14 Uisce Coisricthe: The Holy Waters

'The holy waters of healing can wash away the past of pain; give yourself to the opportunity of true love; hold back no longer; find the compatible; release what only exists in agitation; while you are being asked to trust, this does not imply blind faith, but rather faith in the law of the Goddess, which is love'

Author's Notes: xikum- you are very very close with the spell thought. You'll find some out down below and the rest in the next chapter.

Now to all: I'm SOOOO SORRY it took so long. Lot's of junk going on. We're getting ready to enter Freja in the baby contest and my friend is moving back here from Florida soon. Just lots of stuff. I'll TRY and have the next chapter out sooner.


Harry woke up feeling safe and warm, he looked down into Lilly's dark eyes and smiled.

"Hi Sweetie, how are you?"

"Where's Lu'us?" She asked softly.

Harry grimaced, "He's probably asleep or in the kitchen eating breakfast, why?"

Lilly grinned, "Want to play with him!!"

Harry grinned faintly at the thought of Lucius playing with Lilly. He felt Draco stir behind him.

"Ok Lils, you go find him ok, I want to talk to Draco."

Lilly nodded and jumped from the bed, still in her nightclothes and ran from the room.

"Harry, perhaps you should talk to my father." Draco whispered, as Harry turned and cuddled close to him. Harry pulled back in shock with hurt in his eyes.

"Oh Harry, listen, my father didn't think you had cheated on them but Severus told him he had caught you with someone else, my father was so hurt.... "

"They hurt me Draco! What the hell should I do, forgive them!?They threw me out while I was PREGNANT!!" Harry exclaimed tears in his eyes.

"I know, but perhaps father was just as hurt by Severus as you were by them, Severus lied to him, imagine how betrayed he feels, especially since he was lied to about you, whom he also loves." Draco whispered and got out of the bed, "I'm going to shower, go talk to him please?"

Harry watched him leave and stood up and after getting dressed slowly went to find Lucius. He found him in the dining room with Lilly, singing, no one else was in there so Harry listened to the song, and Lucius's beautiful tenor voice.

"Candle light guides at the window,

and the night wind blows soft from the sea,

while lying in your arms I 'm a thousand miles away

on the waves sailing fast sailing free.

Now I'm bound for the heart of the ocean,

I'm riding the sea in my soul.

In the dark and the deep she will rock me to sleep

down below...where the black waters roll.

When the seabirds cry out in the morning,

and the sun lays it's kiss on the sand,

I'll be drawn to the shore like so many times before

as I long to be far from the land.

Now I'm bound for the heart of the ocean,

I'm riding the sea in my soul,

in the dark and the deep she will rock me to sleep,

down below where the black waters roll.

I ca n still hear your voice on the trade winds,

I can still taste your tears on the foam,

but the roar of the tide and this feeling inside will not rest till my heart finds it's home.

Now my heart is the heart of the ocean

There are storms from the sea in my soul,

I'm restless and deep and before II can sleep I must go...

where the black waters roll. Where the black waters roll."

Harry had tears in his eyes as Lilly squealed and hugged Lucius, his lover had sung that to him when they were still together. He smiled as Lilly kissed Lucius on the cheek then she turned and grinned.

"DADDY! Did you hear the song?" She exclaimed grabbing a fistful of Lucius's hair and tugging lightly.

Harry nodded, "Yes I did." His voice was slightly choked as Lucius's eyes fell on him. He tried not to show how affected he was, but couldn't help it.

"Harry....." Lucius whispered, his voice thick. He couldn't believe Harry was standing about 3 feet in front of him. Oh he just wanted to hug him and never let go. It seemed like a lifetime ago....

Harry sensing Lucius wanted to talk turned to Lilly, "Lilly hun, you need to go get some clothes on, do you remember where you room is?"

Lilly shook her head, and Lucius summoned a house elf and had her take Lilly to her room and help her pick out something to wear. When they were gone Lucius turned to Harry.

"How could you," Harry rasped out, "how could you just throw me away like that. I thought you loved me."

"Oh Harry, about a week before we made you leave, Severus had been trying to convince me that you were cheating on us. I would not believe him. Then on that day Severus claimed he had seen you and someone else together....I didn't want to believe him, but Severus and I had been together long before you joined us and I never thought he'd lie to me. I was so hurt Harry, it never occurred to me that Severus lied. I JUST found out he lied, I never knew, all these years. I didn't want to believe it...but I had no reason to believe Sev had lied and you did keep disapearing..." Lucius broke off suddenly, his eyes suspiciously bright and he looked down at the ground.

Harry sighed and asked tentatively, "Y-you really didn't know he lied? Why didn't you believe me and listen to me?"

"Harry, my pride was hurt, I fell in love with you and then was told you were pretty much using us....I was very hurt. Wouldn't you be?"

Harry nodded, "I can't forgive you yet, but I want to try and get to know you again, let Lilly get to know you....if you don't mind..." Harry whispered and looked at the floor. He jumped as a hand cupped his chin and gently pulled his face up so Lucius could look in his eyes.

"Harry I swear to you I am so sorry, and I've missed you. I know we hurt you and I'd go to the moon if it would mean you would give me even one look." Lucius whispered and very gently kissed Harry's forehead. "I love you...and always will."

Harry nodded and wiped the tears from his eyes and hugged Lucius, oh he hadn't forgiven him yet, but he had missed him so much he just wanted to hug him, make sure it was all real. They broke apart quickly when Hermione, Charlie, and Draco entered the room. Followed by Severus. Hermione was carrying Lilly. They all sat down to the meal the house elves had prepared. Lilly sat in Harry's lap. Harry decided to catch up on what he had missed in the Wizarding world.

"What have I missed? Hermione, did you an Ron get hitched?" He asked with a grin and was met with sorrowful faces,"What?"

"Harry, Ron was killed, I married Justin Finch-Fletchly. We have a little boy about Lilly's age." Hermione said.

Harry stared at her in shock, Ron was dead...he felt slightly numb...."Who else?"

"Minerva McGonagall," Charlie said gently and the whole room cringed at Harry's soft intake of breath.

"Seamus Finnegen and Dean Thomas also,"Hermione said softly. Harry shook his head.

"No more right now, no more!" He gasped out, tears stinging his eyes. He looked down at Lilly who smiled and hugged him.

"Love you daddy!" She exclaimed. He smiled sadly and hugged her to him.

They were all startled out of thoughts of the past by the shattering of glass, glancing up they saw Severus sitting there, blood dripping from his hand and the broken pieces of his cup laying all about.

"Let me help," Hermione exclaimed, drawing her wand, but stopped at Severus exclamation of 'LUCIUS!'

Lucius rushed to Severus's side, seeing the distress on his face, "Sev?"

"Lucius, where are we? What's going on? Who's that on Harry's lap?" Severus snarled trying to hide his fear, the last thing he remembered was visiting Dumbledore......trying to tell him he didn't want to be the potions professor anymore.....

"Sev, what on earth are you talking about we're in the manor with Draco, Charlie, Hermione, Lilly, and Harry....we're here because someone reported Harry as an unfit father and they took Lilly."

"Who's Lilly!? What are you talking about Lucius!" Severus barked out harshly, "all I know is I went to Dumbledore last night and suddenly I'm HERE!"

An eerie silence fell upon the room, and Harry clutched Lilly to him, whatever was going on had just gotten a whole lot deeper.