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Deep in the forbidden Xenon sector, thousands of light-years from planet Earth, there lay an asteroid. This asteroid was the dreaded K39, a prison colony containing the deadliest criminals in the galaxy. Each one had been convicted for the most dastardly of crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment on the colony, locked inside force-field shielded cells and held upside-down in security clamps for the rest of their lives.

Except for one.

Dr. Jacques van Hamsterviel, the evilest and most nefarious scientist to blight the galaxy in over a century, was also locked in the depths of K39 for his horrendous crimes. Or at least, that's what he wanted the guards and the rest of the Galactic Federation to think. It would have surprised everyone to learn that Hamsterviel himself had actually constructed K39 some time ago under government contract while using the alias of Rupert Gerbilwheel to fool his enemies. He had hollowed out a large area in the center of the asteroid and filled it with a laboratory and base that he would use in case he was ever sent there. Secret tunnels were linked to the base from every jail cell, office, and corridor, but only Hamsterviel knew the password that deactivated the security systems and allowed access to the lab. This way he could reach his base from any point on the asteroid, even if he was locked in solitary confinement. He spent most of his time in the base, leaving behind a robotic duplicate to fool the guards that was made so well that only he knew the difference between himself and the fake.

It was in this secret inner sanctum that the dark genius stood before his soldiers, on a stage with a huge screen on it. Once experiments of Dr. Jumba Jookiba, his soldiers were now monstrous killing machines, their hearts and minds warped and twisted beyond recognition by the evil scientist's training and experimentation. They all hated the doctor for torturing them, but fear of him won over hatred, and so they obeyed his every command.

"Greetings again, my loyal minions," said Hamsterviel, drawing his army's attention. "I have decided it is time to begin pushing forward my plans for galactic domination. The imbecilic waste of brain cells known as Ex-Captain Gantu now longer serves me, for I have grown tired and bored of his silly antics and failures. I am sending one of you to Earth in his place." The soldiers all looked excited at a chance to leave their dungeons and go to the fresh air and light of Earth, but said nothing for fear of provoking the doctor's wrath. "However, I see now that the job of capturing experiments and shipping them to me is too risky to entrust to anyone but myself, so I shall handle that aspect of my plan at a later date. Instead, you will have a different mission." The screen turned on, showing the face of Stitch. Forgetting their fear of the doctor, the soldiers howled and screamed at the image of the one person they hated more than Hamsterviel, the one that had allowed them to be sent to the doctor in the first place. "Experiment 626. You are all well acquainted with him, are you not? But I'm afraid that if you are expecting an assassination job, you are somewhat mistaken. I severely doubt that any of you are a true match for 626, even with the enhanced powers I have given you. No, this mission is not to strike at 626 directly, but instead to attack him where he is most vulnerable."

The picture changed to show Angel. There more howls and screams, though they were slightly quieter. "624. The traitor and 626's paramour. I want you to capture her and bring her to me alive, so I can torture her to the brink of death and enslave her will. That will teach her never to betray Dr. Jacques van Hamsterviel. If she dies, I will torture one of you in her place." He glared furiously at Angel's picture. "By removing her from the scene, 626 will be distraught and mourn her loss. This will allow us to take advantage of his grief by striking at his weak spot once more."

The picture changed to show a four-way split screen of Nani, Jumba, Pleakley, and Lilo. There were no responses to Nani and Pleakley, a few growls in Jumba's direction, and a great many curses and roars of hatred at Lilo. "I'm sure you will enjoy this next part. After you have brought 624 to me, I want you to kill 626's family in the most violent way possible. This will drive him over the edge to madness, leaving him incapable of stopping me when I arrive to capture the remaining experiments. Any questions before I choose which one of you to send?"

One experiment raised an appendage. "Sir! I would like to request that I take this mission myself."

The other soldiers glared at the speaker angrily while Hamsterviel raised an eyebrow. "Oh? And may I ask why? If it's personal reasons, I'm afraid that won't do, since I'm sure all of you want revenge on 626."

"It is personal of course, but I also believe that of all your minions, I may be best suited for this job," said the experiment.

Hamsterviel frowned. "Explain yourself." The soldier did. Hamsterviel's sides shook with laughter. "Ingenious! I am surprised I did not think of it myself! Yes, you are indeed the perfect agent for this mission! I will send you to Earth immediately!"

The soldier sneered as his comrades growled at him in envy. "I look forward to it, sir. Heheheheh. Hahahahaha! AHAHAHA-"

His laughter broke off into a scream as Hamsterviel activated a microchip planted in the soldier's brain, electrocuting him. "Silence with the laughing! Only I get to do the evil laugh!"

"Sorry, sir," the experiment wheezed.

"Ahem. BWAHAHAHA-" He stopped, choking. He grabbed his throat and spat out a huge slimy projectile, while hit one of his soldiers with a disgusting splat. Hamsterviel cleared his throat. "Blech. Damn hairballs."


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