to know a lot." Serenity responded.

"There once was a great pharaoh and his cousin was a high priest." Isis


"Okay what does this have to do with me? Or anything now? I think my

brother is right you are crazy." Serenity said getting uncomfortable so she got up

to leave.

"You will see." Isis said grabbing her arm. As soon as Isis' hand made

contact Serenity blacked out and fell to the ground. "You will see soon, my

daughter." Isis said looking down at Serenity.


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