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Chapter Seven (Epilogue)


"Oh... Marriage? Really?" She asked in reply, and he nodded, though it was hardly apparent.

"It wasn't exactly a choice we had. It all depended on the age of the moon and our guardians... What they wished of us was all that mattered back then. But, I suppose that you can't really call it a party, considering it was always a pressuring date having to do with our peoples future." Yami finished, finally looking up into Anzu's eyes, "It was probably nothing like what people do now a days."

"Oh... Then, you'd most likely be willing to... To, ano, make up lost time?" Anzu's tone was unbelievably hopeful, though Yami tried to ignore it.

"I don't see why not..." He tried to smile as reassuringly as possible but not really sure exactly what his expression was at the moment.

"...Great, because I know just how to spend a unique holiday; it'll be just the two of us." Anzu winked at him right as the door opened and he was ushered out by the nurse.


"So... How did it go?" Yuugi asked later that morning as the two of them entered the Kame Game Shop. The entire group of three had been dismissed from the hospital and they'd all returned to their homes. Unfortunately, Anzu's mother still hadn't returned and, because only Yami would be attending her while she celebrated her 'big day', he was anxious when thinking about the fact that he might have to be the one to tell her of her mothers birthday gift.

"Well, it obviously wasn't horrible. Anzu has invited me out for the day to celebrate both our birthdays." With a questioning look from his Abiou, Yami continued, "Not that mine is anytime around now; we just got into a discussion earlier on today about the many differences between now and five thousand years ago. Considering the amount, she said it would be nice to celebrate both our days."

"Hai. Well, here, take this with you." He held out a camera to his counter part, who looked at it, then at him, waiting for an explanation, "It's called a camera. It takes pictures of things. Whenever you and Anzu do something fun today, make sure to press this button here..." He pointed to a small gray knot, "...while pointing the front of the camera at each other. It helps keep memories safely tucked away." He smiled and then, as though speaking an after-thought, "That is, unless Jou and Honda get their hands on it."

"Arigatou, Abiou. Anzu is waiting for me at her house so I'd better go. Ano, demo...first thing's first..." Yami reached forward and pulled a blushing Yuugi into a hug, "Arigatou again."

"Nani? What's it for this time?" Yuugi stumbled through his words, feeling his heart rate speed up unnaturally.

"It's for... Everything you've done for me, and everything you've risked and given up." Yami grinned as he let go of the boy and turned to walk out the door, "I'd do the same for Jou and Honda but I don't know how they'd take it. They'd probably think it was another one of those 'creepy' thing's about me." He waved back at his counterpart as he continued walking out the door.

"Ano, Yami-desu?" Yuugi asked hesitantly, making the Pharaoh halt and catch his breath, "I... I want you to take care of her. Please? I don't want her to be hurt, like... like..."

"Yuugi; you've never called me that before..." (Referring to the Yami-desu) "I know that you're torn up inside. I'm a part of you still, remember? Gomen ne; I know that I've taken someone very precious from you... I'm regretting it more every moment and--"

"--NO!" Yuugi shook his head earnestly, stepping up beside the slightly older looking male, "I'm hurt, that's true. Demo, I'm so happy that you two have finally found each other. Or that you'll be doing so soon enough. I know that I'll move on. And, if not, I'll be gracious about it and watch as you two grow together. I'm not selfish; any love you two share is a lot stronger than anything I may be feeling. And I can still love her; I think that she knows that I do, and we both accept that nothing will happen between us. And we're just fine with it." Yuugi smiled and began pushing Yami out the door, "Now get going and don't think about this anymore! I don't want you too distracted on your... date."

And he shoved Yami out the door and shut it, chuckling softly at the sound of him sputtering about his last word as he walked half-willingly down the steps.


"It's good to see you wearing something other than black or blue. You were starting to look like one big bruise..!" Anzu laughed, looking Yami over in his khaki's and white casual dress shirt approvingly. There was a glimmer in her eyes that made it clear that she was joking.

"Oh, then you've noticed." Yami replied, awkwardly draping his arm over her shoulder and relaxing with a draw of breath that she made no move to remove it.

"Oh, of course. I've been staring at you for such a long time, that's all I knew." She said.

Yami chuckled and continued to walk alongside her as she walked down the street. They hadn't really decided where to spend their day (or Her day, depending on how you look at it) but they both knew that they were easily enjoying their time together just sightseeing around town for all that it was worth.

"So, all dignity of the King aside, I should say arigatou." Yami stated, giving her a slight bow and smiling at her. She was obviously confused, as her eyes were widened and her mouth opened slightly.

"Ano... What for?" Anzu said, blushing profusely.

"For... Always being there, recognizing me, defending me, and placing every ounce of faith in me, even after I may have let you down. You and Yuugi... Make quite a team in that sense." He looked into her sapphire eyes, glimmering with serenity, "And for what I'm sure will be a spectacular day with you." He took her hand and pulled her down the street, "Now come on, I'm sure there are many places you want to see."

Yami had never been like this. He'd always found time to laugh with Jou and Honda, and he'd always seemed to be kind and understanding towards Yuugi... But, Anzu realized throughout their day, he had never really given a chance when it came to her. They had been everywhere; the amusement park (home to Anzu and Yuugi's first date), the zoo (Yami did a very convincing impression of a dueling sloth), the arcade (Anyone up for another round with Johnny Stepp, or whatever his name is?), and the beach (Needless to say, sea water did NOTHING good for their hair). It was actually a wonderful day, wonderful and carefree. Yami had almost forgotten all of the things he'd had to go through to get this far by the end of it.

Anzu was enjoying herself. They were now standing at the very railing where Johnny had first ordered Yami to duel him for Anzu's hand in a date. Thinking back, he had never really thought that he'd be coming back here with her. They stared at the sunset, nothing seemingly on their minds, and Yami made a movement to open his mouth and say something to her about his... Emotional situation, only Anzu beat him to it.

"Yami, I was just wondering... After, you know, all we've been through in the past twenty-four hours, I-I feel that I have to say..." She took a deep breath and then plunged on to what she'd been wanting to say for almost two years, "Yami, aishiteru. And I was wondering... I was wondering whether or not you aishita as well..." Her eyes closed tightly so as to see his immediate reaction, she waited for him to reply. All she'd heard come from him was a sharp intake of breath.

She felt a palm holding her cheek, felt herself go read as his voice replied, "Anzu, in answer to your inquiry... How could I not?" He dipped in and kissed her softly on the lips, "Aishiteru as well, Anzu."


The first stars of the night shone brightly above, wishing the two new lovers well in their future.


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