Title: The Blooded

Rating: R, for language and violence

Author: PoF

Summary: How to write it without giving it away? AU. Returning to the sleepy lake city where their mother grew up, twins Sango and Kohaku see it as a chance to start over again. However, life seems to be against them as their school is run by a horny jock, they have a resident witch, and oh yes, the fact that there are vampires taking over the town. M/S, I/Ka.

AN: Well, another story. This one will probably take a while for me to write. I have a vague idea of what's going on, but I also want to make the chapters nice and long. So yes, I'm well aware that somebody has probably done the whole vampire/Inuyasha deal to death, so you ask yourself, what makes this one stand out above all the rest? Easy. The writer is totally unhinged. Come on! Kohaku as a Star Trek geek? That's cute!

Oh, and yes, this chapter is supposed to be completely confusing, and no, you aren't really supposed to know who is who, because that makes it all the more interesting for when the plot starts to roll. I did promise a drama here, folks!

Oh, and if anybody has an idea for what to make Sesshy, please, go ahead and give me suggestions, because I don't quite know yet.

As always, enjoy, and tell me what you think!

Chapter One: The Start of an Interesting Ride


His face shot to the side with the impact of her punch. The world spun as he stumbled back, another aggressive punch swinging his head to the other side with the same empty, hollow sound. His enemy lunged forward, weapon in her free hand, and she slammed it into his chest with all the force her small size could create. It barely penetrated the breast bone that protected the creature's still heart.

"Shit." The shock of suddenly having a wooden stake protruding from his heart lessened the man's confusion. She had to do something fast, otherwise it just wasn't going to go over well. The man lunged for her, his teeth bared, and she swore again. Her front leg drew close to her back leg, but the vampire didn't recognize the attack position.

She could smell his rancid breath as he suddenly became frighteningly close. All her weight rested on her back leg, her first leg being used for balance. It also left it free for attack. When he was within distance, she snapped her leg forward, aiming for the protruding stake. He ran right into her await foot, and the stake plunged through his heart.

Dark blood ran out from around the wood in his chest with a slurping sound, and piddled to the ground below in soprano notes. His face, beautiful in death, contorted from pain. Staking was a painful death. He fell to the ground, and the force of his impact made his body explode into a dusty cloud, which then scattered into the wind. The stake, freed from its rotting prison, was left spinning on the ground.

The girl picked it up and cleaned it on her black pants. She looked at the specks of dust still left on the ground, and her pink lips frowned, her eyes saddening. She hated killing, even if what she was already killing was already dead. Sticking the stake back into its sheath, strapped to her wrist and hidden under a flowery long sleeved shirt to hide it, her eyes narrowed. "You're not the vampire I wanted to find tonight," she mumbled, as if it were an apology. Her gaze moved up to the rooftops of the crippled lakefront, where two shadowy figures stood watching her. The salty sea breeze picked up again, ruffling silver hair, and she shuddered.

The vampire never should have been so stupid as to try and attack and bite her. He should have fled when her first attack failed. "Fool," she told him, and maybe herself. "You're not the vampire who will kill me."

On the rooftops, the two men watched her leave. One stood with his arms crossed, looking unhappy in the wind of the lakefront. He swallowed hard, licking his lips as she sauntered into the night, perhaps looking for another vampire to kill. The second stood as if he were more comfortable staring down at the land of the inferior human beings.

"One measly human being stands between us and taking over this entire city," he told his companion, hoping the fight they had just witness would smarten up the taller man. "One measly human being that you were supposed to kill when we learned of her pathetic existence. Now she doesn't have to use her powers to kill our kind. She's become strong enough to do it by herself. She could ruin everything. You need to fulfill the promise that you made to me, and kill her. Kill her tomorrow night."

His companion's face saddened, and then he shook the feeling away. He whirled on his friend, glaring at him. Only several hundred years of developing a shield to the glare worked to protect him. "I'll kill her when I'm fucking ready to kill her. Until then, I'm hungry. Let's go hunt." He glanced at his Rolex. "The late night movie should be getting out now. Don't you just love teenagers who disobey their parents and go out on a school night? What are you in the mood for?"

The first speaker thought about this, and his carefree looks slowly became more determined, his long fangs not able to stop his large smile. "I want a couple." His heart began to pound with excitement as he thought of the hunt, the bite… unable to kill because it aroused suspicion, the hunt and the first bite had become the most important part of the evening.

