14 Uisce Coisricthe: The Holy Waters

'The holy waters of healing can wash away the past of pain; give yourself to the opportunity of true love; hold back no longer; find the compatible; release what only exists in agitation; while you are being asked to trust, this does not imply blind faith, but rather faith in the law of the Goddess, which is love'

Author Notes: Hi! I don't really know where this fic came from...wait yes I do. I was sitting here looking on ebay for pageant dresses for my little girl and the idea for this fic popped into my head. Ok Draco and Charlie Weasley are together in this story, but I'm not going into how that happened in THIS story because they are going to have their whole story by themselves. Kind of a prologue thing going on ( Now I do not want flames, because most of the time flamer's just say stupid things that were answered in the author's notes *rolls eyes* At least most of my flames are.

Now I don't care if you think I'm gross but this is SLASH!! Male x Male love!! Also MPREG mentions. Also I don't want to hear how 'oh that would never happen' This is FANFICTION people, get on with your lives. Last thing, Thanks to becca589 for editing!. That's it. LOL Here's the story.

Chapter One

Draco frowned as he followed Charlie through the crowd of people. He couldn't believe he had let Dumbledore talk him into this mission. He and his lover were at a muggle fair in America because of a spotted known Death eater. He frowned, he had hoped that when Voldemort was killed they would all get a break, but no. They had to hunt down and arrest all of the deatheaters who had escaped.

"Dray." Charlie whispered, getting his attention. Draco turned to his lover, who pointed at someone through the crowd. He gasped, there was a man about his age with long raven hair and emerald eyes holding a little girl with white/blond hair and dark obsidian eyes.


Draco made his way to the man, noticing the fear in the Emerald eyes...he was surprised to say the least, he and Harry had become friends, practically brothers before Harry had disappeared about 2 years earlier...two months after Voldemort's defeat.

When he was at Harry's side he smiled and hugged the man gently, careful not to squish the little girl in his arms.

"And who is this?" He said to her and tickled her nose.

"This is my daughter Lillian Serenity Potter." Harry whispered and gently fluffed the little girl's dress.

"What are you doing here Harry?" Charlie asked, joining the conversation.

"We're entering a baby contest, aren't we Lil?" He asked the girl who nodded excitedly.

Draco smiled at the girl who hid her face in Harry's shirt. "No why are you in America? Where'd you go? Who's her mother?" He asked firing off questions.

"I'm her mother, we're here because my lover's, her fathers cut me out of their lives. I loved them very much...I couldn't stay there with them, so I left and came here. I met a mediwizard, Alberto, who specialized in male pregnancies and he helped deliver Lilly." Harry stared down into his baby's beautiful onyx eyes and smiled sadly. He wouldn't admit to Draco who his lover's were or that the reason they had entered the pageant was because they needed the money.

"Harry? Will you come with us? I've missed you! Hermione missed you. I think even Sev missed you."

Harry snorted, tears stinging his eyes, "I found out I was pregnant a month after Voldemort's defeat, I didn't tell my lover's because Poppy thought I would miscarry, so I didn't. After I kept disappearing, S-one of them convinced the other I was cheating on them. I went down to their room and they just started yelling, wouldn't listen, then kicked me out and threw all of my stuff at me...including my promise ring they gave me." Harry sniffled but couldn't stop the tears from falling. And he couldn't hold back the dam anymore, "I was fired from my job while I was pregnant, we've been living off of handouts. We're here in hopes we'll win the money prize."

Draco was in shock and almost in tears, he knew how much Harry had wanted a family and now he had a daughter, but no job. He looked at Charlie a question in his eyes.

Charlie very gently took Lilly from Harry's arms and watched as the young man clung to his lover sobbing. He nodded at Draco and then looked down at the little girl who was starting at him, her fist in her light hair. He was suddenly struck by how Malfoy-ish she looked.

"Hey honey, would you and your daddy want to come live with Draco and I? We can take care of you both." He whispered gently, he noticed Harry's head shoot up and the damp emerald eyes stared at him. Lilly giggled and nodded, "Uncle Drac and Chawie!" She giggled.

"A-Are you sure?" Harry whispered, "We don't want to be a bother." Harry no longer cared that his lover's would find out and he would have to see them, he needed to give his daughter and himself a better life.

"We're sure, come on Harry, let's find a Floo and take you two home."

"What about our stuff?" Harry said.

"We'll send house-elves to get it." Charlie said with a grin, and tickled Lilly's tummy.

"There's a floo at my house, the mediwizard who helped deliver Lilly owned a place he usually rents out and let me stay there. I did little chores for people around for money for food and such. But anyways, we can go there and Floo from there. I'll have to open the floo though. And it's not far, about three blocks from here." Draco nodded and the four set off for Harry's house.

Draco and Charlie looked around the sitting room in shock as Harry opened the Floo. Pictures of Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape were everywhere! Draco was in shock, he looked at Lilly who grinned at him and played with her white/blond hair. Her onyx eyes glittering happily. It hit him, he knew who Harry's old lover's had been.

"Ok it's ready," Harry said and stepped back, picking up Lilly. "If you two will tell me where to go and take Lilly I'll come right after I pack up a few things."

Draco nodded and took the little girl from Harry's arms, "It's called 'Wetland Way'"

He and Charlie disappeared into the fireplace with Lilly. Harry smiled sadly and went upstairs to gather some of Lilly and his possessions. Then he left a note for Alberto and threw some Floo powder into the fireplace calling out 'Wetland Way' and he vanished from the house.