I'm curled up on the couch under a blanket watching a movie with Mia and Dom.  It's Mia's 14th birthday today and since Dom's going out of town with their dad tonight, he started our 'celebration' at 12:01 am.  We were sleeping upstairs in Mia's room when he woke us up and handed Mia a basket of presents.  There were fourteen of them, all different sizes and wrapped in the Sunday comics.  I have to admit that once I got over being irritated at Dom for waking us up, I was impressed- and only just a little jealous of Mia and Dom.  Sometimes being an only child sucks.  Sure Dom can be an ass, but he's got Mia's back.  And even tho Mia's my girl, I don't have a lot of cash like Dom  does to buy her a fancy present.  Compared to his, mine'll look cheap…. 

I thought I was hiding it pretty well, you know, being jealous and all, but when Mia was busy shrieking and being all girly about some sewing thing Dom'd gotten her, Dom looked over at me and started to laugh softly.

"What?" I asked nervously.

"You're jealous." Dom leaned over and ruffled my hair, forcing me to slap his hand away.

"Shut up, you're loco."  I tried to fain interest in the 'Amazing' make up book that Mia was pouring over.  Just because Mi and I are best buds, doesn't mean I like any of that shit, but since it's her birthday I figured I'd pretend.  Hey- I can give her shit about it tomorrow.

"Little Letty Latch-on is jealous 'cause Mia's got a basket of presents and she ain't got none."  Dom whispered poking me.

"I said shut up.  It's Mia's birthday- what I'm s'possed to be jealous cause you bought her presents for once?  That's your job big bro."  I jabbed him hard in the ribs.  Luckily Mia was shrieking about present number three when I did 'cause Dom made a sound like a stuck pig when I did. 

"Man you're going to regret that brat," Dom wheezed as Mia ran to the bathroom to try something on. 

"You deserved it. You had it coming stupid." I gave him a satisfied smirk.

"Yea? You think so?  Well I guess I deserve this too then. I thought you had it coming, but hey."  Dom pulled a small flat box out of his jacket pocket and palmed it in his huge hands.  "I was probably being stupid."

I jerked back a little, surprised.  I cast a quick glance at the bathroom to make sure Mia was too busy to see me tackle Dom and try to wrestle the box from him.  "Give it."

"Nah.  It's Mia's birthday.  I heard it's my job to give her the presents.  I guess this one could be for good luck."  Dom laughed, keeping the box away from me with a little too much ease for my liking. 

"Give it Dom.  Hurry up before she gets back.  She'll be pissed at us for fighting on her birthday." I bit my lower lip and reached for the box again, trying to play the Mia card on him. 

"Well you better say please hella fast then huh?  'Please Dom can I have my present?' Say it Letty.  You know I'll keep it till I get back on Sunday if you don't."  Now it was his turn to smirk.  Arrogant bastard.

"Please Dom… can I have my present?"  I ground my teeth and glared at him as I asked.  I know I sounded like a spoiled brat, but sometimes Dom brings out the worst in me. 

Laughing he handed me the box and gave me a half hug, which I dodged so that I could tare the box open.  Inside there was a small silver key chain with four keys on it.  Moving back onto the bed I pulled the key chain out and fingered it slowly.  "What is it?  I mean what are they for?"  I looked up at him, curious.

Smiling he turned my hand on the side and spread the keys apart slowly.  "These two are for the front door- the big one is for the deadbolt."  He pushed the third key up slightly, "This one is for the garage." He paused, tracing the fourth one, and cleared his throat.  "And this one, this one is for your locker.  So you can keep shit at the garage."

Startled, my head jerked up again.  Did he just say what I thought he did?

"Damn girl!  Are you tweaking?  What you been smoking?  Better yet, don't tell me.  I don't want to have to fire your ass already."  Dom laughed, making me want to slap him despite everything.

"Are you serious?  You're going to let me work at the garage?  On cars? For real?" I asked, for once not caring how eager my voice sounded.

"On real cars with engines and everything." Dom's lip twitched as he answered with mock sobriety. 

"Why? Why now?" I ask staring at the keys in awe. 