Couples were his favorites. He loved trying to pick up the woman, and then watching the foolish alpha male continue thinking that after dark he was still the strongest, or the fastest. He loved slowly guiding them away from the others, knowing his pack-mate was watching him, and then he would start making out with the girl. Whether willing, or even if he had to use a little mind-control, he didn't care. Then, as he lifted his face, he'd make sure to show the male his long fangs, and all the power held within his steely body. Then, right in front of her, he'd take the girl. He'd sink his teeth into her neck, feeling her blood, the life and power that kept him from trying to kill all of humanity fill his mouth, sustaining his life for another night.

That's when they would find out whether or not the man was deserving of being called the alpha male. Sometimes he would run, and then the taller vampire would have the joy of physically hunting him down, wrestling him do the ground and biting him, laughing the entire time. Or he would try to fight, and he would get to protect his friend from the human male, and fight him, drawing it out as long as possible, trying to cause as much pain as possible without killing the pathetic human. Sometimes he thought that his fights were what kept the hospital in business. Eventually though, the man would become a victim too, and when they woke up the next morning, neither of them would remember a thing.

"A couple it is, then."

The next morning, in the bright sunshine, the humans emerged again in droves, unable to even believe in the existence of such things as vampires, or any of the other monsters of the night. Kohaku, one of the poor witless souls of the day world, leapt from his bed. Tangled in his sheets from a restless sleep the night before where he dreamt his twin sister was fighting for her life, he crashed straight to the floor.

Untangling himself from his blankets, he grabbed his bathrobe from the back of his desk chair and ran across the hall to his sister's door. Without knocking, he ran right inside and jumped on the lumpy bed. "Sango! Sango wake up!" he shouted, pinning his still slumbering sister to the bed and attempting to peel her comforter off of her. "Why do you always sleep so much? It's our first day of school here! Aren't you excited about going to school?"

"No," she groaned from under the pillows. "I'm excited about sleeping in for ten more minutes." Kohaku heard her yawn from under the pillows. "Go on to school Kohaku. I'll be there later on."

"You better not be late on your first day at this new high school, Sango," he warned as he climbed off her bed. "If you do, Mom's going to kill you. Try not to get a detention, either."

After a quick shower and trying to rid himself of a bowl of oatmeal without eating it, Kohaku was getting dressed. He carefully went through his closet, glancing now and then at the sport posters around his room. All his favorite belongings, like his collection of Start Trek and Star Wars books, his rock collection, or his medical dictionaries that his father had gotten for him for his birthday, were tucked safely away. He didn't want them getting out, in case he was lucky enough to make a friend on this first new day.

'Not everyone gets a second chance,' he had told himself while he had been unpacking. 'I am. We are.'

After the divorce of their parents, the mother of the twins had announced that they were moving from the big city back to the quiet town in which their mother had grown up. Their mother knew she could get a job their, and they had recently acquired their grandmother's house. Kohaku saw it as a chance to reinvent himself so that he wouldn't get called a geek or picked on everyday in class for wanting to grow up and work on examining life from other planets. For his sister, on the other hand, for her it was supposed to be a punishment, or maybe a re-education plan. Her grades had been failing, she had been caught sneaking in late a few times, she was constantly getting in fights at school and getting detentions for unfinished work or being late to her morning classes. Their mother had thought it was the theatres, the raves and the university parties that had made her daughter go from being just like her younger twin to being the school bitch. That was also part of the plan of moving away to a city that hosted all of two movie theaters, one mall, a main straight consisting of three blocks, and one club, that would only admit underage people one night a week.

'The outfit,' Kohaku said, 'has to be perfect.' He wanted to be accepted the moment he walked in through the doors. He passed by the leather jacket he'd gotten at a thrift shop from the city, and went straight to tight acid-washed jeans. He changed his ear-band, going to one set with a piece of amber. Unable to pull off the punk-rocker look because of the freckles over his cheeks and bridge of his nose that refused to go away, he trimmed down the look with a white t-shirt and a blue dress shirt he left completely open. The color made his hair look a little lighter, bringing out the streaks of blond. He tossed his favorite pair of sunglasses on his head.

Checking himself over in the mirror, he thought he looked perfect. He threw on his lucky running shoes –they pinched a little, but he'd kicked a winning goal in them, so he could bear with the pain for one day- and raced downstairs. He hoped on his bike, knapsack swung over one shoulder when he heard his mother call from inside the house.

