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Ch. 1-Old Friends


Rei woke up to see Kai leaning on a tree outside the dojo. It was around

midnight, so Rei was curious to what Kai was doing outside NOT TRAINING.

Rei slowly opened the door and walked outside. Kai didn't hear him.

"Kai are you okay?" Rei asked putting a hand on Kai's shoulder.

"Fine. When did you get out here?" Kai asked looking at him, "I didn't

here you."

"Just a minute ago. Something is wrong. I mean you always hear me or

anyone for that matter. Tell me." Rei said sitting down on the grass.

"I was just thinking." Kai said sitting next to Rei.

"About what? Biovolt?" Rei asked.

"No. I wasn't thinking about something I was thinking about someone."

Kai answered.

"Who? One of us? Or a girl?" Rei asked chuckling at the last question.

Kai would never think about a girl.

"Both." Kai answered looking away.

"Both? What...oh...wait...Hilary?" Rei asked his eyes getting wide.

"Yeah." Kai answered.

"Why? Do you have...feelings for her?" Rei asked.

"Well, yes. She is strong for a girl and all and she can kick Tyson's butt."

Kai said chuckling.

"You have to tell her!" Rei exclaimed. He knew Hilary had a crush on Kai

and he was going to make this work.

"What if she doesn't feel the same?" Kai asked, for once showing doubt

about something.

"Trust me. Tell her." Rei answered. Just then they heard a cell phone

ring, "Isn't that Hilary's ring?"

"Yeah I think so, maybe her mom was calling her." Kai said.

Suddenly the door flew open and shut quickly and Hilary went around the

side of the dojo holding the cell phone. Kai and Rei moved closer to hear, but all

they caught was the end of the hushed conversation.

"Yeah....yeah...I'll be there....are you sure you weren't followed?...right at safe...bye." Hilary said and then hung up and walked back into the


"That was weird." Kai said looking at Rei, "I wonder who it was."

"Oh you're just hoping it isn't her boyfriend." Rei laughed, "She probably

came outside so she wouldn't disturb anyone. Now what are you going to say to

here tomorrow?"

Kai and Rei talked for about an hour more before going back to sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hilary had left early in the morning without saying anything to anyone. So

Kai had not told her how he felt, yet. There was a knock on the door. Tyson got

up to go answer it.

"Ummmm...guys come here." Tyson yelled from the front door.

The guys walked to the door to see who was standing there. It was the

last person any of them would have expected, "Tala." Kai said.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Park~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A young blond boy was sitting on a bench. He looked dirty and beaten

and was looking around like he was scared.

"Brian." Came a hushed voice from behind the boy.

The boy quickly walked to the edge of the trees where the voice came

from, "Hilary, you don't have to do this. You are in danger. You can still turn

back, I won't think any less of you."

"No I made a promise to you, Brian. You helped me and I will help you

escape. Are you sure you were not followed?"

"I'm sure." Brian said taking her hands, "Thank you."

"I wouldn't thank her just yet." Came a could reply. Hilary and Brian both

turned to see a tall black haired boy.

"Matt." Hilary growled.

"Oh at least you still remember me. Of course I'm sure you aren't happy

to see me." Matt laughed.

"Stay away from us." Brian yelled, pulling out his beyblade and launcher.

"Well...No...I don't think that is possible. You see I'm going to take both

of you back with me." He laughed again walking toward them.

"No!" Hilary shouted as she started to run pulling Brian behind her.


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