Dom shrugged. "You just turned 15 right?  That's why you got that shitty job at the market what, three weeks ago, so you could help out your ma, right?"

I nod.  It was five weeks ago, but who's counting.  I'm so happy right now that I'm not gonna correct him.

"Well when I asked Mia what she wanted for her birthday, we got to talking about how when she was little she wanted a sister and would get mad every year when she didn't get one till she met you in second grade.  She's been sad the last couple weeks 'cause she didn't get to see you all that much since you started work. She said she was going to ask for a fake id so she could get a job with you, but realized it wasn't as simple as that cause she'd have to cash the check someplace and pay taxes and shit."  Dom shrugged again.  "Anyways me and Pop realized the easiest way to make Mia happy was to get her sister back for her. We were gonna just give you the keys to the house, but since Bobby quit, we had a spot at the shop. Since Mia can work for Pop, and you needed a job- it just made sense." 

From the doorway of the bathroom Mia interjected dryly.  "You should have just said you gave her the job cause you know she's got skills Dom.  I don't know how you get any girls with that lame ass game you run." 

I laugh and roll my eyes in agreement. 

"Let's not a girl Mia, she's family."  Dom teases, putting me in an exaggerated head lock and pinching one of my cheeks.

"Dom you asshole, let me go!" I laugh.  Yeah he's being a jerk, but I'm still so high I don't really mind. 

  "Say thank you Dom!" He crooned as I slapped at him.

"Thank you Dommy!"  I sang in a fake sing songy voice.  "I love you forever Dommy, you're the best."

"That's right, don't you forget it neither!  And feel free to tell your friends."  Dom let me go, giving me one last pinch and slapping me on the back. 

Mia and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes at the same time- then burst out laughing. 

Dom got off the bed and walked to the door.  Standing in the frame, he turned back to us and smiled.  "When you two brats are done being retards, why don't you grab one of the bottom presents and come downstairs.  I'll start making the pancakes."  It was an established tradition that one of the three of us would cook pancakes for whomever else's birthday.  Whoever didn't cook had to do the dishes, which left me with them I guess.

We raced over to the basket and looked thru it for whatever it was that Dom was talking about. 

"He got me movies too!" Mia cried out, grabbing three rectangular boxes out of the basket.

"What'd he get you?" I asked, still playing with my keys. 

"Ooh- Romeo and Juliet with Leo and Clair Danes!  Oh and Titanic too! And… The Princess Bride!"  Mia gushed. 

"Nice.  I vote for anything without a sinking ship in it."  I may be a tomboy, but I secretly like some of Mia's cheesy movies.  Titanic was too much for me tho- especially when the other two movies were such classics. 

"Why not both?"  Mia smiled, looping her arm thru mine as we walked downstairs.  "This is great- now you get to work here with us and we can hang out again!"

I smiled.  "Yeah- I was surprised Dom was so cool about it. Usually he just says I'm too stupid to work on cars with him."

"Letty, you know you're not stupid, quit playing." Mia nudged me gently.

I shrug, trying not to let my self doubt show thru.  I get touchy about the fact that I'm a year older than Mia and we're in the same grade.  Growing up I spoke only Spanish at home till I went to school, and since we moved around so much when I was really small, none of my teachers realized I didn't understand what was going on till I flunked the second grade. Mia always says that it was a good thing I did, because if I hadn't, we wouldn't have become friends.

Trying to change the subject, Mia nodded toward the kitchen.  "He's getting better, don't you think?  Since he turned eighteen he's been less bitchy."  Mia raised her voice just enough so that Dom could hear us as we walked down the stairs.

"I heard that brat!" Dom's voice carried back into the living room from the kitchen.  "I may be bitchy, but I'm not deaf.  And FYI princess, guys are macho, not bitchy."

We ate the pancakes and watched R&J.  We were half way thru The Princess Bride when I realized that it was 3 am and those dishes weren't going anywhere.  I try to get up as quietly as possible so as not to bother either Mia or the dozing Dom.  There aren't that many dishes, but Dom made a mess of the kitchen.  He likes to cook from scratch, so there's flour and shit all over the place.  He's lucky I'm so freaking happy with him today, otherwise I'd go in there and kick his ass.