"Don't forget to wear your helmet!"

He swore and removed his glasses, pulling on the helmet. When he got halfway to the school, he threw it in his bag and he put his glasses back on top of his head. Kohaku rode his bike right up to the bike rack. He jumped off and brought it into place, and was in the midst of doing the bike lock up when someone grabbed the back of his shirt.

He was hoisted up to his feet by the hand, and found himself looking up into the eyes of a tall boy. His hair was swept up into a high ponytail, but his bangs escaped from the band. His eyes were dark, his hair was black, and wore a blue leather school jacket. Kohaku noticed the snake tattoo on his wrists and automatically knew the type: school bully.

Rule number one of going to a new school: take down the hot shot on campus.

"Kid," the dark-haired man growled. "You're in my spot."

Telling himself to think of it as nothing more than a soccer match, he merely lifted his chin proudly and balled his hands, getting ready to throw a punch. "Funny," he snarled, "I don't see your name on it. If you want to make sure this mistake doesn't happen again, tell me your name and I can teach you how to write it."

"Are you saying I don't know how to write my own name?" he demanded, trying to lift Kohaku up further. He found he couldn't. Kohaku may have been slender like his sister, but he was built just as strong. He'd taken down guys a foot and half taller than him on the field.

Kohaku laughed. "Funny, that's exactly what I'm saying. You must be dumber than I thought. You couldn't even recognize an insult." The black haired boy's face went red from rage, snarling and breathing heavily. Kohaku gave his final push. "Your momma must have been blind to have sex with a pig." He reached out into his pocket and pulled out a roll of Breath Savers, offering it with a kind smile. "Mint, piggy?"

His feet touched ground again. Still awaiting the start of a fight, Kohaku was surprised when the senior merely grinned and ruffled his hair in an affectionate manner. "You got balls, kid. What's your name?"

Surprised, he shook his head, rearranging his disheveled hair and his glasses. "Kohaku." Had he been accepted merely because he had tried to pick a fight? Becoming popular was easier than he thought!

Taking the offered Breath Saver, the man sucked on it thoughtfully, introducing the two jocks behind him. "I'm the football quarterback, Kuranosuke." He draped his around Kohaku's shoulder and led him toward the school. "Welcome to Sandy Cove High. On the outside it looks like your average high school from some movie about some female-gets-the-guy-she-wants bullshit, but allow us to tell you how things really are."

He began to point out things to Kohaku. The Principal was a beautiful woman dressed in a tight fitting black suit. Leering, Kuranosuke licked his lips. "You should see her when she gets mad. Half the fun of getting into trouble is getting to be alone with Ms. Kagura Saunders. Those guys over there dressed all in black are the drama crew. We have a great drama class here, so we don't mess with them. It's pathetic, but the drama class makes more money then the theatres when the plays come out. Now, the guys in the field are all the other jocks and their girlfriends, which is pretty much most of the cheerleading squad. That's where we can always be found. The preps hang out at the front of the school, and no prep has that much guts as to take on a guy taller than themselves on their first day at a new school."

They began to head towards the field. The other two boys were met with bouncy, giggling vacuous girls, but no girl greeted Kuranosuke with kisses or hugs. Kohaku looked up at his new mentor curiously. "Don't you have a girl?"

"Of course. She's in college right now, that's all."

Somebody snickered, and dodged Kuranosuke's fist. "He failed biology so he didn't get to graduate last year. His girl friend left him to go to college. They're still together, but you know she's fucking the college guys behind your back!"

Before a fight could break out, the entire field went quiet. Somebody dropped the pen they had been chewing on and the sound of it hitting metal bleachers was like a gun shot. Walking across the field was a girl the same age as Kohaku. She was dressed in Birkenstocks and a long wrap around skirt a pretty shade of blue. She wore a white peasant tope underneath a thin, tight leather jacket. Her knapsack was a draw string purse of soft material that looked handmade. A large necklace affixed with various tiny gemstones accentuated her breasts and completed the look of peasantry and pride. She looked like a girl from the past that had gotten a job in some high-end business. She sipped at the Sobe in her hand and walked unmolested through the field. As she neared the school, the crowds parted to let her by, all sounds of conversation dying in a hiss.