"Come on, come on, you're almost there.  Won't you please come off?  I need you to get off so I can relax already," I mumbled to myself. I was on my hands and knees trying to scrub something nasty off of the ground.  Since no one was around, I didn't really care how ridiculous I looked so I put my whole body into it.  "Shit Dom, you really know how to grind it in there huh?"

Suddenly I hear Dom chuckle from the door way, and for the third time this morning he startles me into jumping half out of my skin.  "Damn Letty, I didn't know you were such a freak.  You really do have a year on Mia.  It's good to know you're good… with your hands even if you're a little slow."

I glare at him and throw the rag at him.  "Shut up Dom. Just because you like your puntas on their hands and knees doesn't mean I'll get on mine for you. Ever."

Catching the rag easily, he tossed it on the table, crossed his arms over his bare chest and arched his eyebrow.  "Who said anything about me wanting you on your knees little girl?"

"Filthy Asshole.  Besides, if I'm so stupid, how come it's me who's tutoring your ass in Spanish, eh hesse?" I say under my breath, glaring at him. Standing slowly I turned my back to him and started filling the sink.  I picked up some of the dishes and started to put them away, ignoring him.

"Aww Let, don't be mad.  You know I'm just playing."  In the window I can see Dom strolling towards me.

As he gets closer I grab a stack of plates and scoot away from him, putting them in the overhead cabinet.  I get the first two in no problem, but the last three go on the higher shelf which is almost out of my reach, even when I'm tip-toeing. 

Without a word, Dom comes up behind me, takes the dishes out of my hand and puts them away.  My body tenses and I become absolutely still as he presses against me, warm, firm and… damn it, this is Dom!  He's a pain in the ass prick who thinks he's the shit just cause he's a senior and we're just freshmen. 

He reaches over to the sink and grabs a few more plates to put away, his body never really breaking contact with mine.  After what seems like forever, he finally finishes putting them away.  "There.  All done."  His voice is hot in my ear, on my neck.  I feel my hair stand up under his breathe and I shiver ever so slightly. 

            Dom puts his hand on my shoulder and turns me around effortlessly, rubbing his thumb  up and down my arm slowly.  I stare at the light trail of hair that starts just under his belly button and disappears into his jeans.  "See, I can make nice and play clean too Let.  If you want me to." 

            I shiver again and look up at him, trying to keep my face blank.  "I never said I wanted to play with you Dom."

            He gives me that lazy shit eater grin of his again.  "You never said you didn't."

            As I start to roll my eyes at him he kisses me suddenly, putting his hands on the sides of my face.  I try half heartedly to back away but I have nowhere to go- I'm still pinned between the counter and Dom.  My heart is pounding so hard I can't think, can't hear.  As if detached from the jello that used to be my brain, I feel my lips start to move against his.  What am I doing?  I open my mouth to protest, to tell Dom that this little joke of his is going too far.  Almost instantaneously his tongue is touching mine, teasing the roof of my mouth.  I let out a startled gasp, breaking the kiss just enough to clothes my mouth.  The spinning in my head starts to slow and I notice that my hands are on his chest.  Even in my haze, I realize that his body feels so good under my fingers that I probably wasn't pushing him away as hard as I should've. 

            Dom slowly breaks the kiss completely, touching his forehead to mine.  "Kiss me back Lett." His voice is a little gruffer than usual, and something in it tempts me. "Open your mouth baby."

            I shivered again and my traitorous mouth obeyed him, regardless of what my overheated brain was screaming at it not to. I felt Dom smile and felt myself smile back at him.  He pulled me closer to him, his hands stroking my back.  His tongue traced my lips coaxingly, and hesitantly I parted them.  When his tongue touched mine for a second time, I gasped again and my hands balled against his chest. 

            Dom gently took my hands from his chest and put them on his shoulders.  He lifted me up onto the counter and stepped between my legs.  Taking a cue from my lips, they too mutinied against my once again useless brain and wrapped themselves around him.  "Bueno," he whispers into my ear, nibbling on it as his hands sneak up under my tank top. 

            My whole body is on fire.  I didn't expect this.  He never- I didn't know it could be like this.  I don't know what to say in response to the things he's whispering into my ear.  These things… if he'd growled them to me five minutes ago, I'd have tried to kick the shit out of him.  But now… I want.  I don't know what to say, or how to say it, so I kiss him, hard.  I open my mouth, just like how he taught me, and try to use my tongue to show him that I want those things. 

            Groaning into my mouth, Dom pulls away, despite my protests.  He puts a finger on my lips and shhushs me, nodding toward the door.  I swallow hard and nod.  He smiles and my temperature goes up another 10 degrees.  He leans back over to my ear, and asks me, "Do you trust me Letty?" His finger leaves my lips and trails down the front of my tank to the bottom.  When both of his hands have a piece of the edges in them, he asks me again.  "Do you baby?"  He kisses my neck and from somewhere far away I can hear my voice moaning softly, whining, filled with… need. 

            "Dom…" I choke out.  I try to kiss him, to show him what I'm feeling.  I start to babble in Spanish like an idiot.  "Por favor…me gusto….Podría ayudarme?"  He laughs at the fact that I'm talking total random nonsense. I smile again-I don't think he's ever stopped smiling, but he won't let me kiss him. 

            His hand are lifting my top up slowly, inching it up.  I burry my head in his neck and kiss him, sucking on his salty skin.  He uses his elbows to push mine up, and my body realizes what I can do to show him that I trust him.  I lift my hands up over my head. Without my top on, I can feel the early morning breeze flow thru the kitchen for a moment, but only for a moment.  After that, I can feel his eyes burning me, making me blush. 

            "God Letty, you're so damn beautiful you can get a man into trouble," he growls, running his hand from my cheek to my breasts, cupping them. When he rolls my nipples in his fingers, I hear myself whimper again.

Dom's body presses up against mine, chest to chest.  Balling my shirt up, Dom smashes it into his back pocket and kisses me again.  First his lips are on mine, then they are on my neck, my collar bone, my… My nails dig into his back, trying to pull him closer to me. I bite my lip hard to try not to cry out.  I can't… I can't think.  This is too much.

            I pull Dom's head back up.  His lips cover mine and he lifts me up off the counter.  His hands massage my ass, as mine do the same to him.  I think I got the better end of the deal tho, cause he's wearing jeans and I just have a pair of boxers on.  I can feel the heat of his hands thru the thin material, but my poor hands are too far away from him.  I slip my hands down into his jeans, and when my fingers hit his bare ass, he groans into my mouth and grinds into me.  Once, twice- over and over again, rocking against me, almost into me. 

            Suddenly something in me breaks and this time I can't stop myself from crying out as I start to convulse.  Dom's fingers dig into my ass, pushing me forward as I ride the waves he's made in my body.  He groans and starts to shiver, collapsing into me and lowering me back onto the counter.  We rest there, our bodies twitching slightly, supported by the counter and the cabinet behind me, as we try to catch our breaths.

            Neither of us hear his father walk down the stairs and into the kitchen.  "Jesus Dom," he swears, seeing us together.  "She's barely fifteen, for Christ's sake."

            Horrified, I grab my top from Dom's back pocket, hiding my face and body behind him.  I hear Dom swear as he tries to protect me from his father's glare.  He looks over his shoulder and sees that the older Torretto has crossed over to the doorway to the living room to check and see if Mia is still awake.  As I struggle to get dressed I can see that thankfully the birthday girl is passed out on the floor. 

            Turning back to us and seeing that I was as close to "proper" again as possible given the circumstances, he explodes across the kitchen and slaps Dom across the top of his head, then yanks us both by our ears to the dinning table and makes us sit down.  "What the hell were you two thinking?"

            "It's my fault Dad, I started it."  Dom says, defending me.