"Who is she?" Kohaku muttered in a single breath, all the air caught and captured from the girl walking across the field.

His new friend narrowed his eyes. "Kagome Higurashi. She's a junior, like you. She's beautiful, graceful, smart, and she's also a witch. The whole town knows it. She's the one who cursed me so that I couldn't pass biology."

One of the single girls stood up and rolled her eyes. "Like maybe the whole not studying thing didn't help in that failure." A pretty girl, she was also a junior. Her black hair was put in pigtails, and she wore long boots that raced under her printed skirt. She had a red wrap around her waist, her top the same hue to give her pale face some color. Unlike the other girls in the field, she wore no make up, her beauty coming from the good aura around her. Freckles sprouted on her cheeks, and there was a tiny gap between her two front teeth. Kohaku didn't remember ever having met a girl that was so naturally cute before. She smiled at Kohaku and offered him her hand. "My name's Rin. Want me to show you where the office is so you can pick up your class schedule?"

He heard Kuranosuke give a growl at her offer, but Kohaku accepted it anyway. Rin smiled and giggled. "Aw, you're pretty cute. Don't mind Kuranosuke. He just wants to protect his little sister." She leaned her head on his shoulder. As Kohaku walked to the office, he felt like the luckiest man in school. Whispers went through the crowds of people at their lockers, and he knew they were about him. Everyone wanted to know who this new cute boy was, and why the least available girl in the entire school was leaning on him.

Then he heard new whispers and the crowd broke for a tall, slender girl to make her way to the office. Her long brown hair was swept up into a ponytail, but her hair still reached half way down her back. She wore pink-tinted sunglasses, the kind that John Lennon wore. A bronze bordered belt accentuated the curve of her hips under her hip-hugger bell bottom jeans. A small amount of muscle was visible around her hips before flesh met long sleeved shirt. Her shirt was a no-nonsense brown, with a picture of a black jaguar sitting on her chest with a proud chin, a bubble from its lips reading: 'Dangerous when provoked'.

The shape of the shirt was loose, but nothing could hide her beauty or her curves. She looked like a magazine model, and she had a power in her stride unmatched by anyone else. To the people at school, seeing the grace in her step and realizing how true her shirt was, they were reminded of Kagome, though nobody dared mention the blue eyed girl's name out loud.

Kuranosuke whistled, impressed. He grinned and pushed past his little sister and Kohaku. "Pardon me, I have a new chic to greet."

"What about your girlfriend?" Kohaku demanded.

Rin snorted with disgust. "My brother really is the stereotypical dumb jock. He has rocks for brains. He doesn't know how to spell 'loyalty' let alone give the definition of 'monogamy'. The man's a troglodyte. My parents gave him all the brawn and saved the brains for me."

Startled at her intelligence, thinking she was exactly like her brother, Kohaku was slow to realize the danger, or what Kuranosuke was intending to do. When he became aware, he tried to go after the jock. But Rin held him back. She wasn't as tiny as she seemed, either. "Let him do what he wants. You don't want to get on his bad side. He needs to learn this lesson the hard way."

Sango was aware of the eyes on her, but her level gaze was locked on the office. Then she felt the air move close to her, lifting the hairs on the back of her neck and cooling the skin on the side of its source of origin. She shifted to the source of attack, but not before she felt a hand land on the back of her jeans, and squeeze. Hot breath rolled down her cheek and she was vaguely aware of some cheap pick up line sported by breath that reeked to her advanced senses.

Nobody ever touched her like that.

Without thinking, she spun around and grabbed the hand on her derriere. She pulled and gave a twist of a single hand. The boy went down, shouting in pain and she applied further pressure to his wrist. Her foot slammed down on his armpit, locking his arm in place. Before she could put on the final finishing move and snap the asshole's wrist, strong arms grabbed her shoulders and pulled her off of him.

The principal stormed out of the office. "What's going on here?" she demanded, seeing that two of the jocks had wrestled down a new girl and that Kuranosuke was huddled against a locker, rubbing a sore wrist as he tried to get up. She went for the two jocks wrestling down the girl. "Let her go! Right now!" They backed off, and the girl stood up, tossing her long hair over her shoulder.

She pushed her glasses back into place, and for the first time Kuranosuke noticed the look in her eyes. Her brown eyes were determined, intense… and completely and utterly cold. There wasn't a spark of warmth on her face, except for the circular pink glasses she wore. She dusted off her shirt as Principal Saunders looked around.

"Does anybody want to tell me what happened, or do I have to take names and interrogate you all one by one?"

Kohaku held his breath, his face concerned. He heard Rin take a breath, but then she closed her mouth and shifted to hide behind him, scared. Kohaku was focused on his sister. 'Please, Sango, find a way out of it! Don't get yourself into trouble already!'

One of the guys that had wrestled Sango to the ground spoke up. "Kuranosuke was just going up to try and greet the new chic, but then…."

Sango practically leapt down his throat. "Excuse me? Greet? Chic? The bastard came up and groped me! He touched my ass! Nobody lays a hand on me!" She shook with anger. If she wasn't in school, all of them would be in a world of pain. She would have broken Kuranosuke's wrist faster than his nerves could tell him that his hand was broken, and then when his sidekicks tried to wrestle her to the ground she would not have had to hold back her strength. Two human males? She would have thrown them into the lockers with such force that she would have broken their coccyx and given them a concussion.

Kagura sighed. She knew the way the schools were run, and she hoped that somebody would be able to help the new girl. She snapped a look at the boys. One look from her red eyes and they were scrambling to help up Kuranosuke. "Get him to the nurse's office to have him checked out. Then get to your class. The bell's already rung. Come and see me at lunch time."

She then turned to the rest of the school. "If anybody can verify her story, come and see me whenever you feel ready. No one will find out who you are, I promise you. This will be entirely confidential. I urge you to come forward. Until then," she turned to Sango. "My office. Now. You can go to the nurse's office as soon as the teachers tell me those three boys made it back to class. The rest of you, you know where you're supposed to be."

As Sango followed Kagura to the office with a look of obvious distaste, Rin wondered out loud who she was.

Kohaku gulped. "That's my twin sister."

Crossing her legs on the edge of her wooden desk, Kagura looked at the pretty girl who sat grumpily in the red polyester chair. "Listen, I don't know what things were like in your old school. Maybe having been in larger school has turned you into a crazed bitch, but I don't tolerate that kind of action in my school."

Her brown eyes widened, and she gripped the handles of the chair. "That asshole attacked me! I was defending myself! I regret that I didn't manage to break his wrist before his buddies decided to use me as target practice. I was using self defense and you're trying to tell me that I'm going to get detention just because I defended myself against his lechery and assault?"

"Defense or not you were still fighting. Unless someone comes and agrees with your statement, we don't have any proof that you're telling the truth. If someone does, then we can get him kicked out of the school for a week or two, but I can't expel him, as much as I want to. His father is on the committee, and I can't expel him without their approval. He's also the star quarterback, and as long as he keeps on winning us games, we'll keep on getting grant and prize money. Maybe if we win this year's state championship, I might be able to get the school to put in the video cameras I've been demanding since I became the principal at this school," she added with a hint of resentment.

"You know that they aren't going to do that," a soft new voice spoke up. Sango turned in her seat to see a pretty girl standing in the doorway. Her soft black hair was pulled back into a braid, her skin looked like porcelain, and she had a smile that would make the coldest of men blush, but it was the eyes that captured Sango's attention. The eyes of the girl were bright blue, the color of electricity blue. They made her stand out like a sore thumb.

The principal sighed and relaxed. "I can keep on hoping. Is there something you wanted? As you can plainly see, I'm busy right now."

"This concerns her. I was there. I saw him grab her."

"You know that they'll never believe you if I take this up to a higher power. I can give him a lengthy detention, but I can't do anything else because your name will come up. You also know that when I give him detention, Kuranosuke will come after you for it."

"He would come after me even if somebody else came forward and told on him," she wisely pointed out. "Give him what punishment that you can." She smiled again, and offered Sango a hand. Whatever sadness the other girl had been feeling as she spoke of Kuranosuke was washed away as she asked Sango if she needed help finding her classes or going to the nurse's office.

Sango was about to decline, but she thought better of it. This girl made her curious, and they always say to hold your friends close and your enemies closer. If the girl was her enemy, than this would be the perfect place for her. She took the girl's hand and was helped up out of the chair with surprising strength. Sango gave the hand a tiny squeeze as she shook it, and the pressure she applied was reciprocated. The girl was strong. Kagura swore she heard a few bones crack when they shook hands.

They smiled at each other, both as curious as each other. This was going to be the start of an interesting ride.