            "Of course you started it, Letty's a good girl."  Anthony runs his hands thru his hair. He glances up at us when he hears Dom snort.  "You watch it, I'm not in the mood." He waves the back of his hand at Dom, who flinches.  "Besides, you know what I mean.  Leticia's not one of your Tran sluts.  She's practically family Dom.  I mean Christ, what were you thinking?"

            I sit there silent, not knowing what to do or say while Mr. Torretto rages on and on about how I'm too young, how Dom could go to jail for this sort of shit, how he thought he could trust us. I feel my eyes fill with tears and have to wipe my face when they start to overflow. 

            "Dad, stop, enough already, okay?  We get it.  We'll knock it off."  Dom says harshly.  It's the first time I've ever heard him talk back to his father.  I look over at him for the first time since we got caught and see his face is filled with concern.  He leans over and brushes my hair out of my face and squeezes my hand.  "It'll be okay," he says softly.

            Anthony stops pacing and glances back at us, sighing heavily.  "I don't want to find out this is still going on, do I make myself clear?  The two of you are not to be alone in the same room together, work on the same car together, see or talk to each other without someone else around.  Whenever Letty needs a ride to or from her house, I'll do it or Mia'll be in the car too.

And I don't care how many people are in the room at the time Dom, I'll kick your ass if I see you touch her again."

            "I should go home." I say softly, making to stand up.

            Anthony shakes his head. "Not right now, and not looking like that you can't.  What are you going to say when your grandmother asks you why you're coming home at 3:45 in the morning?  Worse yet, if Pedro sees you he'll wip you so hard you won't be able to get to the phone to warn Dom that s.o.b. uncle of yours is on his way over to kick his ass."

            I shake my head and run my hand over my hair, trying to straighten it up a little.  "He's gone.  My grandma kicked him out last month when she found his crack pipe." 

            Anthony raises his hands to the sky.  "Finally, some good news!"    He sits down heavily at the table and looks over at us.  "Now I don't care who started what, or what the hell happened here tonight, but it doesn't leave this room.  No one finds out, especially not Mia. If it was up to her, the two fof you'd be married and having babies tomorrow.  I won't have her upset by this, or have Letty's reputation ruined.  Especially now since she's going to start working at the shop.  Do I make myself clear?"

            "Yes sir." Dom and I say in unison. 

            "Letty get upstairs and get cleaned up.  You're both going to need to cover up as much as you can since you and Rico Suave here marked each other up real good." I glance over at Dominic, who's head is in his hands, back towards me.  My eyes widen as I see the scratch marks I left on him.  Instead of feeling horrified and embarrassed like I should, for an instant I feel… proud like a predator.  I've marked my territory.  With a nod of his head, Tony dismisses me and I run upstairs to the shower, shaking              .   

            I close the bathroom door quietly and lock it.  Looking in the mirror, I see that he's right, I already have three hickies on my neck and shoulders. As I strip off my clothes I see two more on my chest.  Hearing the back door open and shut, I look out the open window, distracted. 

From the second floor I watched Anthony dragging Dom out to the fence by the ear.  In a scene I haven't witnessed in years, I see Dom drop his pants and brace himself for a paddling.  It didn't happen often, but when it did, you knew you had seriously fucked up.  As Tony started in on him, Dom glanced up at me and winked.  After a record five smacks, Mr. Torretto put the paddle down and sat down on the picnic table.  Dom pulled his pants back up quickly and headed back toward the house.  As he went, I heard his father ask him if it was worth it.

"Hell yeah." Dom said, unable to keep the smugness out of his voice.

Tony shook his head, laughing despite himself.  "You just keep your hands off her till she's legal Dominic.  I promised your mother that I'd die before I saw you get your ass thrown in jail."

"She's worth the wait Dad." Dom said almost tenderly.  He glanced back up at the window and caught my gaze.  "I'm going to make her mine."  Even in the darkness I could feel the possessiveness in his eyes and hear it in his voice. 

Tony shook his head.  "If you hurt her Dom, I'll kick your ass just as hard as I would if some asshole were to break Mia's. Letty's different from all those skanks you've been dating."  

"I know Dad. Maybe that's the problem, huh?"  Dom said as they entered the house together, laughing.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *